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The three forces: Orphan

Novel By: Reretzu
Science fiction

When humanity is at it's first interstellar war with an alien race known as 'The Colleral', a young man, Venus Dimm, is sent on a dangerous mission.

The failure of the mission raises questions and starts a journey for something much more important than the Human or the Colleral race.

(Authors Note: I was rather young when I wrote this story so it isn't very well written, I think it will still be enjoyable though.) View table of contents...


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Prologue: Mechanic

Admiral Dean walked in to his office, it was a pretty large room, for an office that is, there was some plain white paint on the walls and roof with a nice brown carpet covering the floor and a nice window behind a steel desk.
In the window you could see another building, mostly grey with some large white lines to indicate where the different offices where, most of them also had a window identical to Deans, but between the buildings there was a little garden to look at.

Dean pulled out his little chair, it was a standard office chair but it was very comfortable and sturdy.
He then sat down and opened up his green laptop, pressed the power button and typed in the password ''Leanehound''.

Leane was his wife and he loved dogs, he always had one, so it was a sensible password.
The laptop started and automatically opened his folder of messages from work, there was only one.

Assault on the outer Colleral space dock
-General Meadow

Colleral was the name of an aggressive species that had initiated a war with the human, the message read:

We need another mechanic to fix the mechs in time for the assault, I have to supervise the progress so you have to find a mechanic and send him here ASAP.

He doesn't have to be anything special; we just need someone who can follow orders.

Dean proceeded to look at available crew in the Nebula, the human space explorers.
Several buttons appeared:
Medical officers:
Medical crew:
Mechanic officers:
Mechanic crew:

That was the one he needed, before bothering to look at the rest, thirty available crew showed up, four recommended, he read the recommended first.

Mange Orique:

Experience: Sixteen short missions, two long missions, four years teaching.

Crew Officers description:
Positive: Intelligent, wise, resourceful, friendly, creative.
Negative: Breaks down easily under stress, physically weak.

Age: 42

Click for complete file.

Derok Goldheim

Experience: Twenty five short missions.

Crew Officers description:
Positive: Fast, physically strong, quick thinker, never afraid.

Negative: Arrogant, Unfriendly, unwise

Age: 37

Click for complete file.

Linda Forsée

Experience: Nine short missions, one long mission.

Crew Officers description:

Positive: Quick thinker, creative, smart.

Negative: Hard time following orders, slightly arrogant, physically below average.

Age: 27

Click for complete file.

Venus Dimm

Experience: Two short missions.

Crew Officers description:

Positive: Eager, Friendly, Intelligent, Quick thinker.
Negative: Inexperienced

Age: 24

Click for complete file.

Dean considered all of them.
Orique could be a good choice but this mission was in a dangerous zone, if the enemies were to attack prematurely he could be a lot less useful.
Goldheim was a no, this was only a short mission so they shouldn't need someone who could disturb the others, were at a tight schedule already.
Forsée was a good choice but in the end he went with Dimm, this could be a good chance to see his potential and he was good at following orders, which could really be needed in this tight schedule they had.


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