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Toddler 3-year-old Boy has an encounter with Aliens.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Science fiction

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That May Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 7, 2013    Reads: 46    Comments: 0    Likes: 1   


Something Strange is about to happen in a town called Arcadia.

Chapter 1.

On a clear starry night In Arcadia, at a house far from the town, 3-year-old toddler boy named Brandon Miller was sleeping in his bedroom, until he woke-up, he got up out of bed, toddled to his bedroom window, he looked out of his bedroom window, he saw some strange lights flashing in the distance in the woods, far from the house, Brandon went out of his bedroom, toddled down the hallway, down the stairs, toddled through the kitchen, he opened the back door, he went out of the back door of the house, about an hour later, Brandon's Mother, Elizabeth Miller was sleeping in her bed in the master bedroom, Until she woke-up, she got up out of bed, she walked out of her bedroom, down the hallway, She went inside Brandon's Bedroom, she saw that Brandon wasn't sleeping in his bed.

"Brandon, where are you, sweetie?", Elizabeth asked but there was no answer.

"Brandon Nicholas Miller, Answe Mommy!".

Suddenly Elizabeth heard her son, Brandon giggling outside, She looked out of his bedroom window, and saw him standing in the backyard looking at the woods far from the house.


Brandon looked-up at Her, he looked back at the woods, he started toddling off toward the woods, Elizabeth went out of Brandon's Bedroom, down the hallway, She went to her master bedroom, grabbed her robe from her closet, put on her shoes, she went out of the master bedroom, down the hallway, down the stairs, through the kitchen, she grabbed a flashlight, she turned the flashlight on, went out of the back door of the house, a million thoughts were racing in her head, her little boy would've run into a bear, or a mountain lion, or even worse then that, she started searching for Brandon, she looked all over the woods for him.

"Brandon, where are you?, Brandon answer me?, Brandon?".

Meanwhile Brandon toddled all the way to the clearing of the woods, he looked-up, suddenly a strange alien being approched him. the strange alien being looked at Brandon, he looked-up at the strange alien being, the strange alien being put it's hand on Brandon's cheek, and started caressing it, until Brandon closed his eyes, while the strange alien being continued caressing him, Meanwhile Brandon's Mother Elizabeth was still looking all over for her toddler son, she kept on walking through the woods.

"Brandon, where are you honey?, Brandon answer Mommy?, Brandon!", Elizabeth called suddenly someone was coming toward her.

"Hi, Mommy".

Suddenly Elizabeth looked and saw her son, Brandon standing in front of her.

"Brandon, what are you doing here?".

"I don't know, Mommy".

"Well, let's go home".

"Ok, Mommy".

Elizabeth and Brandon started walking back toward the house, while Brandon looked back, and saw the strange alien being was looking at him.


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