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Toddler 3-year-old Boy has an encounter with Aliens.

Novel By: RomanceLover2016
Science fiction

The Fallowing Chapter Might Have Some Sexual Content That May Not Be Good For Small Children. View table of contents...


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FBI Agent Kent Simms Goes to talk to Elizabeth and Brandon. Kent and Elizabeth start to fall in love with each-other, and Brandon is about to have another encounter with the alien beings.

Chapter 2.

The Next Morning, FBI Agent Kent Simms was driving his car down the street, until he stopped in front of Elizabeth and Brandon's House, he got out of the car, he walked up the sidewalk, up the front porch, he stood in front of the front door, he ringed the doorbell, and Elizabeth answered the door.

"May I help you?", Elizabeth asked.

"Hello, Miss, I'm FBI Agent Kent Simms, and I've been sent to talk to your son", Kent Simms answered as he showed her his badge.

"Oh, Come In", Elizabeth said.

"Thank You", Kent Simms replied.

Kent Simms went inside Elizabeth's House, and She closed the door behind him, She took him up the stairs, down the hallway, into Brandon's Bedroom, Kent Simms went in Brandon's Bedroom, he saw him playing with his toy blocks.

"Hey, Buddy", Kent said.

"Hi", Brandon replied.

"Brandon, can you tell me, what had happened to you?", Kent asked.

"They told me, not to tell", Brandon answered.

"Who's They, Brandon", Kent asked.

"I don't know", Brandon answered.

Kent went out of Brandon's Bedroom and closed the door behind him, He saw Elizabeth.

"Well, Did you ask him, what had happened to him?", Elizabeth asked.

"Well, Mrs. Miller-", Kent answered.

"Oh, Please, Call Me, Elizabeth", Elizabeth Interrupted.

"Ok, Elizabeth, your son told me that "They" told him not to tell", Kent replied.

"Oh, I see", Elizabeth said.

Kent could tell the worried look on Elizabeth's face, and Elizabeth noticed the concerned look on Kent's face, She smiled at him, he smiled at her.

"Kent, do you want to go out with me?", Elizabeth asked.

"Ok, sure", Kent answered.

Kent and Elizabeth went out of Brandon's closed bedroom door, down the hallway, down the stairs, they went through the living room, Elizabeth got a baby-sitter for Brandon. Elizabeth and Kent got into Elizabeth's car, and they drove off. About an hour later, Kent and Elizabeth made it to a resturant, they pulled the car on the parking lot, got out of the car, went inside the restautant, they sat down in a booth, they start eating dinner.

"So, Kent, are you married?", Elizabeth asked.

"No, My wife had died of cancer", Kent answered.

"Oh, I'm sorry for your loss, my husband and I are divorced when Brandon was just a newborn baby boy", Elizabeth said.

"Oh, that's awful", Kent replied.

"So, Kent, you like my son, don't you?", Elizabeth asked.

"He reminds me of my little brother, Max, he was only 6-years-old, and when Brandon told me that "they told him not to tell", I've realized who Brandon was talking about, because the same thing happened to me", Kent answered.

"Oh, can you tell me about it, Kent?", Elizabeth asked.

"Ok, I was about 8-years-old, and my little brother Max was just 6-years-old, we was living in a house with our parents, Until that morning, I was looking out of my window, and i saw my father talking to two men", Kent answered.

"Oh, what did the two men looklike?", Elizabeth asked.

"They were both wearing black, and had black sunglasses, They were talking to my father, I couldn't get what they were talking about, the two men left, my father went in the house, he didn't even tell us what had happened", Kent answered.

"Oh, do you think your father was involved with something?", Elizabeth asked.

"I don't know, But last night, I was sleeping in my bed in my bedroom, i saw some strange lights outside of my bedroom, I got up out of my bed, went out of my bedroom, i tip-toed down the hallway, toward the closed door of my little brother, Max's Bedroom, I looked into the keyhole of the bedroom, I saw my little brother still sleeping, I saw something or someone in the bedroom with him", Kent answered.

"Oh, then what happened?", Elizabeth asked.

"The alien being slowly walked toward the bed, and stood beside the bed, threw the bedcovers off of Max, and picked him up, there was a bright light, the alien being was gone, and my little brother too", Kent answered.

"Oh, Kent, it must've been hard on you, haven'ing you witnessed it, your little brother being taken away", Elizabeth said.

"It sure was", Kent replied.

"did you tell your parents about it?", Elizabeth asked.

"Yeah, I did, our mom was worried, and our dad was mad", Kent answered.

"Oh, I see", Elizabeth said.

Elizabeth and Kent continued eating dinner, they went back to the house.


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