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The Eye of The Wolf: Mist Runners

Novel By: SaneLunatic
Science fiction

For Black Dust's challenge:

Fed up of being the cruel Lady Indigo's pet, Faye escapes into the heart of London where she meets Will, a bored and misunderstood teenager who's looking for adventure. Together the two are chased up and down the country. If they stop running Faye will return to her vicious Mistress and Will will be killed. But Faye has a secret, something hidden deep within her that she is reluctant to reveal. Will the two be able to find what they are looking for, or is it impossible to outrun the mist?

-This has been cooking in my head for while, I tried to post it ages ago but Booksie wouldn't let me so I'm re starting it for this challenge =)- View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jul 23, 2009    Reads: 487    Comments: 19    Likes: 11   

She tore through the forest at breakneck speed. The trees loomed over her like disapproving judges at a high court. Their long thin branches caught on her clothes and tore at her skin, leaving bloody trails on the pale surface.
Her breath came in short, fast gasps. Her heart pounded painfully against her rib cage and her lungs were burning in her chest. Tears streamed down her cheeks, blurring her eyesight for a second before she reached up and rubbed at her eyes, everything becoming clear in seconds. She could hear them shouting behind her and looking over her shoulder she caught sight of bobbing white dots; the tell tale signs of flashlights.
Suddenly she slipped and fell, landing heavily on the ground. Panting heavily, she scrambled down a ditch and pressed herself up against the grassy bank. Her hands clamped her mouth and she held her breath. Her sharp hearing caught the sound of heavy boots crunching on leaves, and the clanging of chains. She didn't need super senses to hear the whining and barking of dogs.
"This way, she's over here!"
A sob tore through her throat, and she was running again. Always running.
Soon enough she burst out into a clearing. But a clearing in most fairy tales is a wide open grassy area, usually filled with light and a few singing Bambi's. This was just a dark stretch of grass between the forest and a tall chain link fence. Then again, this is no fairy tale.
The girl practically hurled herself at the fence. She tried desperately to grip onto the fence but it was no use, her fingers had gone numb with the cold and she fell back to the ground. With the only other option of getting caught, she dug her fingers into the soft dirt at the bottom of the fence. She made quick work of it and luckily for her the fence didn't go down too deep. She wormed her way underneath the fence. The dirt muffled her hysterical sobs as it slipped into her mouth and she recoiled from the earthy taste of it. Her breath hitched as the hood on her jumper caught on the fence and she pulled on it frantically until it snapped and she crawled out onto the other side.
She was out. After all this time and she was finally out.
In the midst of her amazement the girl didn't hear the sound of footsteps behind her, or the panting of a man. It was only when she felt a bright light shining on the back of her head did she spin round and stare fearfully up at the smirking man. He opened his mouth to say something, but she turned and bolted into the road.
The man narrowed his eyes. He glanced at the road sign. Illuminated in the light of the torch one word stood out clearly; 'London'.
"We lost her." Nathan panted.
A tall, slim woman turned to face him. She was stunningly beautiful, with a curtain of shimmering purple hair falling to her waist and light green eyes, Nathan had to avert his eyes for fear of falling desperately in love with her.
Lady Indigo studied the breathless man before her. His normally neat black hair was messy and wet from the sudden downpour. He was covered in mud and his clothes were ripped. She didn't doubt he was telling the truth, the girl could be very difficult when she wanted to be.
"Tell me Nathan, how exactly did you…lose her?" She purred, her voice silky smooth and seductive.
"She escaped under the fence, but she's heading to London, we'll get her there." Nathan glanced uncertainly at her. She was smiling.
"Yes, yes you will."
Nathan nodded, he turned to go but her voice stopped him.

"And Nathan. Don't hurt the poor child. She will be frightened and lost. We wouldn't want to…startle her."

-I know it;s only short, but the chapters will get longer =) Don't worry.-


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