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The Eye of The Wolf: Under the Moon

Novel By: SaneLunatic
Science fiction

Children are disappearing, seemingly out of thin air. It happened before and it's happening again.

Mandy, one of Faye's own kind, knows about these strange occurances and needs Faye and Will's help to get rid of the evil place once and for all.

But Scotland holds Faye's deep and sinister past. Once there she must make many descisions, but the biggest decision of all may lead her down a different path entirely.

The second in The Eye of the Wolf series includes more evil villians, bucket loads of action and a lot more answers. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Sep 1, 2009    Reads: 239    Comments: 9    Likes: 2   

Prologue: The Beginning of Thea Siletta
Thea walked slowly across the playing field. She hugged her tattered Science books to her chest as she hurried along, continuously glancing over her shoulder.
Something had settled in her chest. A warning of some sort, it was telling her there was danger close. But she shrugged it of and continued to walk towards the large Gothic building.
She had been sent to the boarding school after she had won a scholarship there. There was no way the orphanage could have paid for the extreme fees of the prestigious school. So after the headmistress had taken an interest in her, she had strained hard to work to the best of her abilities.
She was smart, and she knew it. She was popular and everyone craved to be near her. Her science teacher had called her an 'ambitious young lady with great prospects.' Thea smiled at the thought.
Suddenly a twig behind her snapped. She spun round, her amber eyes wide. No one was there.
"Of course there is no one there, you idiot." She snapped at herself.
Her chest tightened again, but she just scowled angrily. She was late, very late. And she wasn't about to ruin her chance of passing her advanced technology exam the next day by sleeping in. Shaking her head, she turned and started her hurried walk again.
All of a sudden an arm snaked around her waist, another around her neck. Thea screamed, her arms flailing in the air. Her books flew from them and fell softly back onto the grass, their pages fluttering like clumsy white birds.
Before she could unleash another hair raising scream a hand clamped round a mouth. It was holding some sort of soaked cloth. Thea immediately knew this was chloroform, thankful her hours of labouring over textbooks were finally paying of.
Unfortunately, in this mad moment of struggle she inhaled the dangerous fumes and it didn't take long for them to take effect. She became limp in the person's arms, gray spots dancing in front of her eyes.
Before long she had slowly, but surely, succumbed to the darkness that so eagerly awaited her.
When she awoke Thea was in a large room. To her surprise she found she wasn't bound in any way and could, in fact, move about freely.
Before she had chance to the door at the opposite end slammed open and a crazy looking man with mental hair strode over to her, a very serious expression upon his face.
"Thea Siletta?" He raised his bushy eyebrows at her.
Something in the back of her mind told her the man was talking about her and she nodded dumbly, unable to speak.
The man nodded slowly. He looked down at her limp form curiously before shaking his head, clearing any unwanted thoughts away. He straightened his posture in an attempt to look less of a mad scientist and more of an intimidating figure. Not that it worked.
"You now work for us, Thea." He said sternly. "Put this on."
Thea flinched as the heavy white lab coat landed with a thud in her lap. The man continued to talk rapidly and Thea nodded absently here and there, not particularly paying attention to the details.
"She's heading your way. You probably won't be able to take her, let me."
Thea glanced down at the radio strapped to her belt and rolled her eyes. Of course, Clyde would want to take all the glory for himself.
Completely ignoring his prediction, Thea crept through the trees and soon spotted the target. She was indeed heading her way at a steady jog. Thea slipped the soaked cloth out of her pocket, careful not to bring it too close to her face.
The target was listening to music via an Ipod and could probably not hear a thing as Thea slowly sneaked up behind her.
"You just make this too damn easy," she muttered, before wrapping her arms round the girl's shoulders and pressing the cloth over her face.
The girl shrieked, as was expected, but almost straight away fell to the ground like a fallen tree. She landed with a heavy thud; Thea grinned and sat on her back.
"What did I tell you?!" Clyde yelled, bursting out from the undergrowth.
Thea shrugged. "Completely slipped my mind. Sorry." She snorted.
Clyde glared at her and clenched his jaw, a sure sign he was about to explode. Thea stared back at him coolly, the only one who could match his glare even though she was years younger.
Shaking his head he took out his radio and brought it to his mouth.
"Yeah, we got her." He listened for a while before mumbling, "Thea."
Thea's grin got wider, much to Clyde's annoyance.
"C'mon," he muttered, picking up the girl's body and slinging it over his shoulder.
"What do you mean you've 'found someone else?" Thea yelled angrily. "I'm the best thing that's ever happened to this business!"
Clyde chuckled. "Sure you are. Now get in the cage."
"No!" Thea shouted. "I've seen what you do to these people in here, heck, I've done it myself. But I'm not going to be a stupid lab rat for you people!"
"Tough." Clyde smirked, before he swung his fist and hit her right in her jaw, knocking her out instantly.
Thea groaned. Everything hurt. Her head hurt, her legs hurt, her arms hurt, and even her ears hurt.
She moaned in pain and lifted herself up onto her elbows. Opening her eyes she was met with a blinding white room. She looked round groggily.
She was in a cell.
"Oh shit." She whispered.
Swallowing nervously she slowly inched her head round until she could see her over her shoulder. A long slim tail lay curled up behind her. It was white and covered in black tiger stripes.
Reaching up to her head, Thea felt around her hair. Her hands grasped onto something big and furry and then she screamed and screamed and screamed.


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