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Everyone goes through changes at one time or another in their life. Some are little, some are big. In this case, sixteen year old Saige was not expecting such a huge change to shatter her whole life. In the days after being attacked in an alley, she notices her changes in speed, strength, senses, and the biggest of them all, her diet...
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I lay on my back in the middle of a small meadow not too far into the woods behind my house. I am staring up at the grey sky and snow is falling in heavy, chunky flakes; the temperature is well below zero. A thick blanket of snow covers everything around me. It is quiet and peaceful and the only thing I hear is the sound of the snowflakes landing on the ground and trees around me and my breathing. If you look around the small town of Rosedale today, you will see people bundled up in layers of coats and thick snow pants as they shuffle through the thick snow. Bright colored scarves will be wrapped around the necks and faces of the people and gloves on their hands. The over protective mothers have their children looking quite similar to a pillow on the way into the department store to pick up rock salt for their driveways. Even some small dogs are wearing tacky, knitted sweaters. Yet, I lay here in a tank top and shorts; barefooted. I have been lying motionless in this spot for about twenty minutes now like this, but feel no different than if I was in my own house, sheltered from the cold, and in the warmth. Temperature doesn't really affect me anymore… Not since about a month ago. I look to my right, and the skin on my arm resting on the ground looks far too similar to the color of the snowy winter wonderland around me. Unnaturally pale, yet beautifully porcelain. The sun is hidden behind the thick clouds today, allowing me to lie here, outside and in the open. I love and hate days like this. I love them because I am allowed to go outside freely and comfortably, what with the sun hidden behind those thick clouds. I hate them because I love them, and loving them is just another reminder of what I am. What I have become. What I will be for a very long time…

~~~I know how extremely short this prolouge is, but I will surely add longer chapters soon! I know that you might not be able to tell too much from this, but comment what you think please!!!!~~~


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