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The future for humanity is bleak.

An invading army is swarming across the face of the planet leaving a trail of devastation in its wake. Billions have fallen prey to their advance and now only a sparse militia of scattered resistance fighters prevents them from taking full control.

Both sides have everything to lose. The invaders’ home world is dying and the Earth is the only planet they have found compatible to life. Mankind faces extermination if the remaining resistance let their guard down for even a moment.

The outcome seems inevitable, but there is still hope. Each side is led by one man determined to save their race from destruction. Each will do almost anything to defeat the other.

Only one of them can win. Can anything really be done to prevent the assimilation of planet Earth?

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The moon illuminated the ravaged landscape, casting deep conspiring shadows on the earth before becoming lost among the rain-swollen clouds.

From their position on a jagged outcrop, the hunting party tracked the movements of their prey. As still as if carved from the very ground they stood on they watched their quarry's cautious progress through the woods, unconditionally confident that this prize would soon be theirs.

The night time gloom and thick forest growth did little to shield their victims from their ever-watchful gaze. This was what they had trained to do and they wouldn't fail. Nothing escaped them once their trap was laid.

They' pursued�them for hours in sub-zero temperatures and driving winds, yet they made no complaint and gave no thought to their physical discomfort. Their own well-being was insignificant. Only making the capture mattered.

The moon re-emerged from behind the clouds and hit their black visors. For the first time they adjusted their stance slightly to avoid the reflections but they were well concealed. Up in their murky hiding place they remained virtually invisible to the naked eye.

Giving their targets time to let their guard down, the trio waited silently. Hours passed and still they waited; not moving, no9t speaking, just waiting.

Then, with no apparent communication, they rose as one, charged their weapons, and began their steady but purposeful descent.


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