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This is the story of Ethan James, the man who lives forever. After the death of his parents, a voodoo witch doctor gives him the ability to live forever, with one exception, he can never love or the spell will break. Ethan goes on an adventure all throughout time and great events. This story is full of adventure and mystery. It is also my work in progress. Enjoy! View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Time. It is a linear idea that streams a set of events that shapes the universe. It creates what we would like to call history and fate. Things come and go, things live and die. But it is the common misconception by man that time rules life. Although many things in the universe abide by this natural law, there are few that do not.

Life is a strange anomoly created by multiple cells joining together in hopes to complete a common goal. Although, this great acheivement is so delicate that even the smallest of miscalculations can cause it's demise. Plague, infection, and physical torment can break the bond between life supporting implications. But this is no great science for all of mankind knows and accepts the path of death. It is veil that covers the Earth like water upon a shore, wiping away all that had been and replacing it with what is to come. It is a great cycle which is never completed not obscured. Or is it? What if everything mankind knew about life and death was wrong?

Imagine time as a peice of cloth lain flat for all to see and ponder. Now think of a string in the cloth next to thousands and thousands of others, and while many strings are cut short, staggering in length, and construity, it goes on forever. Never to be cut or frayed but to stay vigil for the whole length of the cloth. Is this a mistake by the seamstress or its greatest achievement.

The year is 1778 and the strangest of things was about to occur but unseen by the common eye, like a shadow at midnight. The Revolutionary War was raging, the colonial American had just declared independence from the oppresive Great Britain. Such an ironic time,I suppose, for something of life to be born in a time around so much death. America was like an inescapable hole in which all the bad luckin the world had decided to throw itself in. On January 1, 1778, a new life had begun. Born in the most humble of places for any man to born, Philadephia, Pennsylvania. The birth place of America.

The child's name was was Ethan James. Son of Constance and Leonard, who were from the same lineage as the pilgrims from the Mayflower. And before that their ancestory went as far back to the Highlanders. As the years went on, Leonard joined the Continental Army in the year of 1779, he wrote home only once to tell his lover and son that they would be taken care of in their greatest time of need. The letter that followed bore the stamp of General Washington dated October 17, 1779, three days before the end of the Seige of Savannah. The boy and his mother were all alone.

Years passed, the war ended and America was free. Although I must say the beginnings we are rough and jagged as the slopes of the Himalaya's, America pulled through. Ethan was no longer a boy, but had now just recently turned 18. And this is where our story begins.


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