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War of Virtual Worlds

By: Shinjutsu Kage

Chapter 6,

I had fallen into some darkness when suddenly someone was jumping on my bed. I jolt up to find my sisters screaming "It's Christmas! It's Christmas!" over and over again. My parents stood by the doorway hugging each other and smiling. I could notice the sign of tiredness in their eyes, they had been up all night putting presents under the tree and cleaning the house in preparations of today.

I rolled out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean up and to force myself to be awake. I was in fact tired myself. It had been a long month of boredom and pain. School was not much fun and it just slowly creeped on while my family wasn't much better. They were there to just annoy me, and they were doing a damn good job of it.

Leaving the bathroom and heading to the living room where my family were not waiting for me to join them they had begun the savage opening of present after present. Torn and tattered paper that someone toiled with in order to have another not look at it until now seemed a waste of time, energy, and of trees themselves. We didn't have many trees anymore after the fall of the rainforests. Trees were to be sacred, yet we kill trillions for this holiday devoted to consumerism. It was sickening.

Yet I went over to join them. Afterall, I had to join in on the customs or else be exiled from society myself.

I didn't get anything interesting other than clothes, which was fine with me. I really didn't want anything else. So I was happy and content with what I had recieved. My family didn't pay attention, for they were to obsorbed or imbursed in their own world and life to give a care.

I left the room and headed downstairs where the wash room was to drop of all my new clothes before heading to the kitchen to make myself breakfast. The day before we had picked up bagels and so I poped one into the toaster while the family of mine was still laughing and having a good old time in the living room.

After breakfast and a much needed shower I went and got dressed. Feeling refreshed from all the buzz, I decided to test out the new game that my grandfather had given me, which meant leaving reality behind. Fine with me since so many other gamers would already be online as today was the launch day for the game.

So that was what I did, beginning my journey of awesomeness. One full of adventure and in the end would bless me with so much happiness then at that time it amazes me now as I write this all down.

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