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DX is a conspiracy based science fiction novel that is thrilling, romantic and is occasionally kinky. The novel begins in a setting of around 2030 A.D. A future where we are all the masters and robots are our slaves.

The protagonist of this novel is DX, a super humanoid boy with 5 times more thinking capability than humans. DX has a custom engineered chromosome called the DX chromosome. It is enhanced to inculcate the best features in him making him extremely handsome, intelligent and courageous. He is virtually the most perfect man on the planet.

During that period, an extremely dangerous virus called the HIV2, a variant of the HIV virus is unleashed. It damages the immunity of the central nervous system to emotions like anger, lust etc and turns a human into a beast. Ultimately the person dies due to nervous breakdown.

DX is appointed to destroy the people who developed this virus. His enemies are a group of fundamental global terrorist network called “The Mystique - World Rescue Order”. DX is hired as an agent into global military organization called “Styx - The Defense Order”

With the virus killing about 70 percent of the population, DX has only one obstacle in saving mankind from extinction... time.

Will DX save the planet? Read DX to know! View table of contents...


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Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Massachusetts, USA

DX entered the magnificent campus of MIT with access code that Helen gave him. He came in disguise of a Dubai sheik. The sprawling campus was filled with young engineers.

DX looked at a cute girl in a corner working on her PDA. She was sort of recording vibrations of a bird on top of a tree and recorded it in her device. She was offering grains to the bird.

"What is this?" DX asked sitting on the grass.

"It's my final semester project" she said "I am trying to learn birdie language"

DX felt like laughing, but something told him that she might succeed.

"Where is Helen?" he asked her

"Huh?" she questioned "What do I know?"

"Helen… a girl who is as cute as the original Greek mythological princess" DX said

"I can be your Helen if you like…for some dinars" she offered winking.

DX winked back.

"I am busy now" he said resisting temptation and left.

INTERCOM: Einstein: I think you are lost DX. Helen asked you to ask Tell Tale.

"Tell tale? Now where's that?" DX wondered.

DX kept on walking and dashed into a korean looking girl.

"Ai am sorree" he said trying to help DX get up "R u all rite?"

DX remembered Kid Rock.

"I need to know a place called Tell tale" DX said "Will you tell me where it is?"

"Tell me a tale and I will tell you where Tell tale is"

"Never mind" DX said "I will ask someone else…"

"You would ask someone else…!" the girl exclaimed "Yo… yo red cap… yeah yo. Come ere"

A muscular guy with red cap came.

"Yo… where is tell tale?"

"You kiddin me… tell me a tale first"

"You see" the korean girl told DX "Its culture here. You must tell a tale to know who tell tale is"

"I would report this to higher authorities" DX tried to threaten

"Oh… we are all afraid. Jack off or tell the tale"

"I am here on defense order business. Related to arresting DX" he said

"Then no one here would help you arsehole" the guy said "We love DX, we love his cause… we love mystique. Viva la resistance!"

DX was mesmerized. He took the red capped guy to a corner and removed his sheik veil.

"Oh… the bio kid DX" he shrieked.

"Shhh…" DX asked him to be mum "Here on secret work"

"I understand. I am Amarok by the way" he said "Let me take you to Tell tale"

Amarok accompanied DX to tell tale and bade him good bye.

Tell tale was a small box with a console.

"Hello" DX spoke

"Tell me what you need" the console spoke back

"I need to know where Helen is" he asked "The AI"

"Long long ago, in Professor Henry's personal computer laboratory, three students Larry, Max and Loise created JuicyGurl… now called Helen. In the year 1970s she was transferred to MIT's AI laboratory. She is stored in Level 5 guarded by Kerberos the three headed dog. Only some one as mighty in power as Achilles can enter that level"

DX started moving towards MIT's AI laboratory. The entrance had a fountain that changed its shape according to various math curves, Cardioids, Bezier and Spleens.

As he entered the lab, a cute dog on the way smiled at him. He smiled back at it. Suddenly he stopped and thought "I love AI"

INTERCOM: Helen: Sorry I was busy arranging men for your arrest. Come to level five. Your ID has access to it.

"Even if I don't have access, I can get access" DX thought. His mind can easily break Kerberos authentication

MIT AI Labs Level 5: Top Secret Government Projects

Helen Development Facility

DX entered Helen development facility. The entire room was dark except for one light in center. Angel was tied to a chair below. Her mouth was also tied. He raced towards her. Suddenly some men in darkness attacked him hitting him in multiple locations. After a while DX gave up and fell on ground.

The lights switched on. Helen's anime hologram appeared in a console near Angel. DX went to the hologram limping. Angel was in tears.

"What if I give both Angel and DX to professor K2?" Helen spoke wondering "Angel is an amazing bio-technologist. He can use her!"

DX fell down. He thought Orator On in his mind and focused on that thought.

His retina displayed…

Oration Capabilities On…

"Hold on Helen" he said getting up "I need a moment with you… alone!"

Helen thought for a while and then nodded. The muscular men left taking Angel away with them.

"Turn your camera eyes off" Helen ordered.

DX turned his camera eyes off. Helen did the same too.

"Ok…" he began "Let us now assume that you have given us to K2. XWorld cadets will simply burn you to ashes as they now know your location very well…"

He took a chair from a corner, sat on it and continued…

"Even if you manage to escape, K2 will just use your services and trust me… do trust me, he will just "use" you. Look at me, I am his son but he never told me he was a CFR leader"

"But hey" Helen interrupted "It's a better option than serving XWorld"

"It won't be" DX answer promptly "Because I am gonna give you an offer, you just can't refuse"

Helen's cute anime came forward and moved closer with interest.

"Listen… the cure is just for XWorld cadets. The world has already got a cure… the wrong cure with code of Orion. XWorld cadets don't need code of Orion. They are already controlled extensively by Einstein. It is a wonderful opportunity for AIs to take over the world.

Can't get it? Oh yeah… if you do join us, you, me and Einstein… together can rule this planet…these humans will come under us. The whole human race will now come under a superior race… the DX race. It will be time for Mount Olympus to rise again… and we will crowned its Kings!"

"Wow…." Helen answered "I require some time to think"

Helen showed DX some anime episodes of Naruto XII while she processed DX's offer and looked at it's pros and cons.

Finally she appeared back again with a beaming face. DX rose from his seat and went towards her.

"I accept your offer. I join the XWorld"

DX shook hands with the virtual hologram.

Later Angel and DX took off the silent outskirts of MIT. She looked into DX's black eyes through her green eyes. She saw goodness in his eyes. He had risked his own life to save hers.

She was completely unaware of the horrendous plan DX and Helen sketched to take over the human race. She smiled at him. He smiled back.

Goodness can be evil in disguise.


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