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DX is a conspiracy based science fiction novel that is thrilling, romantic and is occasionally kinky. The novel begins in a setting of around 2030 A.D. A future where we are all the masters and robots are our slaves.

The protagonist of this novel is DX, a super humanoid boy with 5 times more thinking capability than humans. DX has a custom engineered chromosome called the DX chromosome. It is enhanced to inculcate the best features in him making him extremely handsome, intelligent and courageous. He is virtually the most perfect man on the planet.

During that period, an extremely dangerous virus called the HIV2, a variant of the HIV virus is unleashed. It damages the immunity of the central nervous system to emotions like anger, lust etc and turns a human into a beast. Ultimately the person dies due to nervous breakdown.

DX is appointed to destroy the people who developed this virus. His enemies are a group of fundamental global terrorist network called “The Mystique - World Rescue Order”. DX is hired as an agent into global military organization called “Styx - The Defense Order”

With the virus killing about 70 percent of the population, DX has only one obstacle in saving mankind from extinction... time.

Will DX save the planet? Read DX to know! View table of contents...


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When people start breathing free air in freedom

They sense all sorts of release from martyrdom…

It was the golden era, where everybody worked to make world a better place…

without regard to religion, nation or race.

It was an era where every tree and animal lived to its full life…

And where one willingly gave up his life to save other's life

It was an era where the golden eagle soared up the humble skies…

Burying the ignorant phoenix resulting in no war, no misery, no poverty and no cries


DX found himself surrounded by an aura of mystique that he felt indescribable. He felt this might be a dream and tried pinching himself. The aura was still around him. It was definitely not a normal dream. It was a hazy place with white smokes rising everywhere. There was a beautiful waterfall ahead of him.

Angel was besides him. He was holding her shoulders. A toy ship was floating in the waterfall.

"Let us float together in this journey of life" Angel said "It's going to be an amazing adventure"

DX saw a baby girl coming out of the waterfall, she was a beautiful child, and resembled Angel.

"There is our daughter" Angel said.

"God has power over all things" DX replied as the little girl floated towards them "Paradise!" DX exclaimed

He woke with a start in his apartment at XWorld. It was a good dream. And good dreams are from God himself. It was very difficult for DX to comprehend his dream this time. He and Angel had a baby girl in the dream. But didn't his dad say that his child will resemble only the DX chromosome, and hence be his clone or sort of. Indeed God has power over all things, DX concluded.

There was a knock at the door.

"Come in" DX said

It was Angel.

"Go and take a shower DX" she said sitting on his couch "We need to go to a very special place"

DX was in a holiday mood. They went to Proving grounds and boarded a copter. It took off.

"Where exactly are we going?" he asked Angel

"To the land of my past memory" Angel said "…to Battery Park, New York City"


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