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Project DX

By: ShyamBharath

Chapter 7,

Location: Styx Headquarters, Kentucky, USA

            The head quarters of the defense order, Styx was established across the 28 nations that have agreed to its establishment. Professor K2 arrived at the US wing of the defense order.

            This particular center was a 20 storied building made in modern American architecture built across the Styx River at Kentucky. The building was skillfully built extending over the river flow. Across balconies one could see the Styx river flow seamless regardless of the building. Such was the architecture.

            The center hall emerged a natural fountain with water from the Styx flowing underground. Even drinking water facilities came from the flowing river.

            A guy came outside the car looking shyly at the scenery outside. He was behaving as though it was the first time he was seeing the outskirts of the planet.

            “DX! Be brave and come with me” K2 said holding DX’s hands taking him into the building. DX was exposed to broad daylight after so many years. Today, as he turned 21, K2 decided to offer him to the defense order.

            They entered into the hallway entrance. On top of the hall, the water clock showed timings in major world cities including New York, Sydney, Tokyo etc.

            On the side entrance to the waiting room, there was natural mini waterfall that integrated seamlessly with the building architecture.

            They sat at the reception hall.

            “Dad” DX said “What is my job at Styx?”

            “Son, you must eat sleep, eat sleep and then eat again” K2 said with a humorous smile

            “That is not what I would like to do” DX said seriously “I am supposed to be in strategic missions”

            K2 was testing DX’s reflex to humor. His mind did not seem to catch humor. That is required of DX. DX needs to concentrate on the mission, not make fun.

            “I was just kidding. Anyway, I have no idea what your job here is. We will come to know of it through Mr. Patrick Vidimus”       

            “Who is this guy?” DX asked little more seriously

            “He is the director of Styx – US. A very important and imposing personality”

            The secretary came with a faked smile. These smiles were taught in the corporate world.

            “Mr. Vidimus wants you in” she said.

            K2 and DX promptly went ahead. After going through few narrow passages, they arrived at the office with a signboard.


Mr. Patrick Vidimus

Director – Universal Strategic Operation head and Styx US Director

Styx – The Defense Order US Wing

The United Nations Organization

            K2 knocked the door.        

            “Come in” came a faint reply. They entered in calmly.

            Vidimus was an athletic personality with white hairs. His looks suggested that he was well over 50 years of age.

            “Sit down” he prompted.

            “So…” K2 said “Meet my son DX”

            Vidimus looked at him eagerly.

            “Wow!” he said “DX himself. Styx would definitely achieve its goals”

            “I would like to know what my job here is” DX said

            Vidimus nodded….

            “Good! You seem to be like a man on a mission DX. It’s wonderful to have you with us. Did you see K2? How much your son is focused?”

            “It’s because of him. My great dad” DX said. K2 had a proud smile.

            “Ok then…” K2 said “Vidimus shall explain your mission at Styx. I shall leave”

            “Goodbye dad”

            “Goodbye professor” Vidimus said “Meet me whenever you want”

            K2 waved and left

            Vidimus and DX were alone in the office.

            “Ok DX… have you heard of Mystiques?”

            “Yes” DX said “They are a global terrorist group primarily responsible for creating the HIV2 virus which leads to Trapdeath. They also spread drugs like Menna among the youth”

            “Yes… good” Vidimus said  “a recent investigation by the Styx Intelligence department at Japan identified that the Mystiques are armed with heavy weaponry and an army. Dangerous huh?”

            “Oh… that is bad” DX said

            “Anyway, they don’t have any Air-force or Navy or any sort of satellite communication”

            “Then how do they network?” DX asked.

            “No idea. Apparently by some non digital means like ordinary post. Now we are not allowed to open and read ordinary posts right? They might be communicating like that”

            DX felt this bad. He felt that Styx was lagging behind in their mission.

            “You are our key player DX. Styx – Russia is using a war machine called SEER. More about that later. But you can help us achieve the goal of eradicating the Mystiques. You will be a national …. Oops international hero”

            DX felt this great. It is a once in lifetime opportunity for him to prove himself. Styx seemed to be a great career for him.

            DX looked around the office. It had a classic Japanese architecture with some samurai pics spread around. Photos of Frizzy Max and William Turner were put on a corner of the room.

            “What as an organization does Styx plan to achieve?” DX asked

            “You must have read it in the news papers”

            “Organizations never tell the press the truth” DX said dismissively

            Vidimus had a typical Dracula smile.

            “OK… you are FAST!” he said “Come to the visualization room”

            Vidimus took him to a side door within his office. It was a semi dark room. It resembled a planetarium. DX comfortably sat in a comfy couch. The room became dark. Some visual pictures started on the circular screen above with description.

            First a small window showed Frizzy and US President, William Turner. A voice came…

            Inspite of the failure of the world beneficial meet II, Styx is established with a support of 28 nations. After its formations, 7 more nations joined to make the count to 35.

            The 35 nations in Styx that includes the US, Russia and most of the European nations and few Asian nations secretly trade military technology using secure online portals and secure shipping.

            Some pictures of advanced weapons like laser guided atomic missile system etc was being shown. DX felt this a little troublesome.

            “Why do you need so much for just a terrorist group? Isn’t an army enough?”

            “We got source from intelligence that they have a space exploration department”

            DX almost tumbled from his seat.

            “Are you kidding? Why would they have a space program? You just said they communicate via normal post. They are just a terrorist group”

            “That is what we told the press” Vidimus told with a smile “Government Organizations never tell the press the truth”

            DX felt this quite odd. Vidimus’s personality seemed to come into more light to him now. He uses your own statements back to question you. But something else was bothering DX

            “Who are these Mystiques exactly?” he asked

            “It is difficult to explain as our intelligence is still on the process of unveiling their information. At present I can say that they are powerful and scientifically advanced terrorists. Imagine, they have created such a powerful virus which damages the nervous system!”

            DX nodded. He felt that most of the unveiling part would be played by him.

            The demonstration continued.

            Styx is non governmental and a global autonomous organization tied to Army and Defense Research department of every nation that is a part of it.

            Its goal is not only to eliminate the Mystiques, Global Terrorist Force, but also to reduce the incidence of Trapdeath. After many nations start support, Styx will start developing cure for HIV2.

            “Why can’t we start right now?” DX asked suddenly

            “Start what?” Vidimus shot

            “Cure for HIV2 virus” DX said

            “First things first” Vidimus replied “Eradicate the Mystiques. Then do other things”

            Vidimus had straight forward answers. DX hated this. He always tended to delve too deeply into any topic.

            They left the visualization room and entered the office area. Every body started getting up from their cubicles to have a look at the long kept secret bio-kid DX. Some people came with papers to get autographs signed by DX.

            “What is my role in Styx?” DX asked

            “You will be used in primary missions of the order. You won’t delve in a particular area or department”

            DX liked this. He could get to know Styx better and could help him in destroying the Mystiques.

            A guy with typical German World War II uniform went past them. The only difference was that instead of a Swastika, he wore a trapezium logo.

            “Who is this?” DX asked looking back at the solider

            “The Styx Gestapo, the secret police” Vidimus said “Ordinary police of any nation might easily have relations with the terrorists. So we need separate police organized by Styx”

            DX virtually clapped. Vidimus gave a pride smile.

            DX while walking with Vidimus browsed through the notice board.


            Free Clinic

A Styx SubDivision

570 Avenue Street, Battery Park, NYC

Suffering from Trapdeath? Infected with HIV2? Is the society rejecting you?

Come to us. Stay in controlled and happy environments for free!

“What is this free clinic thing?” DX asked

“HIV2 is quite different from HIV” Vidimus said

“I understand” DX replied “People infected with HIV2 will hurt others or even kill them”

Vidimus nodded. Trapdeath is a disease like never seen before.

“They are therefore rejected from the society and their own family tend to run away from them. As most of these people are teenagers, they don’t have much money. Hence we established these clinics which basically as a prison sort of thing. For those who don’t want pain while dying, we give them lethal injection”

          On hearing the word prison, another doubt started emerging in DX’s mind.

            “Did Styx catch any terrorist?” he asked.

            Vidimus put a hurt face perhaps because of the singular nature of the question he asked

            “Styx is well organized. We captured 500 terrorists approximately. We have a common prison for all terrorists at Russia. They torture these terrorists and try to get information”

            “Oh… so that is how you got to know of this space program” DX said realizing

            “It was obvious. How else could they communicate and network? They have their own satellites in space”

            They went for a stroll outside.

            Seeing DX’s silence, Vidimus decided to tell him in more detail.

            “Our armed forces” he said “consist of a huge army called the Global Army, GA for short, designed primarily for destroying the rescue order and then for global peace support”

            “Why do we need a global army?” DX asked

            “Isn’t it obvious?” Vidimus shot “Why did UN fail to keep peace in Vietnam war, or Kargil war”

            “Because it didn’t have an armed force” DX said

            “Wrong. It had the support of NATO but it was not strong enough and did mostly peace negotiations. We need a more war loving force which strives to kill terrorists and militants”

            “So Styx is not just for Mystiques, but for all terrorist groups”

            Vidimus patted DX’s back. He felt this guy amazing.

            “Our global navy contains submarines with Russian Starforce technology and US’s Anti-Radar technology”

            “So it can evade being detected by radar right?” DX said. He saw this Anti-radar demonstration in one of the materials engineering journals.

            “100 percent detection evasion” Vidimus said confidently “the technology has improved over time. The body of the ship has mini microprocessors that deflect radar signals into space”

            “Wow!” DX said astonished. He saw a cathedral coming towards them.

            “Our air-force” Vidimus continued “Consists of stealth combat planes armed with the newly developed emp missiles”

            “What is this emp missiles?”

            “They are electromagnetic pulse missiles. They just disable electronics of the enemy plane on coming to its vicinity”

            “Understood…” DX said “The plane would stop functioning and get attracted to gravity”

            “Yes” Vidimus said “And all modern planes depend on electronics so this is an effective missile system”

            They entered into the cathedral and got seated in one of the chairs. A man with huge dragon tattoos all over his neck came towards them. He had a brown complexion and was completely bald. He wore a long coat.  DX instantly recognized him

            “Meet Synergy Simons, you already know. The former president and the current director of the CIA, and also, the pastor of this Church” Vidimus said as he came and sat near DX “A good friend of mine also”

            “Hello DX” Simons said in a sleepy tone. He handed the holy bible to Vidimus.

            “I need two oaths from you DX, in the name of the lord”

            “Right” DX said.

            They placed each others hands on top of the Bible.

            “First Oath” Vidimus began “In the name of the almighty God, of whom is no likeness or image, the creator of the heavens and earth, do you accept that you believe in the noble cause of the defense order”

            “Amen” DX said without pausing

            “The Second Oath” Vidimus continued “Would you vow to destroy the Mystiques even if you have to sacrifice your life for it and thus bring peace and prosperity to the world”

            “Amen” DX said taking a deep breath.

            They left the cathedral after biding goodbye to Simons. Simons stuck as a rare personality to DX. He looked quite odd. He was muscular though.

Outside the cathedral, a black tiny copter was waiting.

DX had a giggle.

“What happened?” Vidimus asked amusedly

“It looks funny. It can seat only two” DX said still giggling

“It is a stealth copter. It makes no noise. And it completely anti-radar” he said

DX realized it’s potential. It truly made very little sound. The pilot got down. She was a blonde in her twenties.

“DX” Vidimus said “I must take leave of you. You will now be taken to Styx – Training Division in Paris where you receive your training”

DX shook hands with Vidimus and boarded the black beauty.

“Hi. I’m Alice” the pilot said as she sat at the pilot seat. Even through her helmet, DX could notice her blonde hair. She hung out a book and a pen

“Autograph please” she asked politely.

The black beauty soared above the Styx River at a magnificent speed and headed towards Paris.


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