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Pareidolia Synesthesia

Novel By: Steve Fettinger
Science fiction

Traveling space entrepreneurs and antique dealers get more than they planned for while returning corgo to Mars. Futuristic point of view from a former resident of Mars from the future. View table of contents...


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Journal: Mars date 22/18/154 I will not use solar star dates, to prevent confusion. Who cares about the average planetary mass to solar rotation.

I am Sid of the commercial trade vessel the Pareidlia Synesthesis on the earth year 2175. Carrying a cargo consisting of minerals, mostly copper, some iron,and antiques, glass mostly. Our trade route is from Mars to the outer planets not past well up to the kuiper belt and astroid mining operations. We the crew are citizens of the Mars/Titan Confederation, that includes Mars, Deimos, Phobos, Titan, and most of the astroid mining instlations. Although we own propperty on Mars, Deimos and Titan our primary residence is the ship, Jeff's ship, Pareidolia Synesthesis. After all we spend more time onboard than at any of our other properties.

I once read thathistorically most people couldread at a fifth grade level, but I think that most people read at a higher level than that, but read comfortably at the fifth grade level. That may be why alot of writers stuggled. I am not a writer so it frees me from that constraint of rhetoric... malfeasance the appearance of being ostentatious, nor am I an intellectual. By the way ignorance is not bliss!... I speak from experience. Sorry about that. It turns out space travel is very boring, at least most of the time. The time one travels between worlds leaves plenty of time to think about things and reflect upon the past. Keeping myself busy gets hard sometimes, yet I try. I have found something very old, something to keep me occupied on these voyages. What I have found is something that you can write with or on. Yes; I know, writing has been obsolete for over a hundred years, so why do I write about reading and grade levels...? Because I'm bored! Everything has been directly downloaded strait into eveyones brain for a very long time, at first by using some kind of liquid crystal jell pack inserted into the brain then technology surpast even that. So, now it...this... and this is written by me.

I am Cydon, everyone calls me Sid the collector,... a collector of artifacts, antiquities as they are called. A lot of my favorite antiquities are articles on real paper that are from Earth, a random collection of writings. This collection started when I was a kid, when I found a printed story in an old wooden shoe box, part of a autobiography. That is a wooden box that shoes once came in not a box for shoes made of wood. (Yes I have been asked that before.) It was about life on Earth long ago, first I translated it that's when I first learned to read, my grandfather helped alot. I guess what I like most, would be the writings about the human race early colonization of the solar system and life on Earth. Not what is in history books, or any network system,but the rare stuff that just ordinary people wrote,... or maybe I should say random people. Uncontroled written history? Dealing with collectables is how I earn my living. Memorabilia, other than my writings collection is profitable. One learns the value of antiques yearly when one is offered a sizeable amount for an old wood box, that's where I came from. I was born on Mars about seventy earth years ago on the Acidalia Plantia near the Face on Mars, in Cydonia close to the Bannburg Crator terraforming operations close to the steel foundries near Arabia Terra. That was long ago. Now I travel off world alot. mainly between Mars and Saturn's moon colonies and the factories and mining sites. I have a buisiness partener that I travel with his name is Jeff. Jeff has his own spaceshuttle..., and thats why we're partners, and now we're heading back to Mars. Our cargo is mainly antique glass and copper. The glass will bring us alot of money. Oh yea! I guess we might be considered serial killers or vigilanties or something, maybe both, but thats all a matter of preception. Jeff thinks we are doing Gods work while I just get sick of other peoples crap, sometimes, but then again I'm not religious, not that I haven't prayed at times. Maybe spirtual, or I used to be, when I was young. Space travel can get scary and tense, very tense. Who wouldn't pray?

It is not tense right now. It is boring, and so I came back here in the cargo hold area, looking around . First I was looking through containers at some of the antique glass pieces. We have some very old carnaval ware and a red and yellow glass pie holder on a clear pedestal base that should bring a good trade price. Under the glass packed in a tote is where I found this old solar powered notebook version 32 or maybe 82 it can't be read, and it still works. Its older than I am. Well, it worked after I asked Jeff to look at it, in about a half hour I had a new toy. You see. About forty eight hour ago I was bored as hell when we met up with the ship Sabastien Sorosin part of a fleet owned by the Sorocin LaRou Group a very large production and trade corporation. S.L.R.G.once held huge political influence on earth along with its unimaginable wealth. They ushered in a socialist multinational government under the previous corperate names that lasted into the days of the second round of genetically engineered humans. That government has come to be known in Mars history as the new Nazi party. History does repeat its self. Many of the party members were geneticly engineered humans known as first rounds. By the time of the second round genetically engineered humans came of age things changed. They say that the artificial intelligence network that ran everything on earth even controlled the enigeering process by then. When they came of age they took over without very much violence unlike anything ever seen before them. The S.L.R.G. eventuallyfled into space with their massive resources, then built space stations and colonies on Saturns moons and a small military fleet. When all that came about was after the failed colony on Mars. You see; they tried to land an ice comet on the surface and hit their own settlement. Well it actually exploded amost directly over the colony, total devistation, no one in the colony lived. On the positive side in it's self raised the oxygen level ten percent in the atmosphere. Back to the S.L.R.G., this Sorosin fleet was and is known for the pillaging of outposts and other vessels, although or dispite it's (S.L.R.G.)being as a promident, huge, trade group with a military fleet.

As I finished repacking the container and started writing this, thats when Jeff's voice came over the intercom speakers. " We have company off the the starboard at five o'clock. Can you see anything? ". Making my way to the port hole I looked at a magnification of ten. Yes Jeff also made the glass port holes with voice activated magnification, and yeh I could see it looked like an old stile millitary cruiser. Obviously out of commision, I was thinking, so it may be privateers, or more likely S.L.R.G. " Looks like privateers with a dark reddish brown aura. " was my responce. Yes I'm a synesthete or synestic as they call it on Mars and if you didn't know synesthesia means mixing of the senses, with sound one might see colors and this too. To me emotions carry colors too. For me and some other people, the reddish brown and burgundy aren't often good. Almost always these colors are followed with an hostility or an attack, besides this ship is painted brown to hide the crew and their intent from people like me. On Mars there are alot of us with this ability. " Should we make some new freinds? " Jeff voice laughed over the intercom. Although it didn't look like it, we were armed to the hilt, a sleeper war ship of sorts. Jeff had built this ship from raw minerals to a finished spaceship. It sounds imposible but trust me... not for Jeff. He stared with building the equipment to make the parts for the ship when he was ten earth years old. So, we broke the silence with my voice "Hello freinds. What can we do for you? ". Then there was a very long pause.

" What is your cargo?" came their hostel sounding transmission, with a what was once called a heavy eastern European accent. Sounds alot like Russian mixed with possibly some Japanese and Portugese maybe German too. My guess they would be from somewhere around Saturn.

" Antiques, glass and some minerals. What can you trade? " Jeff responded.

" We will pull beside of you and attach a ramp channel to your vessel then come and look at your goods." they answered as their ship approached us. The air filled with a burnt umber and burgundy aura for me as they talked. Waves of color like ripplesthrough water.

" No more than two vistors at a time!" I responded, to no reply. Next I could hear the ramp channel attaching to our docking door.

I had to go deal with our new customers and help handle the situation. First off they sent five of their crew members over, two women and three men. Soon they started making demands. We don't take well to demands, not even from attractive women, which they sent. The potential customers vessel's name written on the hull it was the Sabastien Soarosin and had the reputation for taking what they want and killing the other ships crews. As soon as they started making demands Jeff activated a sonic/magnetic pulse weapon towards their ship and lowering the oxygen level on our ship with a push of a button. Jeff figured out how to make the weapon after reading one of the story from the writings in my collection called Plague Warning. Yes, he liked reading them too. Being from Mars Jeff and I are used to a much lower level of oxygen and gravity then these people. Almost all other humans still lived with a more dence atmosphere and oxygen at a higher level. Soon our new customers were either to dizzy or unconscious to fight us while we took the weapons they were carrying. Hypoxemia is great, so then we stuck them in air locks and launched them into space. There was nothing the incapacitated crew of the Soarosin could do as we boarded and started taking everything that wasn't bolted to the ship. Eveybody would be unconscious for at least forty eight hours from the sonic/magnetic pulse weapon. We found that they were ingauged in human trafficing, so we took the crew to the air locks and launched them into space too. We freed the unconscious confined people then started to leave them to drift when we found twelve other vessels just out of our sight that the Sorosin ship had been towing. Hey, that's what I ment when I said we might be vigilanties or serial killers. I think we are justified,... and Jeff lost most of his family to people like the S.L.R.G.and they were very religious. OK, extremist fanatics, many settlements on Mars are. I just couldn't argue with Jeff on the matter after all he had been through. In eight hour we will be arriving to the Mars moon Deimos. Maybe we'll get a reward for the human trafficing people we resqued? They're still unconscious from our weapon for maybe a few more hours, probably. They might all survive? I don't know we never used this weapon on people... we... that didn't have to fight. Nothing we could do at this point but wait. So we stared out the windows alot.

Mars glowed like agiant orange and tan ball with a bluegreen haze of atmosphere as we aproached. While I watched the thin stratus clouds Jeff said that we would dock all our newly aquire space crafts on the Deimos docking center on this moon and sort things out. There would be alot of sorting with our new passengers. The Mars provicial government usually payed well for salvaged vessel and compensation for new workers for the mining colonies, and they didn't ever ask any questions. I know you're thinking, we're freeing these people to make them slaves used in mining settlements. Well, Mars is different than that; the mines are unionized and run by freemarket companies and all people are granted work a visa until they can aquire citizenship to this loosely formed Martian/Titanian confederation. The confederation includes Mars it's moons, Deimos, Phobos and many astroid mining instalations even one huge one on Saturns moon Titan and its outposts. Over five million of people live on Mars and hundreds of thousands more in these other areas, and the mines pay very well. The government is set up like a capitalistic republic with voting for public officials congress, senate and a president. There are many small cities and numerous settlements/towns all over. Our passengers could end up anywhere, and all I was thinking of is how much we would make from this transaction. On Mars we say socializm is considered the basterd child of coruption, tyrony and capitalizm gone wrong, but then again that's all the government we have ever know. As it has always been wealth, technology, and exploration are still drivin by greed, and socializm follows the injustis left behind. These are the reasons our government is monitored so closely and voting is so important. On earth with the second round of geneticly engineered humans it is different, the people think differently.The Artificial Intelegence network has changed them into something like an ant colony. At least thats what we say. The people on earth see them selves differently they say more evolved. We can and do still own property on Mars. Yes we have insects on Mars,... but they're not people.

After two long days of negotiations we came to terms, only, a few of the vessels were titled to some of our passengers. Still we made enough to pay all our expences and live off of the profits for five years and plus we sold some of our cargo the antique glass, almost all of it, with a little bit of the copper. Now, we were to take ten of the people to Mars to the mining settlement near our home sight residences since it was kind of on the way. Thats what the officialssaid. The ten would be children, six girls and four boys all under twelve earth years in age, that had lost their parents. They wouldn't stop talking the whole way. Jeff kept telling me to calm down when I yelled " SHUT UP! ". I think he liked it, he always enjoys kids when I don't. Jeff does seem to enjoy my aggravation too. I think the kids will like the settlement. The S.L.R.G. killed their parents, which is a big deal to us from Mars. Mars is not like it was even sixty years ago. Now it has air almost or some what breathable atmosphere from the terraforming operations and factories it is much warmer. Temperature in the summer varies from forty celsius in the day to minus fifty at night. That would be between seventy three farenfeit to around minus twenty three at night. but the winds average at thirty miles an hour in the open. There is some plant life that grows wild on on the surface now, it is a hybred cactus, moss, and ivy plants that has been genetically engineered for this environment as it changes. Not only does this plant put off oxygen but it hold heat for hours and spreads through tubers,seed, and anything that breaks off reroots. These plant grow radiating out from where they were planted outwards from the cities, mining and terraforming operations to the settlements.

Most of the larger cities on Mars speak a mix of what they call India accented English and Chinese or a mix of them, while English and Spanish or a mix of the two in the smaller settlements. Jeff and I speak English as a first language, being from small settlements. Both of our small sellements came to Mars on seperate bio-mechanical space vessels B.M.S.V.s. These vehicles were complete biospheres within each ship with a crew and passenger as a complement of up to twenty people. My peoples ship like Jeffs peoples came from a country called the United States of America a region called the mid west. Jeff's were from a state called Illinois near a city called Saint Louis, they were part of a religious church group of ten vessels. Jeffs vehicle was the only one of their group to survive the journey. That is on his fathers side, his mother was from the terra forming colony. As for my family, we came on two vessels from a state called Indiana west of a city called Fort Wayne, which is the name of our settlement, some were christian too, but, some weren't religious at all. They all were fleeing from the all encompassing intrusive government that watched everything and everyone all the time. It seems hard to believe, but they say that they watched through every piece of glass. Every piece was imprinted with circuits making them monitors for the government to spy on everybody with, through an artificial intelligence network, it became possible even easy. So many escaped to the moon and some came to Mars, but most parished on the journey. What people that made it and suvived had grate resolve and a strong sense of independence, as do we, still. They say that is what the people of Earth lost, we do still have trade agreements with Earth, but not to much social exchange any more. Economics is a driving force.

Soon we will see the terrforming operation then the mines as we come out of the planets orbit and started the circle to our landing flight pattern.


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