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Twelve Twenty-One Twenty-One Twelve

By: Stormbird Throneshaker

Chapter 1, Like an eraser on a chalk board, all life as been erased from Earth, December 21, 2112.

Aurora City built both upon the surface and underneath in the man made caves on the dwarf planet asteroid Ceres, beginning in the year 2030 A.D.

After a sufficient propulsion system had been engineered, Ceres was able to be maneuvered between the orbits of the planets Mars and Earth as not only a dwarf planet space base but as a ferry boat, transporting space ships, men, women, children, and supplies to and from the new city Terralon, on the planet Mars.

Terra-forming of the red planet had begun in the 2050's and by leaps and bounds Mars was becoming the second Earth like world in the solar system.

Commanders log, December 22nd 2112. I, fifty-five year old Jaden Lancer Hunter, at the command center in Aurora City on Ceres, has witnessed the destruction of the planet Earth with my own eyes. We were way off the mark all of these years, and now we were marked off of the home world. Who would have thought that it was 12/21/2112? It will take at least a thousand years before Earth can be inhabited again, and that after having been reconstructed if at all possible, though however, not in my life time. All life has been wiped out on Earth by a rogue planetoid from another solar system. Surviving inhabitants of the Sol system live on Earth's moon as well as here on Ceres and on the planet Mars and its two moons, Phobos and Deimos. Did we try to destroy the planetoid before it got to Earth, yes, but how do you blow up a planet, spouting a comets tail, and slightly bigger than Earth's moon? Even with the technology of the twenty second century, that was still an impossible feat for mankind.”

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