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Imagine a world, a perfect world where crime is at it's lowest, almost seems perfect except for one flaw: you have an expiry date. View table of contents...


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Chapter One:

They line up like lambs for the slaughter; their faces expressionless, void of all hope. They enter the recycle plant one by one; when they go in they never come out. Everyone serves the higher cause of survival itself; even death is just an extension of our service to the planet.

I look at my watch; wind blowing through my thick black hair, ten hours to go before I am in that line. This planet once was a place of chaos, people reproduced and the population grew; it grew faster than it died off. This world was overflowing with life; driving away the animal life, more cities needed to house more people.

Pollution, crime, sickness rampaging through the world unchecked; this was a foul and disgusting world until the Eradonians came. Their sleek ships soundless; humanity unprepared we fought them at first fearing to lose our cesspit of a free lifestyle.

They say all good things must come to an end, the same can be said in reverse, all bad things must come to an end and so it; the reign of humans was ended. If we had taken over their planet we would have killed them all; the Eradonians spared us, in fact they even went as far as to improve us.

Their technological advancements cleaned our air in a matter of decades, fossil fuels became a thing of the past; the world was finally as God had intended it if there was such a deity: pure. Then they created the expiry system; a wristband that scanned the body and determined our expiration date.

In simpleton terms it's our best before date; when our watch reaches 00:00 we go to the recycle plant; they harvest our organs and all other useful body parts and burn our corpses. They use the ashes to replenish our crops; so there is no waste in this world.

Some choose to resist and so begrudgingly the Eradonians gave in to the fact that humanity is still violent in heart and founded Purgatory. Purgers, specially trained soldiers from early childhood raised with only one purpose; to make sure the recycling process proceeds without flaw.

I am a purger; commander Siva Lokirius of the 1st regiment, keeping in order the capital city named after the home world of our saviours, Eradonia. Standing beside me, 2nd in command Mavrius smirks, "There's always a runner, any moment now you'll see."

He just turned 20 and has 5 years to live; purgers only live up to 25 years, it's our standard and a means of keeping us in check. It must work for there are no recorded incidents of any purger resisting the recycling process.

I crack my neck, "Let's make a game out of it, if there are no runners you owe me a beer and if there is a runner I'll chase them down… can you handle that?" Laughing arrogantly he passes his fingers through his blue hair, "Oh you're on Commander, I hope you feel like running today."

It's a mistake to gamble against Mavrius but what the hell; I only got 10 hours to live so I could use a little run. Almost as though on cue it happened; she sprinted out of the line and without hesitation I sprinted after her. No one in the line dared cheer her on as she took a sharp left turn into the alley; she was faster than the standard city inhabitant.

I turned to find ourselves in a dead end; approaching her calmly I put my hand up, "Now calm down girl; there's nowhere to run so come with…" She surprised me as she turned to face the wall; running against it she kicked herself off the wall and upwards on the other where she then kicked herself again.

She wall jumped all the way to the roof, and I thought that shit was only possible in video games, why did I have to take that bet. Looking around quickly I saw the door; running in as I made my way up the stairs double time, kicking the door open leading to the roof.

There she stood at the edge of the roof; reaching quickly for my blaster she turned and easily jumped the distance, landing on the next building. Groaning in annoyance I took a running start; jumping without hesitation as I landed on the next rooftop, keeping on her heel as we ran and jumped roof after roof.

Finally there were no buildings to jump; looking at me she smiled as I drew my blaster, "I'm sorry it's come to this." She laughed as ten other people came out of hiding; blasters pointed at me as I realized I'd run right into an ambush. Shooting me I fell to my knees; beginning to lose consciousness she waved and giggled, "I'm not."


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