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There is a tale of a time in this world when joy filled the world, a time when one could sleep with both eyes closed without that nagging feeling you might be found the next morning with your throat slit. A time when a man smiled to you and you didn't worry about what plot he was scheming or if it involved you; because he was just smiling out of happiness.

My name is Solia and that is not my world; I live in a world of paranoia and power struggles, a world of deception and two-faced friends… my home. I rinse my face with cold water as I stand in front of the mirror, looking over my reflection as I look like I've been attacked by a pack of coyotes.

My lip is freshly split and swollen from the night before; the bags of eyes making my lack of sleep evident. I brush my scraggly brown hair out of my face, hearing footsteps outside the door I open the medicine cabinet; pulling my blaster out I charge the shot, walking cautiously to the door as the buzzer sounds.

I aim at the door, "Who is it? What in spectre's hell would make you come so damn early on a Sunday morning?" A soft chuckle comes from the other side of the door, I frown as I don't recognize the voice… or the sentiment for the matter.

He stops laughing, "Peace friend I am not here to harm you, you can lower that blaster you probably got aimed at the door, I'm just here to offer you a job." I crack my neck, holstering my blaster as I undo the locks on my door, opening the door I crack I frown at the sight of the strange man.

No visible weapon or armour, dressed in a white tuxedo… I supposed I don't look much better in my black combat pants and short sleeved punisher t-shirt covered by the ragged tactical vest. I stare at him for a minute as he laughs, "I do not think you want me to discuss my proposition from here, people might…"

I sigh, opening the door as he walks in; flip flops making funny noises on my floor as I close the door immediately, locks up just as swiftly as they were undone. I turn to find he has already made himself at home on my couch/bed, "Get to it stranger, I don't trust you and will rest more comforted when you're gone."

He doesn't seemed dissuaded as he simply giggles, "How about tea, do you got any tea… we can't possibly have a discussion without tea and biscuits now can we?" I growl in impatience, cracking my neck in aggravation, "Tea? Have you lost your mind mongrel, I could never afford such a luxury."

He shrugs, "Worry not friend I can supply the tea, you simply need to supply the hot water… catch." He tosses a box, instinctively catching it I look upon the small wooden box; fancy leaves painted upon it I open it, a fragrance of freshness comes out, "Where did you steal this from?"

Shaking his head he smiles, "Steal? Of course not… I ventured into the forest and collected my own herbs, completely natural. I of course had to make a box to hold it, found some good solid oak and made it into a piece of art… do you like tea?"

I turn to the kitchen, "I prefer beer, what kind of business could a man of your possession have with me? Do you not know what I am reputed for… I am…" He answers as I boil the water, "That's exactly why I'm here, this world needs peace and I think I know how to get it, but I'll need your services."

The kettle screams as I take it off, pouring it in the cups as I drop the tea leaves into the cup; mixing it as I take in the fresh scent. I open the fridge door, ignoring the scent of rotten food as I pull a Budweiser out. Sitting on the exercise ball/chair I sit across from the tuxedo man, passing him his cup, "No biscuits, get to the point."

He smiles and sips at the tea, "You're missing out my friend, this tea is of the finest quality and you will not find much of it in this world we call ours. Although some might say beer is a rare commodity as well… how do you get your hands on it?"

I empty half the bottle in one swig, "An alcoholic always finds a way… what do you mean you need my services to bring peace? I'm not exactly in the business of peace making, I'm a professional killer."

He sipped his tea loudly, "Sometimes my friend, to achieve what is right in this world one must resort to evil deeds…upon villains. I can afford any price, this job involves many years of work, I will supply you with all the equipment you request and need… I just need your commitment and discretion."

A long term job, some might say those are the jobs to avoid but I see it as guaranteed work. I've worked in large scale missions before, I've assisted seven of our presidents into power and covered up many secrets in the catholic world, "Just one question, who am I against?"

For the first time the tuxedo man went quiet, I knew there was a catch to all this, "That's the thing… see we had others interested as well until this point, so bear with me Mr. Solia, this is a very dangerous job."

I finished my beer, walking back to the kitchen he simply waited for me… I guess he really wanted me to take the job. Sighing in annoyance I pull out the entire box, setting it on table I open a beer, "Go ahead then, hit me."







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