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Dan Sherman Space Guardian . All Worlds. Book 9

Novel By: trooper48
Science fiction

Dan Sherman is a retired teacher who had to take early retirement through bereavement. He is selected to be a Space Guardian in his dreams. How will he cope with the endless worlds of God.
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Dan Sherman Space Guardian

All Worlds

Book 9

By Colin James Platt

Copyright Colin James Platt 2014

Chapter 67-The search for Debra the Loss of Dan

Chapter 68-Deception

Chapter 69-Debrief 3

Chapter 70-Kerion 6

Chapter 71-The Corruption of Sionn

Chapter 72-Super Robots

Chapter 67-The search for Debra The Loss of Dan

In the restroom, which was fairly plain, I noticed some personal little things that I knew were from Reeas. Things like photos of my wife and son from my last life, and some furnishings from my home.

'Thank you, Reeas,' I said. She knew I couldn't function as I

would like even simple things were now hard for me to do.

'Reeas, how am I going to live like this?'

'You will be fine.'

'I can't even conjure up simple personal belongings.'

'Dan, why do you believe you are now in this condition?'

'I have been trying to fathom that out, but as yet, I don't know.'

'I believe you are being deliberately kept in this state, for some special reason.'


'As I said before, it must have something to do with Debra.'

'Oh, yes, I can't even remember that.'

'Don't worry, come, we will access the dream worlds.'

'But we are already on the astral plane and didn't Deria say it is a special sub plane, maybe we can't get beyond it?'

'I know, Reeas said, but let us see just how far we can go.'

'I know I should relate something to the students who can access this recording but maybe you had better do it, Reeas.'

'Yes, Dan, I will.'

For Students who can still access these messages: This is Reeas again. Please remember that we are now outcasts. The trouble being, Kallo and whoever else is helping him. If you can access these messages please help by uploading any info which will be of use to us, from wherever you are able to go in the inner worlds. My belief is Sionn or Mannus is still in charge of things but for some reason they are letting Kallo rule the roost for the time being. If Kallo himself manages to send you messages or interfere with the recordings then we are all in trouble.

Not even Sionn is allowed to send messages en mass to students.

I am also worried about Dan. He seems to be receding more in

consciousness. We have either got to get into the Guardian network, or find Debra. As Sionn and Mannus are unavailable and Kallo rules the network, I suppose our only option is to find Debra. Now, Students: Why would Debra go away? I believe she thinks Dan is dead. Well, not dead, but isolated as soul. The only thing I can think is that Debra is searching for Dan somewhere in Dan's past lives! Now, I know some students will think nonsense. But don't forget, Debra is everything that

is the Guardian-Network, she is also a part of Dan! How can she access the inner worlds then? She is, in essence, a mechanical fabrication. But she is more than a mechanical fabrication, she is part of Dan.

Now, Students: Where would you start? Please upload your thoughts

to central database. If you said the Room-of-Doors you would be right. But not Dan's Room of Doors, no, mine! How can I access Dan's past lives from my Room-of-Doors? You ask, and I can answer that by saying the same process that I used not very long ago on Altreena. The problem is going to be which door to access? Students again, please upload your thoughts on this problem and I will take a little break and access the database, not by light book as you know, but by the old fashioned way of thought-transfer. I know we call it old fashioned, but really it is a

process that is very old.'

'The Light Book on the other hand, is simply a modern way of accessing the network on various worlds, both inner and outer. The light book itself is also very old, but not as old as the thought-transfer system. Now, I am back from my little break. Dan is increasingly getting worse, so I have decided to leave him at the sub plane base. I asked him to try and use the thought-transfer system to contact me but I decided that it was too much for him, yes, students. I am very worried. My Dan is much worse than when he first came here as a trainee. Time is now of the essence. I met Deria before I went to the sleep room, she also is

coming on the mission to find Debra. I was now feeling better. If anyone can find her it is Deria, she also said we could use her Room-of-Doors, instead of mine. For Students: We can access our own Room-of-Doors and we can access someone else with permission; why can't I access Dan's then? You say, because he is in such a low consciousness, and in no condition to give permission. We were now stood before 360 doors. As you know, each level of doors is 10,000 years of past lives. Deria wanted to contemplate before

we started.

'Reeas, I feel a strange need to a walk through five levels!'

'That is 50,000 years ago.' I said.

'Yes, normally it would be but my lives are much longer than humans. But don't forget, for Dan, it would be much more.'

'How much?'

'In the hundreds of thousands, we will see when we get there.'

It didn't take long to reach the fifth level.

'Reeas, I'm getting a message from Oasis.'

'I can access it also Deria. Dan has de materialized. He is nowhere to be found on the inner planes!'

'This is Kallo's work.' said Deria.

'He must have done something to Dan at the derelict house, when we were in the lower regions.' I said.

'He pretended to save Dan, when in reality he was destroying him! I can't function like this Deria! I have to get to Kallo. I'm going to rip his head off!'

'No, Reeas! We have to find Debra; she is the key now, Kallo knows this, and he will also be looking for her.'

'But he has access to all the worlds while we only have access to this special region.'

'No, Reeas, we can access my Room-of-Doors to any time! Kallo cannot reach us here. Trust me.'

'I'm sorry, Deria. I'm stressed out.'

'I know.' Deria said. 'But I feel Dan is OK. Kallo couldn't destroy Dan in the lower regions because he wanted to access Debra. That is still the case.'

'Why has Dan gone then?'

'Because Kallo wants to make it harder for us, come, we are at the crossing point. I feel an urge to access the fifteenth door on this level.'

Students: I just want to say that of all the people, or should I say higher beings that I have access to, I am very glad that I have Deria here with me she is all that I aspire to be. Dan has told me that he aspires to be like me! And I love him for it. What I am saying is no matter how high we go in consciousness there is always someone who is higher.

Kallo, on the other hand, may be riding high at the moment, but as sure as night follows day he will fall. Deria has told me to tell you students that she is getting some messages from you. They say that there is a strong impulse to go to level eighteen! She has informed me that this is a false thought reading probably from Kallo himself. Please continue to send your thoughts and try to be aware. OK, we have now passed through the door. The landscape is beautiful as usual. Anywhere Deria has been

to in her passed lives is probably like this. I was now getting used to the place. I know it is a planet called Belrine, Deria spent several lifetimes here as a woodland nymph. I would like to describe the landscape in more detail but words would not do it justice. Let me just say that everything you can imagine heaven to be is here. I am also very grateful to Deria for helping me in my training to become one with her people.

The experience is very probably going to be vital in finding Dan. Deria is now in meditation. I sat down and did the same. I opened my eyes to find myself sitting on a beautiful golden cushion. I looked around to see Deria plus hundreds of her kind sitting in a large circle. I couldn't help noticing the beautiful young lady sitting in the center. She was dressed in a silver silken gown and had a golden tiara on her head with a large ruby type stone in the center. I could see the stone getting brighter! The light seemed to melt into me. Now I could see wings starting to grow from her back! They grew so big that they were now bigger than her. The Love I felt was overpowering.

'Deria, Reeas, she said. Please come forward.'

I now knew this higher being was called Gloriel.

'Hold my hand.'

I looked at Deria who also was incredibly beautiful. We walked forward and took her hand.

'Now, close your eyes.'

At once I could see Debra! She was talking to a stone-age person!

'Please, Dan! Talk to me.' she said!

I knew the stone-age person was Dan as a Neanderthal man. I also knew the scene we we're experiencing was from one of Dan's past lives from Earth in the region that would become Germany 250,000 years ago! Of Course, Dan couldn't possibly know Debra was there. All he was bothered about was surviving day to day. Debra was different; I noticed she was smaller and younger, with a worried look on her face. All at once we were

back in the circle.

'Now, Deria and Reeas, you know what has happened?'

Deria said, 'Yes, Debra is being guided to Dan from lifetime to lifetime.'

'Yes, but there is a danger that Dan could become lost within his own past lives.'

'How is that possible?' I said.

'Debra is looking for Dan in his normal consciousness, once she finds him, and she will, he will merge with her in the wrong time. Kallo, as you know, wants just that to happen, he will be rid of Dan. He can then concentrate on creating a new Debra.'

'Surely Mannus won't allow that?' I said.

'Mannus lets the lower worlds take care of themselves. It is up to the Guardians to keep order.'

I felt anger, love, frustration and confusion all in one.

'What can we do?' said Deria.

'It is no good trying to get to Dan as the stone-age person, as Debra has now gone. She could be anywhere in hundreds of thousands of Dan's past lives. You must try to get to Kallo.'

'What?' I said.

'He won't be expecting that.' Of course, it will have to be Deria; she has special powers when it comes to concealment. You, Reeas will have to search for Sionn.'

'All I can think about is my Dan.' I said.

'Yes, I know. Don't worry we will keep an eye on the Guardian- Network from here. Should there be any change, then we will message Deria. Hold on my friends, something has happened. I am getting a message from Grenwer. Please return to the sub base right away, where you will be briefed. Farewell.'

We were now back in the Room-of-Doors.'

'I'm worried sick about Dan, Deria'

'We will do just as Gloriel said; I feel something good has happened. You have an unbreakable link with Dan, Reeas; it is like two stars that are too close together, there is no way that they can escape the gravity, or their destiny.'

'Or three stars, Deria, the other one being you!'

'Thank you, Reeas. I feel as close to you as my twin sister. Do you know my sister and I have been together for eighteen lifetimes and nine thousand years?'

'That is a long time, Deria.'

'It is only long if you think it is long. Time is only what you perceive it to be, and Kallo cannot harm us, Reeas; he can only try to catch us in lower consciousness, as he did with Dan. Please remember to always look to the higher regions. I have to go somewhere Reeas, please don't ask me where. I feel I am needed to help someone. Go to the sub base and relax. I will see you later. Farewell.'

I returned to the sub plane base.

Please remember students: We are still on the astral plane, also, we are still in the special sub plane known as Oasis. It can get confusing for some students, especially students who can access the Guardian-Network, but they might not have sufficient consciousness to realize it, yes, I know it is confusing but that is the way it is. God works in mysterious ways. A person may have been working for lifetime upon lifetime on the inner planes helping to serve God; but he may live an ordinary life on

his or her planet until one day the Master appears. This can happen on the inner or the outer worlds. Right, enough lessons for now.

I made my way to the restrooms at Oasis. Imagine my surprise

when I saw Grenwer standing there!

'What's happened?' I said.

'Please don't worry,' he said. 'Just sit down, and meditate to the fifteenth level of the mental realm.'

'I don't know if I can? My mind's in a mess.'

'Reeas, please relax. Dan is OK. He is with Mannus at the moment.'

'Thank God, can I see him? How is he?'

'Please just rest in meditation and follow me.'

I closed my eyes in blessed relief. I opened them to a find myself in a function room similar to the one at the sub base, then to add ecstasy to joy there was Sionn! He was sitting at his usual place on the platform as the Higher-Coordinator. I also knew Dan was near, so you can imagine my excitement.

'Come, Reeas.' he said. 'Sit here at the front. Let me start by saying it is thanks to Reeas, Deria, and numerous other Guardians that Kallo and his accomplices are now close to finally being brought to justice. Some of you are probably a little confused by the events that have taken place in the Guardian-Network, also we must welcome any students that can access this level. It is secure, so please don't worry about your thoughts being intercepted. 'Please be assured that we have everything in order. The events over the last few days have been satisfactory to

say the least. We have now captured several thousand dark agents with many more predicted to be caught in the near future. Now, Reeas, there is a certain little job we want you to do.'

'On my own?' I said.'

'No, you will have help.'

I felt my senses tingling right then, I also felt Joy beyond compare as my Dan came walking out from the side of the stage followed by Debra!

I couldn't control myself; I jumped up to grab him. I also put my arm around Debra!

'How long have you been like this?' I said.

'Not very long, I'm still receiving thoughts by the second!

It feels as though I am an android again!'

'Please don't worry about that.' said Sionn. 'It will settle down later. Now we have someone else to thank.'

I knew it was Deria, before he finished speaking. 'She has not only successfully brought Debra back to us, but also managed to infiltrate Kallo's network without being detected on numerous occasions, for this, she is to receive the order of 'Master Guardian.' Deria then came walking out from the side; she was in her human form, and as Dan has said before she is very beautiful. We are now all together again.

How did you manage to find Debra so fast?' I said.

'I just went beyond the conscious mind. I felt that I should simply go to a certain past life of Dan's, and I would meet Debra there, so that is what I did.'

'Which past life was it?' I said.'

'Believe it or not, it was on Altreena again, and yes, he was a Napie again!'

'I can't help it if I like being cuddled and loved.' Dan said.

'There will be a lot of that later,' I said.

'I can do it better.' said Debra, as she turned into the Robot Nanny!

Sionn said, 'Now, Dan, Reeas, Deria and Debra, please report to the briefing room for details.'

I couldn't help thinking I might have to be careful again in front of Debra, even if she wasn't there!

Chapter 68-Deception

Message to Students: (From Reeas.) Dan will be taking over the message report to students for the near future, thank you for supporting me while I was in charge of this service.

Students from Dan: Thank you, for sending me your thoughts and helping me to get back to full consciousness, although in reality it was Mannus who did most of the work. I was in good hands. The whole thing was set-up by Sionn, as you will now find out.

I was feeling pretty good as I walked into the briefing room with Reeas, Deria and Debra, I was now my old self, but I was also something more, again! I could relate to everything that was going on around me, from the actual job to Kallo's past lives!

'Dan, I know you are experiencing some small differences' said Sionn, 'but these will abate soon. Please be seated. You all know that Kallo still thinks he is in charge of our Network. I know personally that he is ordering a full-scale crash of the entire Guardian-Network through his agents.'

'Surely they must know by now that we are on to them.' Reeas said.

'Yes.' said Sionn. 'But we actually gave them false information! This operation has been long in preparation. Kallo actually believes he is within grasping distance of the whole Guardian-Network. He also thinks I am destroyed as a Higher-Guardian.'

'How?' said Reeas.

'I let him slip a little drug pellet into my shoulder some weeks ago while we were having a conversation.'

'Really?' I said. Wasn't that a little too obvious.'

'Not when it was a minute robot the size of a pinhead. Don't forget Kallo is a Master when it comes to Robotics, of course I knew about it before hand but he thought I didn't.'

Never underestimate Kallo, he is cunning beyond measure. If everything goes according to plan, he will be in an extra high security astral cell again soon, as will his accomplices. Now, here is what I want you to do:

Dan and Reeas, go to the physical sub base at Earth. Kallo is now there planning the destruction of the Milky-Way Galaxy.'

'What? How can he manage that?'

'He is going to destroy everything that represented you.' Sionn said.

'How will he do it?' said Reeas.

'With a weapon that he invented some time ago, actually several hundred years ago, don't worry, we knew all about it and it has not been used before. It is a device that can heat up the sun to many times its temperature. Don't worry about the devise, we will take care of it just get to Kallo and pretend you are the way you were when Kallo threw you out of the network, keep the ruse going for as long as you can to help us gain more information. Debra will of course be invisible or rather, part of you. You won't need the clones or the ship, as you can dream travel to Earth, then Debra will guide you; she has only to touch you Reeas to give you the same security as Dan. Debra appeared at once.

'I'm going to enjoy this.' I said.

'Before you enjoy it, Dan, please get as many names of dark agents as you can, also any other information you can get, and you have to get near Kallo and Debra will do the rest, you will also not be a detectable by any agents. Deria has the special job of neutralizing the weapon. Don't worry again, the weapon cannot be used to heat up the Sun, but it could be dangerous to the underground base, as it has been booby trapped, we could not interfere with the booby traps, but we did neutralize the device

some time ago. When you get to Earth do not use the thought-transfer system, even for students! It would probably be OK, but we don't want to risk it. You won't need to message us, as we have everything under control. Just concentrate on getting near to Kallo, any questions?'

'Just one, can I hurt him?'

'If he tries to hurt you, then yes, Kallo, as you know has a very big ego so all you have to do is make him angry. After all these years you would think he would learn to control himself but he is so used to being in charge that no other position will do.'

The job of taking Kallo to Mannus was another trick; we knew there was little we could do to alter Kallo in that direction, but again, it helped us to gain more information about their network. Kallo's defenses really did come down for a time. Now he thinks he can dominate everything.

Getting to Earth in the physical will lesson his defenses even more, he will think he can easily defeat you, but he will be wrong. Now, do your best my Guardians, as Zelda 3 would say.'

I was now in a really good mood. I had full consciousness and I could access the Guardian-Network. I also had Reeas, Deria and Debra to help me what more could a soul want?

For students: please excuse us while we transfer to Earth via thought-travel, and no, it is not the same thing as thought-transfer. We are on alert as regards the Guardian-Network, so we can't accept or send thought-transfer messages. Please be patient and access the network later.

We were now on Earth at the base in Northumberland; you remember the base is called Kelsay. For students again: We don't need the cloned bodies of anyone to transfer into, as Debra is now our protection. I know it is hard to get your head around, but I know you can understand. You are Students-Guardians and are unlimited. I know it is hard to believe, but you are also spiritual beings and eternal.

We arrived in invisibility mode, across the road from Giants-seat lane where we knew the base was sited. I also knew that there was a security cordon in place in the form of a no access sign and road block. I couldn't see any one on guard, but you could be sure there was.

'We better do this by the book,' Reeas said. 'If we get in there too easily Kallo will suspect something.'

'Yes, you are right, what do you suggest?'

Debra said, 'Can I do it Dan?'

'What are you going to do? I said.

'I will charm them with my girly looks.'

'No, Debra, you know you can't show yourself! There will be all sorts of security stuff in there.

I will neutralize any security stuff.

'We can't risk that. We have to act as though we are still in low

consciousness so you will have to be invisible until the last minute!'

Reeas said, 'let us get arrested trying to access the portal; we will be taken to Kallo.'

'Yes,' I said, 'that seems to be the best way, Reeas.'

'I will access the portal before you.' said Deria. 'I will also use the high invisibility mode so I won't be detected, don't forget, do not send any messages when you materialize as Sionn advised. I will also check out the lane itself to locate any enemy. Give me a few minutes before you make yourself known.

For any students who think we are using thought-messages at the moment, no we are not, we are protected by Debra.

Deria came back to tell us that the lane was clear! We walked across the road and into Giants-seat lane. No one appeared to stop us; maybe they thought they were undetectable?

Well I suppose they are, after all, it had been undetectable for a very long time. We got to the place where I knew the portal to be. It was between two very large oak trees. Debra was now in high undetectable mode, or rather, part of me, and undetectable by anyone apart from such people as Kallo. Yes, I know it sounds complicated but you will understand when you access these records later. We can't risk uploading them straight away for security reasons, you understand. Debra was now informing me that the portal itself had been moved. How come I didn't know about

this? You say, because Debra is the network, and I am part of Debra. Yes, a part. I suppose, I could fully merge with Debra, but I don't want to. I want to be me. I now knew the portal was on a sort of changing pattern. One minute it would be somewhere, then a few minutes later it would be somewhere else. Kallo must be very busy changing things such as security in the network, well; we will just have to put a stop to it. Debra could easily fathom out the next position for the portal but that would make it seem like we knew about this new technology!

'When will the portal revert back to this spot? I asked Debra.

'Not for seventeen days,' she said.

'OK. We can't risk letting on that we know about the changing portal, so we will have to simply hang around till we are detected.'

Reeas said, 'let us become visible then we are sure to be detected.'

OK, I said, but Debra will be part of me and invisible. Here we go, sure enough, it took just three minutes for the security people to surround us. They came from one of the portals that was sited not more than a few hundred yards away.

'Where do you think you are going?' said the leader.

'Can people not walk in the countryside?' I said.

'Not around here, they can't.'

'Oh. Why?'

'Because it is a restricted area, that's why. Who are you?'

'Never mind, I said, sorry to bother you. We got lost, we will make our way home now.'

'No you don't.' he said. 'We have to make a security check on you. Identification papers please, never mind, we now know who you are. Word is coming through from below. I don't know why you attempted to come here, you must be as dumb as Kallo says you are, and you lady, why hang around with a loser like this. Maybe you can be re programmed; I could use a babe like you to keep me company on cold nights. Ha. OK, inside, losers.'

It only took a few minutes to reach the heart of the complex.

Surprisingly it wasn't Kallo who greeted us? It was a Kallo look alike. How do I know you ask? Simply Debra, I also knew these Kallo clones were now being installed at all the Guardian bases in all the worlds of existence!

Can you imagine, students, what that means? If I was a Trainee-Guardian I would be very nervous now, I can tell you, but I am not a trainee anymore. My little team and I have the job of defeating the greatest threat to the entire Multiverse! For security reasons you cannot upload your thoughts on this situation at the moment but you are free to access the database later. Sorry for any inconvenience, but I know you can understand

we are a little busy at the moment.

'Well, look who it is?' The Kallo Clone said, 'the Trainee fool and the faithful servant. How did you expect to get in here? The few remnants of the Guardian-Network must be desperate. I see you are partially back to your trainee consciousness. I knew you would try to access some base or other, but I really didn't think you would be so stupid as to access this base. I now realize you are just a simple human oaf, and your companions are equally stupid. It really is a triumph for me to capture you and the pleasure I am going to get from seeing you all suffer. Of course, I'll have to keep you in some form of consciousness to find Debra

as you know, but now, I am fully ready to take over the entire network.'

'Oh?' I said. And what does Mannus think about that?'

'Fool! You know Mannus lets the lower worlds take care of themselves; and I will take care of them, my way.'

'What do you think Mannus is?' Reeas said.

He is the watcher and the power, and part of that power has been given to me, to use as I may.'

'Are you even the real Kallo?' I said.

'Ha! Fool. Do you think it matters which part of Kallo is which?'

'So, have you got Debra on line?' I said.

'Yes, fool. How do you think we managed to get millions of Kallo

clones into existence?

'It wouldn't have been with Manus's help.' I said.

'I will enjoy merging you with a lower entity.' The Kallo clone said.

'And when will that be?' I said.

'In a very short time,' he replied.

'Oh? And what sort of entity will it be?' I asked.

I haven't made up my mind, as yet, maybe it will be a Tourgen! You are used to being a lower consciousness beast man aren't you? But this time you won't have any strength. You will just be a drooling moron.'

I was very tempted to change into Cloft the Tourgen Clone and then say Oh, like this, you mean. But I knew we had to keep up the pretense a little longer. I needed the information from Deria about the weapon first; also I needed to get the all clear from Sionn. It was frustrating to listen to this Kallo clone, but I knew my time would come. Reeas said, 'What do you intend for me?'

'Ah, my dear Reeas, what do you say to coming along as my partner? We could access a lot of places, such as here on Earth. I know I detest the place for being the birth place of this moron here, but there is such potential here.'

Now, my student friends: I have to admit to a little mistake on my part. I let my frustration come out in the shape of Debra. She being part of me appeared for a split second! This was due to a little anger. I was now fully in control. But Kallo saw her and the entire base was alerted. I had to think quickly.

'I see you really do have Debra.' I said. Kallo promptly walked out of the room, and was gone for five minutes. He came back, but I could tell that this Kallo was the real thing. He was now looking at me with a cruel uncaring glare.

'Where did you go? Was it to send out a search party? Can you not even keep control of Debra?' I said.

'It is time to merge you; we have a particularly dirty Swamp-Man from Lagna.'

'Get real, Kallo.' I said, 'I know you can't do that. I may be a little low in consciousness but anyone knows that it has to be the same consciousness as myself!'

'Oh, that is where you are wrong. We managed to find a

multiple match. Yes, you will have company in there, ha, fourteen in fact. You will be stuck for as long as I want you to be!'

'You are completely mad.' Reeas said. 'Has the trip to Mannus not

taught you anything?'

'It taught me that I can ascend to power, also it taught me to

pass judgment on people I detest.'

'Now, does Dan want to be dragged to the cloning room? Or should we escort you as civilized people.'

'I can walk.' I said. I was now receiving a message from Deria that the weapon to destroy Earth was now completely safe, although Kallo and his team didn't know it.

'And then there is you, Reeas, do you want to rule the Milky-Way Galaxy and everything else, or do you want to be an outcast!'

'I will go with my Dan.'

'I'm afraid not, my dear, this is a one way trip for your Husband. You will have to either be accepted by my team, or you can be placed in a secure astral cell, of course, you will have to be treated first.'

'What do you mean?' I said.

'I mean, she will have to be reprogrammed into our network, you, on the other hand, will be forgotten!'

Students: As you can imagine I am now starting to get very angry. I am also getting a little impatient. Remember, we are on the

physical world, that means, I can hurt Kallo If I can get to him; Indeed I know I can get to him, but I want it to be like a freak accident thing. I want to get more information from him before I finally kill him. If we were on the astral plane, I know he would be able to just shrug off any injury, or simply transfer to another sub plane but here in the physical world things are different, I knew I had to keep myself in check for obvious reasons just a little longer. I could now see security guards

forming all around us. I figured that if he was severely injured

he might drop his guard even more. I don't want him to die as yet, but I want him to suffer. I know it is not the Guardian thing to do, but he has made many people's lives a misery over a very long time. I know you students can't help me at the moment with the security measures in place but you will be able to access these messages later. Please feel free to contribute your ideas on what you would have done in my place.

Kallo was now looking at me with his high-and-mighty look.

'OK, I'm getting tired of this now. Take them to the cloning room. Make sure she sees him merged with the other specimens.

As Kallo turned around to walk out I ran as fast as I could and jumped on Kallo's back, I then put my left arm around his neck and with my right hand I poked is right eye out. Everyone was surprised by the speed of it although I held back a lot, as you can imagine, I had to make it believable. I wasn't particularly bothered about getting more information now as being this close to Kallo had done the trick! We had all the information we needed. I could now wreak havoc if I wanted to and I wanted to. Kallo was now screaming in agony. I let the security

guards pull me off.

'Why didn't you stop him!' he shouted. The leader of the security team said, 'We didn't think he could move that fast! Something isn't right Here.'

'I'm going to take extreme pleasure in cutting off all your skin later.

'Oh, are you? You might have a little trouble cutting this skin off.'

I then transformed into Cloft the Tourgen. The look on Kallo's face even with one eye was something to behold. Reeas was now in the same form as me. I then instructed Debra to neutralize any weapons on the base. The security people were now panicking. But no one wanted to take on the Tourgen. I then walked over to Kallo. There was no emotion in his face now just hatred.

'Have you any last requests?' I said.

'Go to Hell.' He said.

'I probably will, but when I go it will be to help people, not dominate them, oh, and I've just had a message from Sionn. He said to tell you that your cell at the astral high security prison is fitted out with new technologically advanced escape proof measures.'

'No prison can hold me. Fool.'

'It can when you are placed in long term sleep mode, with no access to the lower regions and no consciousness to go higher.' I said. He then spit in my face. I particularly despise that, so I grabbed him by the neck and squeezed till his other eyeball popped out. I was now getting a message to place the people who were loyal to Kallo in the secure compound which was located directly beneath the room we were in.

All we needed to do now was simply walk to the briefing room. Sionn himself was now at the base.

Chapter 69-Debrief 3

The feeling as we walked into the briefing room was one of emotion. I know the Guardians don't show their feeling very often, but this time things are different. People were clapping and cheering! I felt good, as we were ushered to the front row. Sionn said:

'Dan, Reeas, Deria and Debra, please accept our thanks, the job went off as we predicted, but due to your excellent acting ability we were able to gain much more information. The touching of Kallo's neck in the physical realm did the trick; we now have the locations of many more agents. Kallo himself is already in isolation. You will be surprised to now that 6,553 Special-Dark-Agents have also been located including even in this very room. Sionn glanced around as some people in the audience who were now starting to get up and move to the side; security people were now at the doors to arrest them. 'These people have been shielded under the Guardian umbrella for a long time, they will be

isolated and monitored from now on. As of now, the Guardian-Network is fully operational. Dan and company have proved to be worthy allies. Debra is now back as a fully-operational part of the Guardian-Network. This base is now the most important part of this section of the Milky-Way galaxy. Dan, Reeas, Deria and Debra, Please follow me into the other room. After going over some details of the operation, which I already knew from Debra Sionn said, 'The Network is now secure, you can all now go back to normal duties, 'Dan, you will be your normal self from now on.'

'What do you mean?' I said. I noticed Debra was now gone!

'You will be separate from Debra.'

'I don't feel any different.' I said.

'No, the process will take a while to become noticeable.'

Please report to the operations room to finalize the process.' Sionn then walked out of the door.

Reeas said, 'you are finally free of Debra!'

'Yes,' I said, 'but I thought she would be a part of me forever; that is what I was told. Why do they keep doing this to me?'

'What do you mean?'

'I mean using me as a sort of useful part of the network and then dumping me when it is over. They didn't even think to inform me about the plan.'

'If it is any conciliation, we weren't informed either.'

'I know, but you didn't lose anything.'

'You didn't lose anything!'

'I know, but why don't they inform me? I feel such a fool sometimes.'

'Listen Dan, I thought I had lost you more than once! Do you know what I have been through?'

'I'm sorry, Reeas; it must be the first effects of the changeover.

'Why don't we take a break, let us visit your family.'

'Yes, then we will visit yours, Dan.'

After a lovely vacation in the company of loved ones, we reported back for duty. For students: I am trying to come to terms with the loss of Debra, I must say, I feel much the same as usual, but with the knowledge that I do not have access to the most powerful thing in the Multiverse as part of my consciousness!

Debra was now just the ship. I must say, I will miss her antics, especially her dressing up in all the styles of the nineteenth, twentieth and twenty-first centuries just to impress me! I know what some of you students are saying. How can I lose something that is part of me? Did Mannus himself not say, Debra is part of you, and as such cannot be parted from you?'

I just wanted to say goodbye, I suppose.

Sionn was now calling for our team to go to the briefing room. I knew it was some new job, even before we got there, and that is without Debra!

With Debra, I would have known every detail!

'We have a small problem in a galaxy known as Spiron 21.'Sionn said. 'The people on the planet Kerion 6, are about to tamper with the time frame. They are just about ready to know about us. But this crisis has arisen; they will attempt to travel forward in time to access knowledge about things that they won't be able to handle! You can imagine what damage that could do! Before you ask the simple question, how can they? We all know it is impossible, yes. Well, I can tell you that it could actually work, but not in the way the Kerion's think; the device that

they will use will be propelled at much greater than light speed. Many thousands of times faster in fact! It will travel to the designated point of reference in a split second! That point of reference is the neighboring galaxy Phopion; it will then propel itself back within another split second. The inhabitants would have been the same age of course. But they won't survive. The time dilation will be massive, tens of thousands of years actually. The trouble will be that a large part of Phopion will be destroyed, plus all the neighboring planetary systems.

Kerion 6 will also be destroyed.'

'Is there any way Debra could handle this?' Reeas said.

'Well, you may as well know, she is below par.'

'Why?' I said, 'isn't she up to the job?'

Sionn was now looking at me with his I-know-what-you-are-thinking look.'

OK, team; this is how we want to handle it: Dan will have access to Debra, but only in a small way.'

'And how small would that be?' I said.

'She won't be able to leave the ship.'

'So, all we have to do is the same thing we did on Relmar 7 in the Andromeda-Galaxy when we stopped the scientist from using the chemicals!'

'No, Dan that was a relatively easy thing to do besides the danger wasn't real. The real trick was to catch Kallo. This will be much more dangerous. The atomic structure of the time traveling machine has already reached critical point.'

'Why was it left to get this dangerous?' Deria said.

Sionn was now looking a little bemused. He said, 'The Network was down at the time, it was that part of the plan to catch Kallo?'

I didn't want to make it any harder for Sionn, I knew his job was the hardest in the Universe. So I left it at that.

'We also believe this crisis is due to Kallo's helpers!' Sionn said. I thought they had been captured.' Reeas said.

'There may be some dark agents who are beyond our network radar.'

'You mean, other masters?' I said.

'Yes, he, or they, probably helped to construct the time machine, and will probably be willing to die in it taking half the Spiron 21 and Phopion galaxies with it! You also know that the massive time shift that will occur when the machine comes back to Spiron 21 will alter the space time continuum.'

'How do you mean?' said Reeas.

'You may as well know. We simply don't know! We have our best people working on it, but one thing is for sure, time will alter for Spiron 21 and Phopion, also it will spread to other galaxies!'

'How can it spread?' I said.

'The structured atoms from the time machine will create an enormous blast the like of which we have never seen before. This will result in a Googol-Photon explosion, making many stars in the Spiron 21 and the Phopion galaxies explode and implode at the same time.'

I was a little overawed at this, all I could think of to say was

can we take the Tourgen clones?'

Sionn said, 'You won't need them, but yes, I will make arrangements for them to be grown on Kerion 6.' Sionn then left the room, leaving me, Reeas and Deria to stare at each utter in amazement.

For students: we are back to normality, so to speak, please upload your thoughts again on how you would handle this particular job. If you have any experience in time travel techniques please help. I have now been told there are already three students working on the problem on Kerion 6 already in the dream state. I will make it one of my priorities to meet you when I get there. This is very good my student friends, keep up the good work. As students, you will already know that there is a Guardian base on Kerion 6. There are two lightships already at the base, so we won't need to take Debra. I must admit I used

to like Debra insisting to wear something appropriate for the trip even if it was full combat gear. Ha, sorry, I am just trying to play down the enormous task that we have to do. The trip itself would take too long by lightship as Spiron 21 was many light years away. We would travel there in the dream state then transfer into our cloned bodies which were already grown and waiting for us in the Guardian base on Kerion 6. We retired to the sleep rooms to make the transfer. I wanted to ask Reeas to dance, but I knew this wasn't the time. You students know

I like to dance. It is one thing that keeps me in touch with the real world, whatever and wherever that world may be, or should I say Earth. The real world for me now was a combination of many things. For students who are working on the inner planes at this time the real world is the everyday world where you are in the waking consciousness. If you only knew the truth! All I know is we are eternally grateful for your help.

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