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Yuki is about to go throw two changes. ! She’s becoming her vampire self and 2 you’ll find out!
She falls for Darin Marlow, becomes best friends with Colleen Edwards, and another vampire at her new school wants her blood.
On a school trip she runs into the royal family’s son and is invited over and, there trying to force Yuki to marry there son.
Yuki ends up fighting the royal family and Erik wizen.
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In the ledges they say we burn in the day light and that garlic burns our skin, but it's not true. The ledges also say, that if you're bitten you become a vampire, but that's not true ether, where born not made. We also get our fangs when we come of age.


The alarm is going off, time to get up and go to school.

God I hate going to a new school. I always look like a fool, and people stare at me funny and point and laugh because I'm a little clumsy. But that's all about to change.

I pull on my clothes and go down stairs to the kitchen, where my mother and brother already where with breakfast ready made.

I grabbed a plate with eggs and bacon and sulk to the table.

"Come on Yuki, it's a new day." my mother said apologetically. My mother was famous for making everything more awkward.

"Mom just let Yuki sulk. She won't change." my brother said. He was the 'rude mouth king'.

"But she is about to change." my mother said convulsed.

"Will you two stop bickering over me? It's really annoying." my voice was a little bit higher then yester day.

"Oh my! Your voice! Your gaga change this week!" my mothers voice was so childish and exited, it was so cute.

"Oh! maybe you should stay home to!" my brother said imetating my mother.

"Night dont speek like that to mother." i hated it when Night did that.

"you to should git going. your going to be late. oh and Yuki if you feall any thing, call, i'll be there okay."

when i got to school my nose was agitated from the smell of all the people. but then, wosh, oh my god, wat is that smell? it was so good, but then, gone, i had lost the smell.

i got my scedule and wint to my first class, i didnt wait for the other student to show me around. i wint to my first perod class, choir.

in front of the whole class i had to singto see if i was a soprano or an alto, and of corase the first nonte was off. every one giggled, but then i blow them away. i was really good because when i sat down with the sopranos, every one around congratulated and prased me.

big deal, who cares, i thought to my self.


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