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Flying Higher than the Sky

Novel By: uluvme2dou
Science fiction

Tori has been living her life as normally as she can in a world where NASA aims to destroy earth. In this future world Tori must join forces and embrace the fact that she is a choson piolet and fight for her earth.

With the year being 3030, a new war is taking place. This time, the whole earth is at risk. Follow Tori and her friends through tragedy, romance and robots as they try and save earth.

I am the writer of the previous Flying Higher than the Sky novel floating on Booksie. I am however am now editing the novel and wish to share it with you all before I make attempts on looking to publish it...I just don't know where to start. If you are interested in reading without waiting for updates, check my page you can read the un-edited one there, but this new book has more character development,more dialouge, and things are explained a little more.

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The Future

The lights in a seventh grade class room dimmed to black as a projector attached to a computer burst into life and a movie started to play on a big screen.

Student's studied the images popping up on the screen. Some of them showed an interest while others already had their heads down waiting to fall asleep. As the movie played students mouths opened and eyes were widened.

They were watching and informative movie about the war that they were in the middle of.

"It was the year 2900 when the war in Afghanistan had officially ended," a woman spoke as the movie showed pictures of a war zone, and then someone speaking up on a podium talking about a war ending.

"The world was at peace at last. Families were rejoined, there was happiness. "

"There was happiness," someone scoffed in the back of the classroom and caused a bit of laughter throughout,"

"Settle down class," said a teacher.

"Within the next twenty years, NASA, an organization that had once been shut down, once for inactivity, and the second for fraud came back to life."

The pictures on the screen showed a clip of what looked like a press conference. A man was pointing to a screen behind him of the planets.

"NASA had discovered that the planets were shifting their course of travel. They also believed that because of this there might have been new planets forming. "The screen showed a group of stars that formed what was known as the big dipper. "The stars began to move; one burned out and formed a new constellation in the shape that looked like a tree split in half. Eight new stars made this constellation what it was."

The video continued to show more constellations and pictures of planets.

"NASA wanted money from the government. They wanted a grant funding that would allow them to start their corporation again. By the end of the conference, NASA had gained their funding and was allowed to start their organization again to conduct research on the new space system."

"Thirty years later, the first rocket in over hundreds of years had been launched with a crew of fifteen people. They collected information in space for ten years." The movie was directed towards a rocket that took off into the sky, and soon space. There were images of the crew members in the rocket, waving and laughing.

"It was now the year 2950, and within the ten years that the rocket in space, a man named Donald Rhanse created what would be the next kids dream, the sky board."

A student's face lit up as she watched the screen. Her smile and her anxiousness of wanting to be out of her seat rose, she moved the light brown, almost red hair out of her face.

The video went on explaining what the sky board was. It was essentially a skate board that flew in the sky. You had to wear a certain kind of shoes to be able to fly it, and only the people who could control their feelings could fly perfectly. The boards were able to break in two and made it look like you were skating in the air. It was obvious that this one student knew what it meant.

The tone of the music on the screen changed. It was a bit more ominous.

"Ten years passed and the rocket that had been in space had landed back on earth," the woman's voice spoke again. "A new conference was held and NASA shared their founding's."

The video explained how NASA had landed on a new planet the same as earth, with living humans, the same as humans on the earth billions of people had lived on for millions of years.

"NASA spoke of the people they met. The people on the newly discovered earth were studying our earth, just as much as theirs. What NASA failed to mention was that they had made an agreement with the discovered earth, everything that NASA gathered on the real earth, the shared with the people of the new earth, but did not share the same information back."

"Over the span of forty more years, over 20 000 people had been handpicked, had money, won a one way trip to the new earth. With the trip, these people were sent to the discovered earth, never to return…at least never returned to bring peace."

The hairs on student's skin rose as they watched. This brought everyone to a present day, the year 3000, when a declaration of war against the two earths. Pictures on the screen showed people fighting. They were fighting with military planes, and both humanoid and animal machines that flew in the sky as well as space. Buildings were being blown up, thousands were being killed and murdered each day, and worse, people among NASA were living among people that lived on earth in secret. They were always collecting information, capturing others and bringing them back to the discovered earth now known as NASA's earth.

"With the true earth creating their resistance force known as NAOE, the National Association of Earth. The Third World War was declared. To this day, the war continues, lives being sacrificed, so that one day, the war may end, and peace will be brought to everyone."

The movie ended with a span of exciting music, with credits saying produced by NAOE.

"You guys are being shown this video, because as of next year, people as young as yourselves might have to participate in this war. I hope you take this seriously. This is the history of our planet. Your lives don't just exist in front of a television, a game set, or your sky boards. You exist on earth, the true earth," the teacher said lecturing the class. "We want to end this war, if we are lucky, the agreement we ask for with NASA will stop this war."

The agreement never happened and five years passed, and still the war raged. It was now 3030. NAOE knew NASA was creating something that would destroy earth in its entirety. And there would be death.


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