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A depressed ballerina has a chance encounter with a strange man, who calls a different planet home. View table of contents...


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The sun felt pleasing on Sadie's skin as the set out on the streets to some Pizzeria X the boy said she had to try. The sun had dried her tears for her and she felt at ease with this stranger, so much so she felt they shouldn't be strangers anymore.

"I'm Sadie Jennings, by the way." He smirked and replied insufferably, "I already knew that, the posters remember."

She hesitated. He had such a kind manner until he spoke, it was unsettlingly, perhaps this was a bad idea.

She scowled at him. He was looking up, up at the sky, she realized his eyes were the same beautiful color as the sky but she continued to scowl. Until his face lit up with something she didn't recognize and said, "My names Kal, and we really do have to hurry if we want to get that pizza."

He pulled her off the street into an alleyway as he lifted the sleeve of his suit to reveal an odd looking watch. It was blue but a strange luminousness blue and it wasn't blinking with the time, it looked more like longitude and latitude coordinates. Sadie opened her mouth to object but closed it as he began typing into the odd watch.

She was about to laugh that this whole thing was ridiculous when Kal suddenly looked deep into her eyes with his magnificent blues, her breath caught in her throat and he pulled her close to him, their lips meeting in a hard kiss. She ignored his stupid ugly wristwatch that was beeping so insistently. When a sharp jarring shook her, Kal's hands held her tighter and she was bewildered as the feeling of her entire body being ripped apart entangled her. The loud beeping was overcome by sounds of screaming agony.

"What the fuck! What the fuck." Sadie staggered, her head spinning, her body aching. Kal steadied her.

"Sorry, I imagine that was a bit uncomfortable for you."

"What?" her ears throbbing, "A bit? What happened?" And then she realized she couldn't see the busy New York street from the alley way anymore. "Where are we?" she stepped back and felt a cold wall, she slid down it to a seated position before she went into full panic.

She looked into those blue eyes she had trusted so strongly a few minutes ago and then at the room, or corridor. It was long and thin and tall and all metal and cold. There were hard metal doors every yard or so down, and it was lit well, like a submarine or a…

"Spaceship," Kal said, "We're on the EE 506, a spaceship heading toward Gouring SX where Pizzeria X is located. I sent a call to all ships in the area and this one answered, luckily my dad has some authority so they picked us up right away."

Most of this did not register to Sadie; she sank as far into the cold floor as she could. Who was this lunatic? Was he doped up? Had he drugged her? What the hell was going on? Spaceship, what the fuck.

And then, walking down the hall came three men. No, three creatures. They had a faintly tan-orange color but were almost transparent, and they were tall, very tall and thin. They had almost human like structure, but slightly deformed and be longer and all their features seemed smoothed together. They were wearing dark green uniform robes.

As the one in front approached Kal, he held out his hand and nodded his head deeply to Kal. "It was an honor to receive your transmission Young Kal. And an honor to have you aboard my ship. I am Meve Oni, captain of this vessel."

"Thank you for picking us up Captain Oni, my friend here is not used to the new Sixer transportation system I'm a afraid and has a bit of motion sickness."

"Ah of course," Captain Oni replied, eyeing Sadie sympathetically," Please join me in the cockpit and I'll have refreshments and we'll see if we can't fix that."

He turned back to Kal and smiled, "We should be arriving at Gouring SX momentarily, but I do hope you'll stay on board and have a drink with me."

Kal helped Sadie to her feet, she was in a haze and let him lead her. They walked along the cooridor and she noticed several other of these creatures, aliens I suppose, she thought to herself, how odd. They entered a large circular room with controls and a rather comfortable looking table surrounded by chairs,. Her eyes widened, most of the circular room was made of windows, and through them was clearly and astonishingly, space. She darted her eyes back to the table. An alien had brought out a tray of drinks and Captain Oni gestured for them have a seat around the table.

He looked anxiously at Sadie, "You do look rather ill I'm afraid, that new Sixer is rather quick but it sure stings I know." Sadie was reminded of her kind old grandfather by the tone in the Captains voice and she relaxed a bit more. She went to sip her drink when Kal leaned over and whispered, "Go very easy on that drink, I'm not sure your human body can handle it, and just keep the talking to me." She felt a bit offended by the way the word human had left his mouth.

"And where does you companion hail from Young Kal?"

"Um she's a Wenek like me, actually, she doesn't get away much as you can tell, so I decided to take her around the universe and show her the wonders, ya know." He said the last bit confidently.

"Ah I see, I'm sure your father must disapprove. One last hurrah of your old ways before you take your post though I suppose hm?"

"One last hurrah," Kal nodded, a smirk on his face.

"But what wonders you could possibly be visiting on that dreadful planet Earth I have no idea. We do business near there and it's not even worth a pit stop."

Kal chuckled, "Yeah we just had a good laugh at them, Sadie here has never been to a planet where they didn't have interstellar travel."

Sadie took a large gulp of her drink. It tasted like Redbull, but with more a sting. She was listening intently, trying not to look outside again, but the conversation was almost more sickening. She took another drink, and found she felt a little better.

"Oh," The Captain was saying, "You really haven't outgrown your mischievous ways as the Universal News have been reporting."

Kal seemed tensed and irritated. As if he wanted to jump to another ship and be out of this situation as fast as possible.

"I still think you'll do a fine job Kal," the Captain added. "There is a lot of responsibility that comes with it though."

Now there was no doubt to Sadie that Kal was irritated. He nodded curtly. Then gestured to the window, "It seems your crew have safely landed us in port, without your assistance," he added quite rudely, "Now we really must be going, you see there's a pizza pie with my name on it."

The captain was startled, but gave a low bow of his head as Kal sauntered toward what looked like a door, he turned to Sadie, "I do hope you feel better and if this Young Kal leaves you stranded someplace, as he may well do," he said haughtily, "Contact me and I will help." He slipped her what appeared to be a disk.

She smiled warmly. Feeling infinitely better from her beverage and thanked him. She turned to see Kal waiting impatiently for her by the doorway and she walked towards him, amused and curious about her circumstances.


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