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Science Isn't Magic

Novel By: wolfmaster919
Science fiction

At sometime in someworld, Science has become a secret technique. Scientists are renoun magicians. But there is no magic involved. Only Science. There are many many kinds of Scientists. The army are taking scientists to use for there own gain. This is a story that follows two scientists resiting the army. I was inspired to write this because of two things: Fullmetal Alchemist and Prototype. Prototype is where i got Alex's idk powers from. View table of contents...



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Science Isn't Magic

Ch. 1

A boy was cowering in a closet. He stroked the fur of his pet Husky. He could hear voices downstairs, but he couldn't hear what they were saying. They started to shout. The boy heard gunshots. It was silent for a few seconds, but to him it felt like forever. He heard footsteps coming up the stairs. He tried to silence his breathing. His dog, Alex, was silent. He heard the footsteps run right by the closet, stop, and then come back to the closet.

The door opened and a man in a military uniform stood in the doorway. He smiled a wicked grin. "Hey boss I found him!" he called. A taller man came over. He grabbed the boy and threw him out of the closet. It was too dark to get a good look at his face. Alex started to growl. "Silence him," the boss said. Another man shot Alex right in the head. They could easily see the bullet hole. He fell over and blood come out of the wound in a stream.

"NO!" the boy cried.

"Silence!" the boss yelled. "You are here by ordered to come with us and serve the army."

"But I'm not old enough! I'm only 13!"

"All scientists can be recruited at thirteen now. You will be taken to a special base to help you hone your skills. If you resist you will be killed. Now come with…" He stopped talking. He heard something strange. It was growling. He turned around and saw the dog that his men had shot standing and growling.

Blood was on his face. There was a small pool of blood where he had fallen over. There was no scar though. No wound. Nothing except the blood. He kept growling. They were too stunned to do anything. A giant spike looking thing shot out of Alex's back and speared one of the soldiers. It quickly swept around and stabbed the other one. The spike retracted back and the two soldiers started to dissolve into Alex.

The boss took out a pistol and started shooting Alex. He just flinched as the wounds were quickly sealed. The soldiers finished dissolving and Alex made the spike disappear. He looked exactly the same as before. He smiled and charged the boss. He jumped on him and knocked him over. Alex clamped down on his neck and ripped it from where it was. Alex walked over to the boy.

He put his arms in front of his face defensively. "Cut the crap Tom," the boy heard somebody say. He looked at Alex. "Yeah I'm talking to you," Alex said.

"Please don't hurt me!" Tom cried.

"I ain't gonna hurt you. I did just save you from joining the freaking army."

"How are you still alive?" Alex's ears perked up. He could hear sirens coming towards them.

"I'll explain later. We have to get out of here." A weird dark matter suddenly covered Alex. It moved like it was alive. It went from the shape of a dog to the shape of a man. It disappeared and that is what stood before Tom. He was tall with black hair. He wore jeans a white T-shirt and a black jacket. Tom noticed that his eyes were red. Alex walked over to a window and opened it. He motioned for Tom to come over to him.

"What are you gonna do?" Tom asked while walking up to him.

"I'm gonna jump."

"ARE YOU INSANE?! This is the third story of a house! You'll have a bunch of broken bones at least!"

"Shut up," Alex said smiling. He grabbed Tom in his arms and jumped out the window. Tom shut his eyes. He waited to land. They didn't. He felt wind rushing by his face. He heard flapping. He opened his eyes and saw that they were sailing over the city. He looked to the sides and saw giant wings flapping. "Pretty sweet huh?" Alex said. He flew them to a nearby alley and landed.


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