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Our Fathers Club

Novel By: WritersGirl
Science fiction

Sophie was a normal teenager until she found out she had supernatural powers. She later finds out her father was in a club with eight members in it. There job was to rid the world of evil. When Sophie turned eight her father went missing and now eight years later she finds out its her job to replace her father along with all of the other club members first born. This club was meant only for men, and the men usually have first born sons except for Sophie's father she is the only girl fighting among 7 other boys who all fall madly in love with her and leave her with a choice to make. Along with fighting to save the world Sophie also finds a sign that her father may still be alive so no she has to search for him as well as keep the world safe, Keep control of her love life, stay in school, and deal with adolescence. View table of contents...



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''Hey Sophie'', yelled a voice behind me as I was making my way through the crowded sidewalk on my way to school. I looked back to see not one, but three girls running to catch up with me. I almost laughed as I watched Margo Hill, Brittany Adams, and Kate Evans, cut through the crowd of people walking in the same direction. It was amusing to see their boney elbows push people aside, and actually watch people move because they saw them coming. Everyone loved them. They were Frost Highs triplets, the queen bees, the three people everyone wanted to be in high school. Sounds like any other story doesn't it?

''Hey guys'' I said smiling as they stopped about two feet from me. I looked at them. They were all in pink dresses with silver high heels, matching of course. As they always did. Witch is why we all called them the triplets even though they were of no relation at all. They dressed alike, acted alike, and thought alike. There hair was down, Margo's being a red brown shade, Brittany's being bleach blonde, and Kate's being a light brown. Not only was I almost completely different from them, but I was also ''one of them''.

''We have to talk to you'' they said in unison. I'm sure they hadn't noticed the crowd of people trying to dodge us because we were in the middle of a current stopped dead in our tracks to talk about something probably as pointless as hair products. They laughed. I was more interested in the fact that they were all walking to school instead of being driven in Brittany's new convertible she got for her 17th birthday.

'' Ok what about''? I asked. They all looked excited and in a rush like they were late for something important.

''Can we spend the night at your house tonight'' asked Margo anxiously. Spending the night at my house, on a Thursday night? Why would they want to do that ? It doesn't sound like them at all. They've never spent the night at my house before, though they have been there quite a few times. We all lived in the same neighborhood, which was only for or five blocks from the school. I thought it was convenient; however they hated walking to and from school so they usually drove.

''Yah sure ill ask my mom if it's ok.'' I told them. I got out my phone and looked up they were already about seven feet away from where I was. They were walking very fast unlike there usual smile and wave so everyone knows you're here pace they usually walked at.

''See you in chemistry Sophie'' yelled Kate. She turned and waved to me and nearly tripped on the sidewalk. I wonder what the big hurry was.

I looked down at my phone and dialed my home phone number assuming my mother hadn't left to drop of my little brother Max at his school. As soon as the number was dialed and just before I pressed the send button someone grabbed me from behind, put there hand over my mouth, and whispered ''sssshhh be quiet'' in my ear. I was on the school grounds by then so I figured it was a student trying to mess with me but the voice sounded familiar. Who ever it was dragged me to the side of the school just around the corner from the schools main entrance.

''I have to talk to you!'' said the voice. They pushed me against the wall then moved there hand. I realized just before they moved in my line of vision who the person was. It was Freddy. My next door neighbor for the last 11 years Freddy Danes. He was dating my friend Margo who was one of the triplets. She was totally in love wit him and he was totally in love with her. I found it funny though that as soon as he became her boyfriend he became her obsession. The day that Freddy met Margo was the day he lost his freedom. He loved doing anything she asked. You could tell.

''what ever happened to hey Sophie can I talk to you for a sec''? I asked with a little anger in my voice. I'm usually a calm person unless I get annoyed. He looked down as If he were thinking hard about something.

''hmm I don't know'' he said with a smile. I laughed. ''So did Margo tell you anything about the party tonight?'' he asked.

''What party''? I asked. Then I realized why the triplets wanted to spend the night. They wanted to surprise me with a makeover and a blind date for the party. I definitely wasn't a party person, at least not a high school party person. With the whole drunk side of people you would least expect to be drinking its not very fun for me. I've been to a couple of high school parties in the past but I always played the designated driver. And believe me I was perfectly fine with that.

I'm not really a dating person either. Dating in high school seems kind of pointless when there are no good guys in your school. Besides adolescence isn't exactly the best time to find the love of your life now is it? The triplets have tried to set me up with guys and guys have offered but I can't see myself with any jocks or preps.

''Oh so she didn't tell you'', Asked Freddy looking relieved. ''Good because she doesn't know all of the details yet'', he said. Why was there a party on a school night that's like one of the worst ideas ever. ''Do me a favor don't tell Margo I spoiled it ok? its supposed to be a surprise!'' he said excitedly.

''Freddy'', yelled a girls voice from in front of the school. The voice was Margo she sounded worried. I looked at Freddy he dropped his back pack and reached for a notebook inside of it.

''What's going on?'', I asked which he thought to be a stupid questioned because he looked at me like I should know. Then he reached into my book bag and grabbed my Algebra notebook. He handed it to me and opened it up quickly.

'' Ok then what does X equal?'', he asked pointing at my book. Margo came around the corner just as he said that.

''X equals nine because the area is 81.'', I said calmly. I was really proud of my acting abilities then because I looked so casual at that moment. I think Freddy thought it would look like we were sneaking around behind Margo's back. Heaven forbid we talk casually right? Well Margo was very over protective. She kept Freddy on a very short leash.


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