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Asylum of Vessels

Novel By: xXCapriSunXx
Science fiction

When the world becomes submerged underwater, how will the human race survive? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 17, 2011    Reads: 37    Comments: 3    Likes: 2   

I awoke to the sickening swaying beneath my bed. A disgusted sigh escaped my lips. I wondered how long it had been since the incident. Curiously, I reach under my pillow to find my calendar. Two weeks, I thought. Those two weeks had felt like an eternity, yet I still wasn't used to my surroundings. There was constant movement beneath my feet that had me stumbling everywhere I went. And the smell…
My thoughts were interrupted when I was thrown to the floor. Our vessel had been struck by a violent wave. I groaned and waited for the shaking to impede.
I wondered how long it would be until everything would go back to the way it was. But deep down, I knew that would never happen. I couldn't bring the land back. There was no possible way anyone could re-create what the Earth used to have before the incident. There was also no chance that I would ever see Keri or my family again. I hoped they were on another vessel- that they hadn't been caught by the storm or the waves. My worst fear was that they were below me, underneath deep depths of the water that I was living on. The thought shook my body, so I removed it from my mind. It couldn't be- but my eyes didn't believe me as they clouded with tears- Even more so as I recalled the event.
My ears were ringing with the sound of sirens. They were everywhere. As were the screams; they filled every bit of air. The voices consumed all the oxygen around me. I looked above me- astonished! There was a huge wave of water, bigger than any tsunami that had swept the surface of our planet before. It peaked and slowly descended. Everyone ran. Some were fast, others were not. Those who couldn't keep up were swallowed by the foam. I knew I wouldn't be fast enough. The wave was on my heels, it seemed. It penetrated the white walls and devoured the escalators, along with every other store in sight. My group sprinted for the stairs. I turned back to see if we were all there- which we were… almost. We were practically throwing ourselves down the staircase. I heard someone scream. I was overcome by aggressive sobs when I looked back to see my friends being eaten by the vicious, merciless water one by one. My family was at home, preparing for this (I assumed). I had been out at the mall with my friends to see a movie. If only we would all have stayed home that day. I fell to my knees, and the world went black. This is the end. Yet when I awoke, there were fluorescent white lights above my head. I heard a worried voice beside me, "I think she's conscious." I felt alive, in a sense I had never felt before. I wasn't sure if this was reality or a dream, so I drifted off into a deep sleep. I awoke twice more, my eyes burning against the lights. I squeezed them shut each time until I was no longer drowsy. I sat up, observing my new atmosphere.
My neck was deeply sore and the rest of my body radiated pain. I whimpered and at that instant, four nurses strolled into the room. They were all dressed identically: white shoes, hat, and apron over a conservative blue dress. Each one had the same expression. They looked concerned, yet they wore a fake smile on their pudgy faces. They asked me questions about where I was from and who my family was. I shuddered at the thought of my family, but I answered all their questions. Finally, they gave me pain tablets and a glass of water. They left abruptly afterwards in a single file row. I was curious towards these people; I had never witnessed such synchronization before. It was odd and robotic. I pushed the thought away and sat on my lumpy bed, counting the tiny black dots on the ceiling.
The hours turned longer and longer, until it seemed time had stopped altogether. Nurses occasionally walked by my room, but none entered. None spoke. None even glanced my direction. So I decided to venture around the room in search of some form of entertainment. I gently lowered my feet to the cold, cement floor. I looked at my toes and flexed them, unsure whether to trust my legs to walk. I dared to, and I succeeded. Looking around, I felt a sinking feeling beneath my skin. The walls were all plain white. There were only cement floors. My bed looked like it had previously inhabited a hospital. There were no signs of life in this room. And my clothes… Where were my clothes? I was wearing a hospital gown with hardly anything underneath. I looked around the room, but I only found white. I felt a twinge of anger inside me. It consumed my being, until I stormed out of my room. Down the hall, I paced. Nurses stared at me from all sides. But I kept walking. Except I didn't have a destination. My hope was to find someone- anyone- who resembled an average human being. The nurses all wore the same look, all walked the same, all spoke the same. I was unsure if they were real or not. I was unsure if I was real or not. I was starting to doubt it, until I heard screaming from five doors down the hall.

A/N I know it's a short chapter, but I'm not quit sure on whether to continue with it or not. Let me know what you guys think! ^_^

Much love,



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