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Elf Arrival: Part 1

Novel By: Zanzabaar
Science fiction

A pair of young, shy elves leap into the adventure of their lives. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jun 11, 2009    Reads: 68    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

���� The bright lights of the operation room were upon them, bright and blinding.� Sight faded in and out, the room spinning.� The blinding light dominating the field of view.� Then, something was covering his face.� After a struggle, blackness fell upon him.

���� Dr. Iana watched as they put Eldoai Zaini and Valian Zandai into a coma, preparing for surgery.� She hated seeing the two boys bruised up so much.� Those purple bruises a sharp contrast to their pale bodies.� Soon they will have a contrast of metal and flesh, one that will set them apart even more, she thought.� They had been outcast from the moment they were born, because of their pale skin, green eyes, and light hair.� Their parents sent them off as soon as they were old enough.� When they arrived on the Cryptic Dream, it didn't get any better for them.� They only came out of their dorm to work.� After a while, Iana was able to convince them to come to her with their problems.� But Iana was amazed the first time she say them stand side by side.� She thought they could be brothers, they looked so similar.� They were the same height, weight, and even had similar voices.� When she questioned them about this, they had both said that they never knew each other before they were stationed here.� In that meeting she found out a good deal about them.� They had both been adopted, thogh they were nevr treated well.� Eldoai was raised on a planet on the edge of the elvish control of space, far from Capital.� Valian was raised on a pleasure ship, his adoptive parent being the owners.� All he said about it was that the only thing people did on the ship was party, usually without any clothing.� But then they started on how they had been treated.� They were both nearly in tears by the time they finished.� They had both been treated little better than slaves, but they didn't show it.� They both wondered why their parents abandoned them.� Then they had to come on this ship.� They had both said that they were generally glad, despite the fact that they were treated poorly still.� They had the support if each other.� Not just in a physical sence, but more.� Connections of minds and souls wern't uncommon for elves, but it usually happened in siblings or in a mentor-student relationship.� They had just formed one, out of the blue.�

���� This made Iana curious.� Before being stationed on the Cryptic Dream, she had worked for the secret intelligance.� She had done things that she wasn't proud of, but she helped in one assignment that she would never forget:

���� It had been nearlly fourteen years ago.� The same age as the boys now, she realized soon after meeting them.� A rebellion had been started against the government, the same government that stood today.� Elves who looked similar to Valian and Eldoai had always been pushed around, treated as though they were animals, sometimes kept as slaves.� So they formed a resistance.� It almost overthrew the government.� Almost.� Near the end for the war, Iana had been part of team of scientist who's goal was very specific: to create a virus that would only harm those of a specific genetic quality.� It had completely eradicated the Pale Elves, as they were called.� Or so she thought.� She jerked out of a daydream and looked down into the opration room.� She wondered how and why this virus had emerged nearly fourteen years later, taking these two boys victim.


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