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The lacking Piece

By: Cosmicorphan

Page 1, Another piece of poetry written by me. Hope you like it. My warm regards, Cosmic Orphan.


Do what you have faith in,


without anger or worry.


Hate it or love it,


It's a duty.


Each day,


over and over.


It's an everyday Task.


Nothing more to say,


Except doing the Rational thing.


In a Moment, you feel Isolated,


yet, you have no clue what it could be.


You desire no Pity from no one.


Something Vague,


It's so dark, it's so Wilt.


Like a Misery,


complex as a mystery.


You tensely feel life,


then you surrender,


you try to make your life worthy,




doing the endured


to improve your days.


A certain thing appears unright.


You seek for a reply that's not even there.


You remain awake throughout the nights,


yet you comprehend like no one concerns.


Frankly meant to you,


thinking you are Daydreaming;


when it's Reality


Things changes,




Day after day.


Your heart is no longer living.


Yet, what are you supposed to do?


You ponder about Changing,


Yet changing for who?


Trying to understand the significance of life,


you have seen the bad and the good that life can bring,


looking for a place to hide,


seeking for support,


searching for decisions to make


your emotions,


your soul,


your mind,


are shattered into pieces.


Life seems like a puzzle.


Yet, a piece is missing,


A piece that is impossible to bring it back.








What could be that piece?

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