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Aboslution--Scene Nine: I Will Survive

Script By: Dusk Dawn
Science fiction

Tags: Absolution

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For the most part, the streets are empty as the bright yellow corvette speeds through the nighttime.Behind it are fifty police cars but the corvette is too fast as it speeds everywhere swirling around cutting corners and what-not.

Storm looks at the road.Then looks at Ryker before looking back at the road.

Where is Roulette?


Almost There.


I want to go back to Kade.


You have more of a chance dying than him

right now.You have more of a chance dying

by just sleeping or waking up than him right

now.Kade is different.He's special.And he

knows how to take care of himself and you just…

you missed it.You just missed the exit.Now

we're going up.We don't have some hover car

now do we.You can't go up!

Fine.We'll go down.

She abruptly turns the steering wheel and they fly off the side of the road.Ryker grabs onto the side of the car.The world blurs before them through the windshield before it slams to the ground.The police continue up the ramp unable to follow them.Storm steers the car around flying through the way they are supposed to go.It's a long narrow road that takes them into the Narrows.This is back to the decrepit part of the city Savannah first found herself in.The car zooms pass what appear to be forsaken buildings.She weaves in and out of empty alley ways.


Head towards the waterfront.

Storm drives as fast as she can manage toward the waterfront.Ryker points the way now keeping silent.They head towards a falling warehouse that is half in the water and half on land.The crumbling entrance looks more like a monster.Loud music blares into the night while colorful lights change every few seconds.Although, this appears to be on the upper level because below are hundreds of cars parked like in a garage.

Gradually, Storm starts to brake and they roll on into the garage only to be shot at.Instantly, she ducks as the bullets hit the windshield.Ryker shoves open a car door and rolls out as the car continues to hurtle forward while it is under attack.She eventually throws herself out of the car right before it crashes into a wall.

Storm crawls under a car and lies there covering her head while looking at the ground.Bullets bounce off everything.There's people attacking her and those who are attacking them.All of it is utter chaos.Just the bang, bang, bang of the weapons until a hand grabs onto her.She looks up.It looks as if Storm is expecting Kade when in reality, it is Adam.He drags her out from under the car and tosses her to the side.


Well look at who it is.


Please don't hurt me!


What makes you think I would do that?


You shot Kade!


Who are you?

Savannah Storm.

What were your parents like Tolen Storm fans or

something along those lines?

A combination of men and women (mostly men) surround them and they all start to laugh at Adam's comment as if it is a hilarious joke.All of them have weapons trained on Storm while Ryker is nowhere to be seen.There is nobody there to help her.Storm straightens her back a little but she trembles so violently it is obvious that she is afraid of what is about to happen.


My dad was Tolen Storm.


Well you're one hell of a liar.You could never

be his daughter.You're not good enough.

Storm gives him a dark, dark look before she punches him in the face.This catches Adam off guard and he stumbles backward a lot.Before this moment, Storm has had no training in battle nor does she know anything about self-defense.She kicks Adam as hard as she can manage.Her foot collides with his stomach and this knocks him over onto his back.But Adam lies there laughing.He leaps into the air landing on both feet a lot like a feline creature.All Storm does is stand there and stare at him.Fear glows in her eyes as she stumbles backwards looking around.She crashes into a rickety old metal stair well that twists toward an upper level.A part of the railing breaks off as she falls backwards to the ground.Her fingers strangle the bar while lying there.


You picked a wrong night to mess with a guy like

me.It's a shame that your little leader is dying

somewhere else now because somebody left him

behind.I bet you didn't think it'd be this tough.

What are you talking about?

While she talks she presses herself against the staircase guarding the view of her new secret weapon.She uses her other hand to constantly brush back her hair even though hardly is left behind.It keeps slipping through her fingers falling into her face.A dark smile curls on Adam's face while he stands there.


Running away.You had it so good.Little Savannah

Storm the daughter of Tolen Storm.What made you

think that your life would be better out here, huh?


Well I get to see a lot better looking men out here.

But obviously right now, I'm not so blessed by my


Oh wow!Look at that.You have quite the mouth!


It's because when I feel threatened, I must sound tougher.

Guess you could call it a defense mechanism.


I'll take your word for it.


You should.

Moving as fast as she can manage, she runs forward trying to stab Adam with the rusty bar but he grabs onto it and swings her into a wall.She slams into it falling to the ground before looking over at him.The bar rolls away from her.Instead of just sitting there, she stumbles away climbing to her feet and tries to make it toward the doors.Both of them slam shut leaving her alone to the enemy.Adam slowly comes up behind her but stops by the car.He runs a hand through the dust and rubble that is attached to the car.


You broke my baby.

Storm whirls around to face him.She lifts two fists into the air as if this is going to help her in her battle.


I'm going to get in trouble because of you.

Roulette…she has to love all the same cars as my

master now, doesn't she?


I don't know what you're talking about.


Oh yeah.That's right.You're new to this whole

business, Miss Storm.Let me guess, you thought

you'd run away because your life obviously sucks.

Daddy died before you were born.Boo-hoo.That

has to be the worst thing imaginable.So you thought

life would be better in the streets…

In a flash, Adam is standing centimeters away from her.His breath falls upon her face as she tries to move away while her nose wrinkles a little.


It's school time.

His fingers grip her clothes and he swings her around into the car denting it a bit more.


You ruined the car!The beautiful car!Do you

realize what that means?


It means it's useless.I can't bring this hunking

piece of shit back!And it's all your fault.The

same goes for you but I have to let you know…

the men I work for are a little rougher around

the edges.They get antsy.And when things

don't go according to plan they like to kill

people.And they really like to kill those who

are unable to accomplish their mission because

of bitches like you.So I'm thinking…I'm gonna

make a deal…


What do you want from me?


That's not the question.It's more like what do you

want me to do?


I want you.

Storm puts up another fight as he brushes some hair out of her face acting all affectionate.Soon she starts to scream and claw at him as he tosses her over his shoulder.He gives the signal to his men by the door to allow them back into the night.Both doors swing open revealing a lone man standing there.It becomes silent.All guns are already pointed at him while he just stands there not moving.While they are not paying attention, Storm stumbles to her feet to run upstairs.(Holding Out for a Hero by Bonnie Tyler starts to play again since it is one of Storm's themes)She pushes some people out of the way knocking them to the ground before throwing herself under cover.Nobody pays attention to her as Kade steps into the decrepit warehouse.Lying herself down on the floor, she pulls herself to the edge where she can see Kade standing there as Adam stalks toward him clapping his hands together.


The monster has returned.


Have you looked in a mirror lately?


It's hard when they brake every time you

look into one.


Guess that's a good thing.You might burst

into flames or turn to stone.


Yeah unlike some people in this room.I like

to be alive.


Too bad.

Kade raise his hand again.Everybody on the floor but Adam flies into the air.All of them loose their weapons.They struggle while they float in the air attempting to grab onto their weapons before they're thrown backwards into the walls.Each man is knocked unconscious and falls to the ground.Then Kade just stands there staring at Adam who chuckles.


What did you miss me?


Kade moves fast.Too fast.He's there then he's gone.Only a blur as he runs across the floor at an inhuman speed punching Adam in the face.He flies backwards crashing into the corvette.The car crumbles underneath his impact and he lies there in an explosion of broken glass gasping for air.Kade does not give him.He abruptly lifts a hand into the air sending his opponent flying into a wall just like the other men.But this does not work.Adam gains control, he breaks free from the invisible force Kade has over him and falls to the ground landing on both feet.


Are you forgetting?I'm just like you.A monster.

He runs forward crashing into Kade knocking him into a door.It flies off its hinges leaving Kade on the ground.Suddenly, Storm leaps to her feet.She runs over to a man standing there.First, she punches him catching him off guard and actually manages to knock him unconscious.She steals a gun and runs to the edge firing bullets down at Adam who spins around.He moves a hand and she flies off the balcony towards the ground.Kade stumbles to his feet.


He runs toward Storm lifting a hand into the air but she continues to plummet.Quickly, he runs underneath her easing her fall a bit before grabbing her and tumbling forward.Kade reaches out protecting Storm like a shield while he holds a gun from one of Adam's fallen men.He points it at Adam who once again just smiles at him before a voice booms: STOP.They all stop.

Kade helps Storm to her feet.He remains in front of her as he backs up to look up to see one of Roulette's women standing there.She leans against the banister.


Adam, leave now!You are unwanted here!

Instantly, Adam exits.


Bring your friend Kade.Roulette wants to have

a word or two with you.

Storm looks at Kade's face as fear appears on it.He grabs her hand squeezing it before glancing at the car.He nods to her before walking away up the stairs.They meet up with the hench women who leads them into the night club part of the warehouse.



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