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Absolution--Scene One: Until Death Do Us Part

Script By: Dusk Dawn
Science fiction

I'm not quite sure but bare with me...something will be up soon. But read!! You just may find something you like. It's epic science-fiction, with drama, battles, love and so much more.

Submitted:Jul 1, 2009    Reads: 144    Comments: 11    Likes: 3   


A single shuttle floats there in the vast nothingness of space.All around it are glittering stars.Not a single planet or moon is close to them.It is a space shuttle and only a space shuttle.


CHANDRA, 22, races down a long white corridor.There is no color here, even Chandra is wearing all white.Nobody else but her runs.Her footsteps are heard as they pound against the ground.Although, she should not be running since she is pregnant and this is obvious by the size of her stomach.Her hands wound around her stomach as if to protect her unborn child.Tears cascade down her face.Once they slide off her face they seem to disappear because everything is white.She heads toward what appears to be a dead end.

The doors slide open.

Chandra races past the doors right before they slide shut and lock.A little red light appears behind her as she stands in a busy room where lots of people run around in uniform.There's lots of machines.She has no idea what they're for.Nobody else does but the people who work them.In the center of the room is a large chair that is similar to a throne.On it sits, TOLEN, 23, who intently stares forward out a window that takes up a whole wall.This is similar to the windshield of a car.


Everybody comes to a stop to stare at her while she stands there.Her long white dress flows around her making her look angelic.Tolen stands up.He stands out compared to everybody else because he is the only one wearing red.


Chandra, you can't be in here.


Do you think I give a damn?!We're about

about to have our first child and this is what

you do?Tolen, I can't do this without you!


We'll discuss this later.


What if there is no later?


(clenches teeth while speaking, in pain)

Tolen…I love you.

Tolen stands there staring at her.His lips are firmly closed.They start to turn white.Tears stream down his cheeks to as he gazes at her.Nothing happens for a few seconds before there's a roaring explosion and the everything starts to violently rock back and forth.Chandra falls over and starts to scream.Again, she grips her stomach as if to protect her child from the outside world.


Somebody get her out of here!


Two men come over to her and start to drag her away.She screams reaching one hand out as they pull her away from her love.Tolen gazes at her for a few seconds before gradually turning around to look back out the window.They are no longer alone.There is a massive ship before them.It looms above them and it is wider than them.Tolen breathes deeply.It is easy to see his chest move out and then in as he assumes his position as captain in his chair.

The doors slide shut and Tolen is no longer seen.

Chandra kicks and screams trying to escape.She no longer protects her unborn baby from the world as she struggles.There's another explosion and she is sent flying into a wall.This knocks her unconscious giving the men an easier time to pull her away.They help her into a tiny space shuttle.


A doctor runs in there and kneels down looking at her before glancing at her stomach.


You should be more careful Mrs…


He is going to die if he stays!We can't

leave.We can't.

Chandra lies there sobbing while the doctor reaches out holding her hands.The doors slam shut behind them and within seconds they are hurtling into space away from the mother ship.Suddenly, Chandra starts to scream a bit.The doctor instantly jumps into action to take care of her before pausing to look at her.He meets her eyes.


You're in labor…how long has this been

happening.You've been in labor.Do you

not realize how dangerous that is for the child?


My husband!My husband is going to die and

you're going to ask me to stand around to have

a child that I don't even want anymore.


Kill it!Kill it!It's the only reason why I'm not

with him.Oh my God, please protect my husband.

Please.Please protect him…

She tries to sit up to see that the space ship is under attack by other ones.Suddenly, the window seems to disappear as a picture of Tolen appears.He sits there in his chair staring at her.They are having a live chat with each other.He can see her and she is able to see him.


Hand in there.


Do it for the baby.


I love you.Chandra, I love you and please.Have this

child.Take good care of her or of him.Please.Do it

for me…I love you.I love you.

Chandra starts to scream again and the screen goes fuzzy.She reaches out as if to touch her husband and he reaches out just before the footage goes to black.Again, she starts to scream as she grips the seats that she is lying down on.


Please God, protect him.Please.Please…please…

She trails away and the doctors looks away from her for the first time.They stay there in shock watching as a ripple of explosions take out the star ship killing anybody who was on it.Now Chandra screams out of emotional and physical pain while lying there.Even the doctor starts to cry as he turns around to face her.Chandra looks him in the eye while lying there.


There's not such thing as a happy ending…

Everything slowly starts to fade out with a last shot of the small space shuttle hurtling through space toward Earth, which is far, far away.



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