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Absolution--Scene Three: Lotus

Script By: Dusk Dawn
Science fiction

Read. :)


Submitted:Jul 2, 2009    Reads: 63    Comments: 4    Likes: 3   



The sun is sinking and florescent lights of the city start to flash to live. The entire city is lit up like Times Square in New York City. Bright lights glimmer taking away the majesty of the stars. There's not a single star in sight. It's even hard to see the moon with so much light pollution.


People run out of the streets. There is a poor side of town. The buildings are crumbling and the lights are starting to dim. Some of the streetlamps flicker on and off. Some people run out of their houses locking car doors before running inside. People on the streets race inside as the sun sinks lower and lower.


Soon. Nobody is on the street. It is empty. And it is silent. The silence is soon disturbed by the shuffling off feet. The sun is not quite gone but it almost is. Some of its rays still reach out touching the city life as Savannah re-enters. She moszies on down a street kicking an old piece of trash. Not a single tear runs down her cheek but it is obvious she is holding back all her emotions. Her two front teeth dig into her quivering bottom lip. Meanwhile, she constantly brushes her hair out of her face. It is long and it always falls back into her face.

There is no other movement. Just Savannah. She looks around a little puzzled to where she is. Every now and then she stops to gaze at some dingy old car running a hand along the door. She continues to do this criss-crossing the forsaken street. Soon she comes to a stop when she discovers an old nice car. A Lotus Evora from 2010. The car was a sleek teal color and was starting to rust a little bit after years of use. But it literally causes Savannah to fall head over heels. She stumbles back to her feet grabbing onto the door handle. When she tries to open it nothing happens.


Oh lookie here. Some paranoid owners. Now that's

lovely. They care a lot about their baby. Hmmmm…

too bad I'm just going to have to take it.

Savannah starts to wonder the area until she finds a clothes hanger lying in a back alley way, which she uses to unlock the beautiful car with much car. She throws open the door and sits down in the seat leaning over to hot wire the car when there's a knock on the wide open door.

Shit! Fuck!

She looks up smiling as if she is expecting to see a police officer. Instead, it is somebody else completely. Before her stands, KADE, 19, he is a lot taller than her and a lot stronger than her. She pulls a bit away from him while still sitting in the car. Kade leans his head in while he grips the top of the car.


You know that this world is really, really

going down hill when the stolen car is being

stolen yet again.


Actually, I'm stealing it back. Let's set things

straight before you assume something. This is

my baby. Not yours. So get your damn grubby

fingers off it before I chop them off.


You talk weird.


I take pride in that.


But I know who you are.

Yeah. Who am I?

Dead meat.

He abruptly grabbed onto her throwing her out of the car. She hits the ground and rolls over a few times. There's a circle of people around her watching her. Slowly, she climbs to her feet. Savannah stands there for a few seconds before pulling her fists up to fight them and all they do is laugh. There's a soft chirp sound and she allows her hands fall to her side as a police car slides into view with headlights that are brighter than all the lights on the street. It rolls forward transforming into a robot man.


What is happening here?


Nothing special.


I am watching you.


With what? You don't have eyes.


I do not have a mouth either but I

am talking to you.

Everybody becomes preoccupied with the police-bot and Savannah uses this as her chance to escape. She rushes away running as fast as she can manage. The further away from the scene she comes the darker it becomes as she stumbles into an old park. Synthetic trees stand her along with the plastic turf to make it look like a time once a long time ago. She races into the dark park.

It's dark but she is just able to make out a playground in front of her. She races to it glancing back once before diving into a tube where she hides for a long time.


Savannah starts to move shaking her head. Somehow she fell asleep. She pushes herself out of the tube.


She sits back on the playground looking up at the opaque sky where not a single star is in sight. Instead, she sees jets and planes and who-knows-what flying around in the sky clouding up the view of the beautiful sky. The lights of the city help devour the sky. For the first time, we see her start to cry. She leans forward burying her face against her legs.


Savannah, 5, runs around a sprinkler prancing around while Tolen watches her from the porch. She runs over to him throwing her arms around him even though she is sopping wet. Tolen starts to laugh as he falls over a bit but he holds onto her. Soon Savannah stands up. All she does is stand there gazing at him while he sits there a bit wet all because of her.


Is there something wrong?


I want to go to space like you.


To see the stars? The galaxies? To just sit there and

gaze out across the universe wondering why nobody

explored this territory years and years and years ago?


Yes. I think it'd be pretty, pretty to see all of those

stars up close. What's it like?


No words can describe it.


Why did you have to leave mommy and me?


To save people. To save her. To save you.

Savannah starts to cry but she tries to hide it by rubbing away the tears but it is obvious. Tolen hugs her while she sobs. Carefully, she buries her face against his shoulder. She hangs there sobbing.


Why did you leave us?

A door is thrown open. Savannah doesn't look up while she continues to cling to her father crying unable to control herself.


Savannah? Savannah? Savannah Storm? Who

are you talking to?

Savannah stands up. There is no Tolen anymore. He was never there. She runs over to her mom throwing her arms around her while sobbing. She buries her face into her mom's clothing while she continues to cry.


I want daddy!


I'm sorry sweetie.


Why did he die?

Because why?

There is no such thing as a happy ending…

After she speaks those words things become very silent. Savannah takes a step back from her mom looking up at her as she rubs away her eyes. Even Chandra's eyes are blood shot from crying, too. She looks as if she is languishing. She is frail and pale due to the lack of food. Eventually, Chandra shakes her head and walks inside leaving Savannah alone. She sits on the porch first looking out at the area around them. Not too far from them is a Space Fleet Military Base where a starship is taking off soaring toward the heaves. She watches it squinting as the sun rays hit her eyes. Soon the spaceship is gone. And Savannah just sits there alone on her front porch.



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