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Episode One "Pilot"

Script By: HitraeCreator01
Science fiction

The first episode of the TV series I'm working on. Got any ideas on how I can lengthen it a bit more? Just comment! :D

Submitted:Dec 3, 2013    Reads: 17    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

*Episode One*
Scene One.
Jewel/Narrator: The year is 2058.
An asteroid is about to hit Earth and the only hope is 197 magii and their protectors. The leader on the ship is Jewel (A.K.A.: me), a psychic with the help of my protector, Kacey. We will be sent into space to find another suitable planet to repopulate.

*alarm goes off continuosly*

Kacey: Jewel. Jewelyana!!! Wake up!!!!

Jewel: 5 more minutes...* says sleepily*

Jewel/Narrator: Yup. That's me. Kacey is what we call a "Protector" or how people from the old days call it, a guardian. When I was about five, back then I didn't know how I did, but I found out that who I thought was my mom, really wasn't. Neither was the rest of my supposed family. So when I went shopping with her, I saw these magic stones that had different powers. Since I was pretty smart for my age, I picked up some of the ones that said "hatred/killing" and put them in my pocket. I got another one and when she turned around I said " Why didnt you ever tell me I was adopted?!"
Fake Mother: What are you talking about, sweety?

Young Jewel: Your not my real mommy!!!!

Fake Mom: Ugh, be quiet, Jewelyana. Your embarassing us! And besides, you're right, I'm not your real mother. My husband and I killed your real parents and we took you while you were asleep. *whispers last two sentences*

Young Jewel: I knew it!! I hate liars!!!!! *points hatred/killing stone at Fake Mom* AND I HATE YOU!!!!!!!

*strange light shines out through Young Jewel's hand into the stone and at Fake Mom. Then theres a bright light and there's a pile of dust where Fake Mom used to stand.*
Jewel/Narrator: Back then, I didn't know what just happened. I ran straight to my old home and did the same thing to my supposed family. When I ran out of the stones, I ran like heck to the forest nearby. *cameras show what Young Jewel is doing while Jewel is talking*
* Young Jewel stands in the center of a clearing and starts to scream for a while then sits on ground and silently sobs. Younger Kacey walks into clearing.*

Younger Kacey: Hey kid? Are you ok?

Young Jewel: Stay away from me!!!! *tries to get up and run, but trips*

Younger Kacey: Hey hey hey! Its ok! I'm not gonna hurt you. Where are your parents?

Young Jewel: They're-they're...dead.

Younger Kacey: Oh! What happened?

Young Jewel: I-I....*murmurs* I killed them.

Younger Kacey: Excuse me? I don't think I heard you.

Young Jewel: I KILLED THEM, OK?!?! *starts to sob uncontrollably. Cameras fade out to the present*
Kacey: Jewel!!!! Quit daydreaming and get dressed into your suit already!!!!!

Jewel: Oh. Sorry, Kace. *quickly gets dressed onto suit* Kay! I'm coming!!

*Jewel and Kacey get into an elevator and go up*

Jewel: So is it actually here or is this just another test?

Kacey: This is the real thing, Jewel. You prepared to see it?

Jewel: Totally!!! I wonder how big its gonna be...

*Elevator stops at floor 98 & Lee and his Protector, Mamoru, enter the elevator*

Lee: Hey Jewel.

Jewel: Hey Lee. You ready to see the asteroid?

Lee: Kinda. You?

Jewel: Totally. Remind me again what we're not supposed to do before launch? I forgot.

Mamoru: You are not supposed to eat before lauch Jewelyana-chan.

Jewel: *whispers to Lee* Does he do that a lot?

Lee: *Lee whispers back* Yeah, its kinda weird, I know.

Kacey: *Says in Japanese to Mamoru* Excuse me, Mamoru-san but please pardon Jewelyana-chan's forgetfulness. She has always had a bad memory.

Mamoru: *Says in Japenese* That is alright Kasey-san. Lee-kun has also a bad memory sometimes.

Jewel: Uh, Lee? What are they saying? I never really got a chance to learn your language. What is it again?

Lee: First of all its Japanese and second of all they're just saying how we both have a sorta bad memory.

Jewel: Oh. OK then...

*The elevator slows as they reach the Main Lobby and the elevator door opens. They walk out into the lobby where lots of other groups are talking and coming in.*

Jewel: I almost forgot that there was so many people!!! How 'bout you Kacey

Kacey: Yeah, me too. Hey, when they call role I'll come back to you ok? I'll be with some of the other Protectors.

Mamoru: Me as well Lee-kun.

*Jewel and Lee say at the same time*
Jewel: OK!
Lee: Kay!

*Jewel and Lee look at each other and start to laugh*

Alala: What are you two laughing about? *says it while walking up with Bhekizitha and Apolinar*

Lee: Nothing. We just said OK at the same time to our Protectors, that's all.

Jewel: Besides, Alala, why would you even care in the first place?

Alala: Why would you care about what I care about?

Jewel: Because, don't you remember, I'm the leader of everyone. Duh!!

Alala: Just because you're leader doesn't mean you have to butt into everyones business!

Jewel: You think can tell me what to do?! Come on! Try it sucka!!!!! *Pushes Alala and Alala falls on the ground. She glares at Jewel and Jewel glares back*

Bhekizitha: Hey, come on you two! This is not the time to be fighting!

Apolinar: He's got a point, Alala.

Lee: Yeah, come on Jewel. Just imagine what Kacey would say about this!

*Alala and Jewel say at same time*
Alala: Shut up guys!
Jewel: Stay outta this Lee!

*Irmalinda comes up to the group*

Irmalinda: Hey are you guys OK? Whats going on here?

Apolinar: Alala and Jewel are arguing once again.

Irmalinda: Well I can see that. What's it about this time?

Bhekizitha: We have no clue.

Irmalinda: Alright I'll see what I can do.

*Irmalinda first goes into Jewel's mind then Alala's mind*

Jewel's Thoughts: Why must Alala and I always fight? I'm kinda getting tired of it...

Alala's Thoughts: I'm getting sick and tired of her getting into my business-even though I was the one who started it. Oh well!

Irmalinda: Ok. I see whats going on here now. Excuse me Alala and Jewel, but can I just say that this is probably one of the lamest arguments I've ever seen?

Jewel: Agh!!!!! Where'd you come from??? *jumps, startled, and looks at Irmalinda*

Alala: Lemme guess, you read our thoughts. Am I correct?

Irmalinda: Yeah. Even the boys didn't know what you two were arguing about, so I had to figure it out. So if I'm right, it was Alala who started it. And don't lie because I'd know.

Alala: Yeah, it kinda was my fault. *sighs and glances at Jewel* Sorry, Jewel.

Jewel: Nah it's alright. I do kinda have anger issues. Its a wonder how they made me leader.

Irmalinda: You know perfectly well why they made you leader, Jewel.

Jewel: Yeah, yeah. "I'm the strongest magii in this entire organization." I know.

Alala: Nice impersonation of Colonel Strong.

Jewel: Thanks.

Irmalinda: So is the problem officially over?

Alala: Yeah, I suppose so.

Jewel: Same here.

Irmalinda: Role call is about to start, so get ready, okay?

Jewel: OK.

Lee: Alright!

Bhekizitha: OK! See you guys on the shuttle.

Apolinar: Yeah, see you guys later!

Alala: Yeah, later!

*the group walks away to get to their spots, each one looking for their protector*

Male Annoucer: Attention all members of the United Magiis of Earth. Please get in your alphabetical lines along with your Protectors. I repeat please get in your lines along with your Protectors. Thank you. And Jewelyana Davids, please remember that you and your Protector need to be in front and center this time!

Kacey: Jewel! Over here!!!

Jewel: I'm coming!!!! *starts to jog over to Kacey*

*Colonel Strong stands on a stage in front of the four lines.*
Colonel Strong: Attention all members of- *sighs and looks over at Jewel, who's still running* come on Jewel, you know you have to be in your spot already!

Jewel: I'm almost there Colonel Strong! Everyone knows I'm not that great of a runner! *gets in her spot by the time she finishes talking. Small laughter filters through the Main Lobby, but quickly disappears*

Colonel Strong: Like I was saying, attention all members of the United Magiis of the Earth All 393 of you should be in your correct alphabetical lines. I will call your country's name and both magii and protector should say, "here!" Does everyone understand?

All countries: Yessir!!!!!!!

Colonel Strong: Ok then! First off, we have Afghanistan!

Afghan Couple: Here!

*while Colonel Strong says the list of countries, Jewel and Kacey chat w/ each other*

Jewel: *whispers to Kacey* I hate role. It gets annoying after a while.

Kacey: *whispers as well* Well if you want, we don't have to do it on the shuttle. Colonel Strong's not gonna be there anyway. Which means you'd be in charge.

Jewel: Oh yeah! Thats right. I almost forgot about that. I'm kinda nervous about it.

Kacey: don't worry about it. Just think, you can finally tell that Alala girl what to do and she'll have to do whatever you tell her!

Jewel: Yeah, I know. I'm gonna try to be at least a little nicer to her. What I really want to do is to make her tell me why she's always so mean to me.

Kacey: I'm also kinda wondering that. Her Protector doesnt even know herself!

Jewel: huh. Weird.

Colonel Strong: And of course we all know that Jewelyana and her protector are here.

Jewel: You got that right Colonel!

*Kacey elbows Jewel in side*

Jewel: Ouch! *glares at Kacey playfully*

Colonel Strong: There is way more than plenty of food on the shuttle and there are enough rooms for everyone to have. Now if you would please go onto the shuttle. Jewel and Kacey first of course.

*Jewel and Kacey lead everyone onto the shuttle. After a few minutes, everyone is on*

Colonel Strong: Oh and Jewel?

Jewel: Yeah, Colonel?

Colonel Strong: There will be a stash of your special gems in your shuttle room for you.

Jewel: Oh! Uh, thanks Colonel!

Colonel: No, thank you. * salutes to Jewel and Kacey. they salute back*

Scene Two:
*Everyone is in the Main Deck area. Everyone is milling about chatting, reading, and thinking about what they'd see. Jewel and Kacey stand on a bench nearby, trying to get everyone's attention*

Jewel: Um, attention everyone!! Excuse me?! *looks at Kacey* Kacey, if you may.

Kacey: Yep, got it. *cuos hands around her mouth* HEY EVERYONE!!!!!!!! LISTEN UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*everyone is silent and looks up, startled, at Jewel and Kacey*

Jewel: thank you Kacey.

Kacey: no prob! *smiles childishly*

Jewel: OK, so we're about to lauch so I need everyone to sit down and buckle up. And be prepared to see whatever will happen to Earth. Am I clear?

*everyone nods their heads or says yes*

Jewel: alright then. now do it!!!

*everyone sits in a seat and buckles up. Jewel and Kacey sit in seats that face everyone*

Jewel: is everyone buckled up? Yes? Alright then. Can one of the psychics please tell the Colonel that we're ready? Thanks.

*after a little while they hear a rumbling sound. the shuttle then takes off*

Jewel: *says under breath* here we go!

*after a minute, a screen comes on in front of everyone's seats*

Colonel Strong: attention everyone! We will now put this ship into lightspeed. Be prepared for your face to feel like its falling off. Thank you.

Kacey: well that didn't sound very pleasant.

Jewel: you're tellin' me!

*some of the younger kids start to squeal when the shuttle goes into lightspeed.*

Jewel: come on guys! We've done this in the simulator! It's the same exact feeling!!!!

Alala: leave them be, Jewel! Their protectors will handle it.

*Jewel sticks out her tongue out at Alala*

*after another few minutes everything is calm. screens pop up again but the video is more fuzzier. Colonel's words break up sometimes as well*

Colonel Strong: Can you guys hear me ok?

Jewel: Kinda! You're breaking up on us!

Colonel Strong: it always happens. Don't worry. If you would please look out of the windows that may have come up, you can see the asteroid that (now this is what the scientists said) is coming from above Earth. Now I want you to tell me this, are they correct?

Jewel: yeah, they're right. Its really huge. I didn't imagine it to be that big!!!

Colonel Strong: I wish you all the best of luck and we'll see you in heaven! *he salutes once again. Screens go black*

Kacey: *turns to the crowd* if you do not want to see the asteroid hit our beloved planet, I suggest you go away from the Main Deck and start exploring. If you want to stay you may do so.

*2/3 if the crew leave; the other third stays to watch along with Alala and her protector, Lee and Mamoru, apolinar and his protector, Bhekizitha and his protector, and Jewel and Kacey.*

Jewel: man, I'm gonna miss that planet.

Kacey: we all will, Jewel.

Jewel: I know, its just I-I-I think I might miss it more than anyone else. *Jewel's hands start to twitch a little*

lee: uh, Jewel? Are you ok?

Kacey: *puts hand on Jewel's shoulder* I suggest you dont watch, Jewel. OK?

Jewel: um, y-yeah. OK. *puts hand on head and runs into a corridor*

Lee: uh, Kacey? What was that all about?

Kacey: I'm afraid I'm not the one to tell you. Sorry, Lee.

*cameras go to jewel who is now wandering in the empty corridor.*

Jewel: ugh, i hate it when that happens. *looks out nearby window. Cameras show the asteroid about to hit Earth* Oh. My. God!!!!! *runs to nearest intercom* Attention everyone! This is Jewel. I suggest you either sit down and buckle up or hang onto something very tightly. This is gonna be very bumpy. Kacey, I need you to quickly put this thing in lightspeed. Like, NOW! *goes to nearest chair and buckles up*

*The shuttle starts to rumble a bit. Everyone now looks outside and sees that the asteroid is going to hit Earth*

Jewel: BRACE YOURSELF!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

*they all watch the asteroid and hear a sonic boom as the asteroid hitsEarth. Then they see a giant explosion. After a bit, everything dies down and all thats left is a few chunks of rock.*

Jewel: ugh, that was close, if I didnt announce that warning there wouldnt be ANY humans left at all. *looks out of window from where she was sitting. She unbuckles*

*Adison, the British air magii, pokes her head out if a nearby door*

Adison: hey, thanks for the warning, Jewel! That must've been really close, huh?

Jewel: yeah, it was. Can you look in every room and if you see people tell them that it's OK to come out?

Adison: yeah, no prob! *Adison runs down the hall, looking in rooms every now and then*

Jewel: I better start heading back to the Main Deck. *Jewel runs off to the Main Deck, ignoring everyone as she does*

Jewel: hey guys!!!! You all ok???

Lee: yeah! Thanks for the warning. I guess you noticed that there was gonna be a sonic boom huh?

Jewel: Kinda. I just thought that the explosion was gonna hit us.

Lee: oh. Well that makes sense. I watched where we used to be and the explosion hit right where we were.

Alala: It also got the moon if you didnt notice.

Jewel: sorry, I was sorta busy bracing for impact until I noticed that there wasn't gonna be any impact. *says rudely to Alala*

Kacey: well thank heavens the sonic boom AND the explosion didn't hit us. *says mainly to Jewel*

Mamoru: yes. It was very close indeed.

Jewel: its actually Kacey you should be thanking! If she didnt send me out, I wouldnt have ever noticed that it was gonna happen!

Kacey: aw, be quiet, Jewel. You know you gotta be less talkative after you twitch like that.

Jewel: Kacey!!!!!! Don't just say that out loud!!!!!!! You know as well as I do that we can't just say it in front of other people!!

Kacey: right. Sorry. Why don't we all find our rooms and get some rest, alright?

Mamoru: that is a very good idea, Kacey-san. Let us go now Lee-kun.

Lee: ok Mamoru. See you later, Jewel.

Alala: right. See ya guys!!

*Alala, Bhekizitha, Apolinar, Lee , and all of their protectors leave. Jewel and Kacey are the only ones left in the Main Deck.*

Jewel: I'll announce that everyone should start to get some rest.

Kacey: no, you won't. Remember? You have to be silent after you twitch.

Jewel: *sighs and nods her head*

Kacey: good. *goes to nearest intercom* Attention everyone! This is Kacey speaking. Once everyone finds their room, I suggest you all get some rest. Thank you. *looks at Jewel* come on. Lets go find our room. *both leave Main Deck*

Scene 3:
*it is two hours after Jewel and Kacey find their room and sleep. Jewel is the first to wake up*

Jewel: ugh, I hate dreamless sleeps. *looks over at Kacey* I hope she won't mind me looking around the shuttle. *leaves room and into empty hall* I think we came from that direction *looks to the left* so I'll head this way.

*jewel goes down the right end of the hallway and ends up in front of a glass wall. Inside is a pool. Lee is in the pool practicing. Jewel knocks on window and Lee looks over and waves. Jewel goes inside*

Jewel: hey Lee.

Lee: hey. I think we're the only ones awake right now.

Jewel: yeah same here. You couldn't sleep either?

Lee: not really. I was only sleep for an hour.

Jewel: huh. I just woke up. Do you think Kacey and Mamoru will be looking for us?

Lee: probably, but who cares?

Jewel: yeah. So whatcha doin'?

Lee: just practicing.

Jewel: oh yeah! I forgot that you had the ability to control water. The scientists really thought of everything, huh?

Lee: yeah, they sure did. *says sadly and an awkward silence fills the room*

Jewel: hey, you wanna explore with me? *says after a while*

Lee: sure! Hang on, just lemme change back into my clothes, kay?

Jewel: yeah, no problem. I'll be waiting outside. *Jewel walks out of room and waits for about a minute. Lee comes out of water room.*

Lee: the Fire and Earth Rooms are just down that way if you wanna check them out. *points down the right side of the hallway*

Jewel: sure!

*Jewel and Lee walk towards the Fire and Earth Rooms until they hear a scream. Then they start to run. they look into the Fire Room and see Alala lying on the floor. They enter the room*

lee: Alala! You ok?

Alala: do I LOOK ok? Agh!

Jewel: hang on lemme try and find a healer! Lee stay with her and I'll be right back!

Lee: kay! Hurry!!!!

*jewel contacts Irmalinda on the intercom*

Jewel: Irmalinda!!! Wake up and go to the Fire Room if you've checked it out already. And hurry!!! Alala's hurt!!!!

*jewel runs back to the Fire Room without waiing for a response and waits outside until Irmalinda comes*

Jewel: god, I hope Alala's OK! Even though we hate each other's guts, I gotta make sure she'll be ok!!

Irmalinda: hey I'm here. what's wrong?

Jewel: Alala's hurt. I'm not sure how she managed to hurt herself in her element room but she still is. Come on!

*Irmalinda and Jewel enter the room*

Lee: oh thank heavens you guys are back. Shes really hurt, but I can't see where!

Irmalinda: ok, lemme see... *turns Alala on her side and gasps. there's a giant burn on her right hip* how in the world did you manage that?!

Alala: I don't think this is the fire me and the other purmancers are used to.

Jewel: take her out into the hall. I'm gonna check this out. *Lee and Irmalinda both pickup Alala and leave the room. Jewel turns on a nearby switch that then turns on a fire jet. Green flames come out. Jewel turns it off and goes outside* she's right. It's not real fire. It's green fire. I heard that its really powerful.

Alala: I told you! GAH!!!!!! *grabs side*

Irmalinda: careful. Try not to move or talk as much or you'll make it worse.

Lee: she is gonna be alright, right?

Irmalinda: if she stays still, then yes.

Jewel: Lee. Did you see an Infirmary at all on your way to the Water Room?

Lee: yeah! Follow me!

*Lee shows the way to the Infirmary. Irmalinda is carrying Alala while Jewel follows behind*

Lee: here you go! *opens door*

Irmalinda: thanks.

Lee: *just as Jewel is about to enter, Lee puts his hand on her shoulder* you might wanna stay out here, Jewel. I don't want you to twitch like you did earlier. It was kinda creepy.

Jewel: fine. I guess your kinda right, though.

*Lee nods then goes inside*

Irmalinda: come over here, Lee.

Lee: coming.

Irmalinda: you know how to use water for healing, right?

Lee: yeah but im not that good at it. I always get the water everywhere.

Irmalinda: its alright. Just try it though, OK?

Lee: alrighty then. *puts both hands over the burn* Alala, you might wanna stay still. *water seeps through his hands and onto the burn*


*irmalinda waits for about a minute*

Irmalinda: ok lee! Thats enough!!

*lee pulls away and steps back*

Irmalinda: tell jewel that she can come in now.

Lee: kay. *goes to door and opens it* You can come in now, the worst part is over.

Jewel: kay. I think the infirmary is sound proof from the outside. *talks while going inside*

lee: yeah, i think so too.

Irmalinda: hey jewel? I think Alala wants to talk to you.

Jewel: oh! Uh, ok. *goes over to the side of the bed that alala is on* yeah?

Alala: whyd you care about helping me?

Jewel: because even though we hate eachother, we're still crewmates and we have to make sure we're both ok. Plus, i have to make sure everybody in this shuttle is healthy.

Alala: oh. That makes sense. Uh, thanks i guess.

Jewel: nah, dont be. I just want to make sure everyone is ok on the shuttle, like i said.

Kacey: Hey! There you guys are!!

Jewel: uh, hey Kace! Did you sleep ok?

Kacey: dont pull that stunt on me, Jewel. We've been worried sick about all of you!

Mamoru: indeed. Lee-kun. *says in Japanese* Were you practicing in the water room?

Lee: *responds in Japanese* Yes i was, Mamoru-san.

Alala's Protector: Ahhhh!!!!! Alala! What happened to you?!

Irmalinda: its ok. Shes fine. I was working on healing her when you guys came in.

Kacey: Is that true, Jewel?

Jewel: yeah! I was the one who got Irmalinda.

Irmalinda's Protector: Well that make sense. Heal the girl well Irmalinda.

Irmalinda: of course!! *turns back to Alala while everyone watches* This is the soothing part so you can relax now. *puts hands on her wound and a pinkish light comes from her hands and onto the wound.*

Alala: *sighs of relief*

Irmalinda: there. You can get up now.

Alala: thank you Irmalinda. And you too, Lee.

Lee: hey, just helping a friend, thats all.

Mamoru: Lee-kun. What did the young girl mean by that?

Lee: i helped close the wound so Irmalinda could officially heal it.

Kacey: You did, huh?

Lee: yeah! Dont go doubting me!

Alala: its true. He really did. It hurt but he did a pretty good job at it.

Mamoru: did it spill (if you do know what i mean)?

Lee: uh, im not sure.

Irmalinda: it didnt, actually. He told me that he'd accidentally make the water go everywhere but i guess not.

Mamoru: that is great, lee-kun. Your training is practically done.

Lee: thats great!!!!!

Jewel: thats wonderful, lee!!! Great job!

Lee: thanks, Jewel!

Irmalinda's Protector: Why dont we all go and have something to eat, eh?

Irmalinda: thats a good idea. Im kinda starving.

Alala: a very good idea, in fact.

Alala's protector: Of course. Come everyone. We already know where the kitchen and the dining pavilion is. Follow us.

*everyone in the room follows Alala and her Protector to the kitchen and the dining pavilion.*

Jewel: wow! This is some dining pavilion! Theres more than enough tables and chairs for everyone!!!!!!!!

Alala: i know, right? It really is amazing.

Lee: yeah. Lets get cooking!!!

Irmalinda: definetly! Im seriously starving!!!

Alala's Protector: kacey? Can you and the other protectors help me cook?

Kacey: Definetly! Mamoru, you should make your world favorite breakfast rolls! I'll make my egg and bacon omelettes.

Mamoru: That is a very good idea, Kacey-san. Thank you.

Irmalinda's Protector: and I will make Kaizersmaren

Irmalinda: YAYYY!!!!! I love Kaizersmaren!

Alala's Protector: Great!!! And I shall make my all time favorite, Bugasta! I will also make Greek coffee for the other Protectors.

Alala: thats a great idea. We'll go and wake up the others.

Jewel: yeah, good idea, Alala. Come on guys! Lets go!!! *jewel, lee, irmalinda, and alala run out of the dining pavilion. They end up in front of the two hallways at the main deck*

jewel: ok, lee and i will get the left hallway and irmalinda and alala will get right, kay?

Alala: Got it.

Irmalinda: Yep!

Lee: Alright!

Jewel: kay then now lets go!!!

*the four spilt up into their sections*

lee: You know, jewel? Why dont we just use the intercom?

Jewel: cause this is a whole lot more fun!!!
*jewel and lee end up at the first two set of rooms. Lee knocks on the left and jewel knocks on the right*


Lee: Hey guys! Time to get up and have breakfast!!!

*they do the same thing to every room. Once everyone is awake and outside, Jewel and Lee show them the way to the Dining Pavilion.*

jewel: Now try and remember the way to here cause itll be kinda hard to find.

Lee: theres more than plenty tables for all of us so sit where ever you want.

*Alala and Irmalinda enter the Dining Pavilion along with the other 192 people *

alala: hey we're here.

Jewel: Kay. Alright listen up everybody else! Just like i told the other group, try to remember the way here cause its kinda hard to find your way. Also, you may sit where ever you like cause there's way more than plenty of tables for everyone! Now go and find where youd like to sit and we'll serve the breakfast! Any questions?

Protector from Haiti: what are the choices for breakfast?

Lee: The choices are egg and bacon omelettes, Japanese breakfast rolls, German Kaizersmaren, and Greek coffee for the Protectors and Bugasta for everyone. All of our protectors made it for you. Enjoy!!!!!

*everyone starts to go find a place to sit. Jewel, Lee, Alala, and Irmalinda find their own table to sit*

Jewel: man, im starving, how 'bout you guys?

Alala: totally!!

Apolinar: Hey guys! Can me and Bhekizitha sit with you?

Lee: yeah! Of course!

Bhekizitha: Nice announcement, Jewelyana.

Jewel: thanks. And you do realize that you can call me jewel, right?

Bhekizitha: oh. Sorry, I almost forgot.

Jewel: nah, thats OK. Im also a bit forgetful.

Apolinar: i think im gonna try some of the japanese breakfast rolls. What about you guys? What are you gonna have?

Jewel: im definetly having Kacey's egg and bacon omelettes. I remember having them when i was little. They are soooooo good!

Lee: i think i will too. Oh hey jewel?

Jewel: yeah?

Lee: how many servings are we alowd to have?

Jewel: aw crap! I forgot about that!!!

*runs to a empty table and stands on it*


*gets off table and runs back to everyone else*

lee: much better.

*jewel sticks tongue out at Lee playfully*

Irmalinda: in that case, i'll think i have the Japanese rolls as well as the kaizersmaren.

Bhekizitha: i will have the egg and bacon omelette along with the bugasta.

Alala: I'm definetly having bugasta. And i think ill try the kaizersmaren. It sounds pretty good.

Irmalinda: it is!

*a few minutes later, all of the food has been served and everyone is eating*

jewel: i have a great idea.

Alala: well lets hear it! *says with mouth full of bugasta*

Jewel: i think that all the protectors should take turns making breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Since this is our first full day on the shuttle, Alala's, lee's, irmalinda's, and my protector should officially start. 4 protectors per day. It'll help all of us to get used to how everyone's kind of taste is like.

Apolinar: thats a great idea, Jewel!

Bhekizitha: Yeah, it is.

Jewel: Thanks guys. I'll announce it tomorrow during breakfast.

Lee: alright then. It makes perfect sense. You can ask them to raise their hands if they want to make breakfast. I also think that only the protectors should cause they'd be the ones to make breakfast.

Jewel: great idea, Lee! And I'll pick at random as well!!! *everyone says their agreements and continue eating. Cameras fade out into the the credits*


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