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Moreau and Harley is a story about two people who have swapped lives but everyone else still thinks they are the same person.

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Author's Note

I wrote this so long ago I honestly don't remember why I found it so interesting but it is decent. Also since I wrote this my style has changed a lot so don't judge all my writing based on this thirteen year old writing style.

Moreau and Harley Medical Case Report Number 00181710


Bob Jersion's [Cleveland, OH Zoo Manager] Personal Journal May 26 1983

Another day another dollar same as the last day not much happened besides Harley [the poop scooper] was injured today he had this huge gash in his forehead. It was sort of strange because we couldn't figure out what hit him that made Jake [Harley's assistant] really freaked out. He was in the elephant's exhibit and where he was standing was covered in sand and there weren't any sharp objects to be seen. He is now in the hospital and has a serious concussion and a lot of blood loss. He will most likely have to have a transfusion.

[End of journal]

Moreau Harrison's [Olympia, WA Carl's Jr. Cashier] Personal Journal May 21 1983

Today was sort of funny Kenny [a coworker of Moreau who works at the cashier next to Moreau] was sick and the manager was on his lunch break so I had to work the cashier by myself. So I was doing my thing taking orders, taking money, yada yada and this lady comes up, orders her food, and then tried to use a coupon that had expired a year ago. She kept insisting that her coupon was still valid and that our calendar was wrong. Eventually I just took the coupon and gave her the discount. Then I went to sell my blood [Moreau has blood type O so he sells his blood once every two months] and I hit this old lady and she got really mad and yelled at me but the crazy lady from work had taken up all of my patience so I just kept walking. While I was giving blood, I started to feel really weird like I was being bit by fire ants most likely I was just selling my blood too often.

[End of journal]

May 27 1983 Cleveland, OH Hospital 12:57 AM

Nurse Shirley: Dr. Verrall the O blood just arrived from Olympia.

Dr. Verrall: Good take it to room 103 in the ICU. [Harley's room]

Nurse Shirley: Yes doctor.

[End of Conversation]

May 21 1983 A Metaphysical Shop 11:12 PM

McNewber: Girthle! [Old lady Moreau bumped into] How many times must I tell you? Don't just run around town casting spells like crazy.

Girthle: Sorry Master

McNewber: If you don't decide to cast a spell on the next person that bumps into you or the next whatever you will still be able to become a witch in the 10th degree before you turn 65 [she will turn 65 on May 27 1983].

[End of Conversation]

May 27, 1983t

Girthle performs "Lives of Change" and became a witch to the 10th degree.

May 27 1983 Cleveland Hospital 9:38 AM room 103 ICU

[Harley wakes up]

Someone: Hey Harley is awake.

Group: [A mix of voices] Harley! Feeling better? I laughed. Shut up!

Mr. Jerson: Hey, give him some space.

Group: [A mix of voices] Sorry Mr. Jerson, See you later Harley. I still think it's funny. Shut up! [someone leaves]

Mr. Jerson: So Harley how do you feel?

Harley: [Sleepily] Not sure killer of a headache though.

Mr. Jerson: What's the last thing you remember?

Harley: [Still sleepy] Uhh… Oh yeah Sally [Moreau's girlfriend] came over and we watched Dynasty. [To Mr. Jerson] Have you seen that show? [Mr. Jerson shakes his head] Man talk about bad. Wait were am I?

Someone: Dang! You were hit hard.

Group: [Mix of voices] Shut up! Can you leave?

Harley: [Sits up] Owww! [Lays back down] Oh… my head. What happened?

Jake: You don't remember?

Harley: No.

Jake: You were hit hard.

Harley: Did Sally hit me?

Jake: That's the weird part [Harley interrupts]

Harley: I knew it! She always was a little [Jake interrupts]

Jake: No 'Sally' [says Sally in a confused way] didn't do anything to you.

Harley: Then what did happen?

Jake: We don't know it was like a rock but we couldn't find anything.

Harley: Did Sally tell you to say this… Where am I?

Jake: Cleveland.

Harley: Cleveland? Ha Ha Ha [mockingly] HA! No seriously, where am I? [Points to the people in the room] Who are you?

Mr. Jerson: Maybe now is a bad time. [Harley looks confused] We'll come back tomorrow.

Harley: No wait, what's going on. Who are you? [Louder] Where am I? [Louder] What are you doing to me? [Passes out]

[End of Conversation]

May 27 1983 Moreau's House 7:50 A.M.

Moreau: [Wakes up] Uh… were am I? uh… [Notices Sally] WHOA!!! [Wakes up Sally]

Sally: [Concerned, sort of scared] What? What is it?

Moreau: Am I in your house?

Sally: What?

Moreau: Am I in your house?

Sally: [Looks confused] …What I don't get it. Uh… [In an annoyed voice] yeah this is my house. [Walks into a room and comes back with a pair of boxers] and these are mine.

Moreau: What?

Sally: Ok anyway I have to get to the office file some stuff. I'm open for Lunch if you want to go to Wendy's.

Moreau: I'm sorry am I in your house?

Sally: I have already played this game.

Moreau: So whose house am I in?

Sally: Yours of course. See you at lunch [Kisses Moreau]

Moreau: [Surprised] What?

[End of Conversation]

May 27 1983 Cleveland Hospital 10:07 AM

Hospital Attendant: He's still at.

Dr. Verrall: And for about twenty minutes.

Another Hospital Attendant: May I go in sir?

Dr. Verrall: Why?

Another Hospital Attendant: I was told to give this to him.

Dr. Verrall: Why?

Another Hospital Attendant: [Walks in]

Harley: Yes, finally someone is here. Listen I'm not crazy I'm from Olympia, Washington my number is 360-7787-6911, and I'm not Harley.

Another Hospital Attendant: Well ok. Uhmm… I was told to give this to you.

Harley: It better be the punch line and it better be good. [the note says "You are getting what you deserve."] did you write this?

Another Hospital Attendant: I didn't do it this old lady gave it to me a couple of days ago she told me you would be here.

Harley: What? You know what never mind… Can I use a phone?

[End of conversation]

May 24 1981

Moreau breaks into Girthle's house.

May 25 1981

Girthle performs a spell that allows her to see who broke into her house, but the image wasn't very clear.

May 21 1983

Girthle bumps into Moreau and realizes it was him who robbed her house.

May 27 1983 1 PM. A Wendy's in Olympia

[Sally and Albert (Albert is Sally's co-worker) Both talking Moreau is seated at a table]

Sally: [Sees were Moreau is seated] Oh there he is. [They both walk to where he is and sit down]

Moreau to Albert: Was I in your house last night?

Albert to Moreau: What? [looks at Sally confused] Oh! Oh that's right yeah yeah yeah Sally told me about that. That's pretty funny.

Sally: Oh! Uh Moreau this is Albert, Albert Moreau.

Moreau: I'm not Moreau.

Sally: What?

Moreau: I'm not Moreau I'm Harley.

Sally: That's makes it even weirder.

Moreau: Why?

[Sally then tells the following story

May 27 1983 Sally's office 10:12 AM

(phone rings)

Sally: (Sally is a secretary for Mr. Johnson) Mr. Johnson's office how may I help you.

Harley: Sally this is Moreau. Don't worry I'm safe in the Cleveland Hospital everyone here is calling me Harley it's really strange (Sally hangs up).

(End of Story)]

[Continued from Sally, Moreau, and Albert conversation]

Moreau: What Cleveland that's where I'm from.

Albert: [Nods] I'm going to use the restroom. [Shakes hands with Moreau] Nice meeting you.

Moreau: Nice meeting you to. [To himself yet still audible] Alright so I'll take a bus to Moreau's place find the car key [Sally interrupts].

Sally: Oh I can take you back let's just eat first.

[Meanwhile and Sally and Moreau can't hear this]: [To cashier] May I use your phone.

Casher: Sure.

[End of Conversation]

Official Olympia Police Report May 27 1983

At 1:17 PM a man by the name of Moreau Weatherson was taken from a Wendy's on 7530 Martin Way East to mental facility on the out skirts of Olympia. The man claimed he was Harley Medalwork from Cleveland, OH

[End of Report]

Official Cleveland Police Report May 27 1983

At 10:26 AM a man by the name of Harley Medalwork was taken from the Cleveland Hospital and to a mental facility on the outskirts of Cleveland when they got a phone call saying they found a guy who claimed the opposite of what Mr. Medalwork claimed. So they flew him out to Olympia were the other man was being held. Mr. Medalwork claimed he was Moreau Weatherson from Olympia, Washington.

[End of Report]

May 31 1983 11:57 AM a mental facility on the outskirts of Olympia

[Girthle stands behind a one-way mirror looking in to an activity room for the patients at the facility]

Attendant: Do you know any of the patients Miss…

Girthle: Mabel. And yes I know one of the patients Moreau Weatherson , or should I say knew now what has happened to him I don't know what to say.

Attendant: Yes his case is most peculiar. Should I tell him you came?

Girthle: No I'm a distant relative he doesn't know me.

Attendant: Well it's the thought that counts.

Girthle No.

Attendant: All right well it's time for them to go to lunch so visitations are closed till three. Will I see you later?

Girthle: No I don't think you will.

[End of Conversation]

May 31 1983 12:00 AM

Girthle casts a spell causing McNewber not to be able to say any spell until he casts a spell to reverse what has happened to Moreau and Harley. If he does fix the spell, he will be kicked out of the Wizard ranks and can never rejoin. This spell also causes Girthle to die.

December 25 1983 4:35 PM

McNewber fixes what has happened to Moreau and Harley.

December 25 1983 5:30 PM a mental facility on the outskirts of Olympia

Councilor: So Moreau and Harley do you still want to admit that you were wrong and you [Points at Moreau] Are Moreau and you [Points to Harley] Are Harley?

Moreau: Yes I admit that I am Harley and he is Moreau

Harley: And I admit that I am Moreau and he is Harley.

Councilor: You both said it backwards.

[Moreau and Harley look at each other and start to laugh but not an insane laugh just a good laugh]

Moreau: Oh yes I'm back in my own body. Oh it feels good to be back not that different but good.

Harley: I couldn't agree more. No offense but I don't really like the name Moreau sounds all British and stuff.

Moreau: [jokingly] Well what kind of name is Harley?

[Harley and Moreau both laugh]

Councilor: I'll take that as an confession.

[End of Conversation]

December 31 1983

Moreau and Harley are released back into society as cured individuals.


Report made by the Intergalactic Study of Science

All material was achieved thanks to the C.E.M.I.H. bringing you every moment of history.

All Rights Reserved


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