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Trapped in the wood on a college road goes wrong. No one knows what is lurking int these woods.

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College Trip

Scene 1: Tension

(SCENE: In a car heading toward the college, the four girls and two guys in the car have been driving (Driving in a Honda) for two days straight now. The sun is shining above the sky nice and bright. The driver is about to fall asleep on the wheel. She is Lola. Lola has curly brown hair and brown eyes. A boy in the very back of the van with blonde dreadlocks and grey eyes shouts. He is Terry.)

Terry: Hey Lola!

Lola: (Sits up and talks sleepily) What? What's the matter?

Terry: Pull over. It's time for you to get some serious sleep.

Lola: (Yawns) No. I'm fine.

(The girl in the passenger seat speaks up. She has straight blonde hair and blue eyes. Her voice is very high. She is Wilma)

Wilma: Yeah Lola. You're falling asleep as we speak. You've been driving for 46 hours straight. It's time to switch off.

Lola: Alright. (She pulls over to the side of the road) Good night. (She falls asleep on the steering wheel)

(The other boy with straight black hair and blue eyes with glasses on looks up from texting. He softly speaks. He is Vince.)

Vince: Good call. (Continues texting)

(Terry, Wilma, and a girl with wavy, dirty blonde hair and a wide face get out of the car. Vince and a girl with brown hair and green eyes stay in the car texting each other. They are in a secret romance. The people who got out go to the sleeping Lola. The girl with dirty blonde hair opens the door. )

Terry: I'll get her feet.

(The girl with dirty blonde hair shakes Lola then finally speaks. She is Gigi.)

Gigi: Lola, wake up.

(Lola wakes up wearily)

Wilma: (Talks like a cop. She is joking.) License and registration, ma'am.

Lola: What! (Becomes more aware) Wilma! (Smacks Wilma)

Terry: Get in the back of the car! We're taking over.

(Lola nods. Then Gigi and Wilma help Lola up and out of the car. Wilma is playing with Lola's arm like she is a doll)

Wilma: You're so floppy.

(Gigi helps Lola into the car and buckles her up. Terry goes into the driver's seat.)

Gigi: Have a good rest, buttercup. (Pats Lola's head)

Lola: (Weary) Shut up. (Relaxes)

(A blue Volkswagen passes by and the girl with brown hair punches Lola. She is Christine.)

Christine: Blue one!

(Wilma and Gigi look at each other then they race to the passenger seat. Wilma sits down first and Gigi sits on her.)

Wilma: (gloating) I win. Now get off me you cow!

Gigi: Give someone else a chance. (Gets off Wilma and goes to the back of the car) I'm not a cow.

Terry: (Closes his door) Don't start fighting children or I'll turn this thing around. Now seriously, buckle up so we can hit the road again.

(Wilma and Gigi close their doors)

Christine: (Looks up from texting) How much longer do we have?

Vince: Exactly six and a half hours if we continue at our 30 miles per hour drive.

Gigi: I was going to say about 15 miles.

Vince: Not even. It would be 21.3 miles.

Gigi: Blah blah blah. I said about!

Terry: Hey no fighting kids.

Wilma: Yeah. Your father and I work very hard.

Terry: Ugh! I'm married to you I want a divorce.

Christine: I f you guys are my parents. Can I have my allowance?

(Everyone but Lola laughs. Lola falls asleep)

Wilma: Let's hit the road again!

(Terry pulls on to the road then drives.)

Gigi: (Aside to Vince. She is staring at him.) Who are you texting?

Vince: Someone.

Gigi: You've been texting all day. What's with you?

Vince: What else am I to do?

Gigi: Talk with your friends!

Vince: I am talking to you right now.

(Terry peers at Vince and Gigi through the mirror)

Wilma: Seriously, I am with Gigi on this one. You have been texting way too long. (To Christine) You too!

(Gigi focuses her stare at Christine.)

Christine: Me? I haven't just been texting; I have also been listening to music. (Pulls ear buds out of ears then reaches into her pocket and turns her iPod off)

Vince: (Flashes Christine a cute smile real quickly so no one else sees.) She's got a point.

Gigi: (Stops staring at Christine and sits straight and looks forward. Terry looks really stressed out.) What's on your mind?

Wilma: I'm nervous.

Gigi: I wasn't talking to you. Terry, what's going on?

Terry: We're… (Car is running out of gas) … almost out of gas. (Pulls over to the side of the road) Didn't we pass a gas station not too far back?

Vince: By not far back, do you mean about 11 miles. We won't make it there until dark.

Terry: Let's get out and push. That's a minor setback.

(Christine puts away her phone and so does Vince)

Christine: How about I ride on the hood? While you guys push, I'll lay there looking hot trying to get someone to notice me.

Vince: I wouldn't like that.

Christine: Of course you wouldn't we're friends and you'd have 100 extra pounds to push.

(First Christine opens her door then everyone else does too)

Wilma: This is all Lola's fault.

(Everyone exits car and stands around it. Terry stands next to Vince)

Terry: Don't blame it on her, she was half asleep. Don't wake her up. We men have the strength to push this fowl beast. You women don't have to worry. (Pats Vince's back)

Gigi: Right. You men are going to do all of the work. Wilma, Christine, and I are going to sit and watch you guys push. Right gals?

Wilma: I'll be fine with that.

Christine: (Talking mostly to Vince) You big strong men will do the work, right?

Vince: Right Christine. Anything for the women.

(Vince and Terry put their arms around each other and lurk to the back of the car. They remove their arms and place their hands on the back of the car)

Terry: One!

Vince: Two!

Terry/Vince: Three!

(Terry and Vince push on the car but it's only moving a tiny bit)

Gigi: (Rolls sleeves up) Looks like the woman would have to save their butts.

Wilma: Wait! Let them struggle for a minute.

Vince: (Struggling to push the car) Some friend you are, Wilma!

Gigi: Let's go help them. (Goes to the back of the car and pushes)

(The car is moving)

Christine: (Goes to the front of the car) We are pushing back, remember?

Terry: (Stops pushing the car) Thanks, Christine! I feel like a total idiot now.

Wilma: Sweetie, you're not an idiot. You made it past kindergarten.

Terry: Oh ha! Ha! (Sarcastic) I love your sense of humor. It's so… what's the word?

Vince: Oh how about mean?

Terry: That's a good word. Or vicious?

Wilma: Or funny?

Terry: Hazzah! To push the front of the car!

Vince: Hazzah!

(Vince and Terry jog to the other side of the car. They look at each other.)

Terry/ Vince: Hazzah! (Terry and Vince head-butt each other) Ow!

Gigi: You two are weird. (Walks to the front but stops by where Lola was) Where's Lola?

Christine: Are you playing a joke? Lola is asleep.

Gigi: (Looking through window. Worried.) Well, she's not. (Opens door) Lola?

(Everyone looks at Gigi questionly then runs over to her)

Wilma: Where is she?

Terry: She couldn't just disappear.

Vince: Do you think she ran away?

Christine: She was too sleepy to even move her hand.

(A scream is heard in the distance)

Vince: I am calling the police. (Pulls phone out and dials the number) No signal.

(Everyone pulls out their phones and tries to dial the police. Another scream is heard from in the woods. Everyone turns to where they heard the scream.)

Scene 2: Scream

(SCENE: Everyone is in the exact same place. Rain clouds are forming above their heads. Wilma, Vince, Christine, Gigi, and Terry are all huddled in a circle with worried expressions.)

Wilma: We have to find her!

Christine: We have to go and find her. We can't leave her alone in the woods with who knows what.

Terry: Fine. We'll do a Scooby-Doo type of thing. We'll split into groups and we'll search for Lola. Let's split up into groups.

Christine: I'm going with Vince. He'll protect me.

Terry: Okay. Wilma and Gigi you guys can come with me. I'll keep you girls safe.

Gigi: I'm really afraid. (Holds onto Terry's arm)

Vince: We'll set out. If anyone finds something or if someone gets hurt, scream.

Wilma: Scream, got that.

Christine: I can scream.

Terry: Hopefully that wouldn't be needed.

(Vince and Christine head into the woods. Christine follows with hesitance.)

Gigi: Let's go find our friend.

(Terry leads into the woods and Wilma and Gigi follow closely behind)

Terry: What could have happened?

Gigi: Whatever it is I don't want to find out.

(The is sticks breaking a little far back)

Wilma: What was that?

(Gigi and Wilma cling to Terry)

Terry: Relax; it's probably just the wind.

(A squirrel passes by this group. It stops and looks at them.)

Wilma: That squirrel almost gave me a heart attack!

(Wilma releases Terry but Gigi stays ahold of him)

Gigi: I'm afraid and I want to go back.

Terry: No. Lola is missing.

Gigi: Why don't we go to town and tell the cops she is missing and they can worry about it.

(Scene goes to Vince and Christine)

Vince: You know? We are alone.

Christine: We are!

Vince: This is just what we wanted.

Christine: But not on a search and rescue mission.

Vince: (Removes glasses and cleans then) We are alone though. (Puts glasses back on) Are we ever going to tell the gang about us? We've been dating for two months now.

Christine: It would be better if we keep it a secret.

(A scream is heard a little away)

Christine cont.: Come on let's go!

(Christine and Vince runs toward the screams)

Terry: Gigi, stop that. It's not a monster.

(Christine and Vince stop)

Vince: What's the matter?

Terry: This guy scared Gigi. (Points to a guy with a shaggy grey beard and a big overcoat on with a ripped hat. He is Coffee.)

Coffee: The name is Coffitatun. People on the street call me Coffee. Sorry for scaring you. What are you kids doing in the woods?

Wilma: We are looking for our friend. She went missing a little while back.

Coffee: It's getting a little dark outside don't you think? Let's go down to my cabin. We wouldn't want the creature to get a hold of us.

Gigi: W-what is the creature?

Coffee: You never heard of the creature? The creature is a beast that roams the forest feeding on human flesh.


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