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You Can't Save her Forever

Script By: Mindbuzzproductions
Science fiction

Daniel tries with all of his might to protect his human daughter.

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Scene 1

(Setting-In a dark room with dimed lights and Samantha is pacing back and forth in front of Daniel who is on the bed. Daniel looks as if he hadn't slept for days. His eyes are greyish brown watching Samantha bicker. Samantha is clapping her hands every time she says bite and vampire. Panitha is standing in her crib bouncing)

Samantha: I want you to do it.

Daniel: Do what?

Samantha: You know. Read my thoughts.

Daniel: Bite you?

Samantha: Yes bite me. I don't want to be human anymore. You got lucky in being a vampire. One day you took a walk, then you got bit by a vampire and you were missing for a day. You came home a day later saying your teeth hurt. SO I took a look and saw you had fangs.

Daniel: It takes 24 hours to change into a vampire and it is a painful process. Anyways Panitha is right there, she will see.

Samantha: (Stops pacing back and forth) Panitha is a baby she will not know what you are doing. Then when she is older she will forget about it. Bite me. (Holds wrist out) You have to feed anyway.

Daniel: I'm turning Panitha around then. It would be cruel if we made her watch. (Walks to Panitha an picks her up) Good-bye Samantha.

Samantha: What! (Daniel Jumps out the window And Samantha runs towards the window) You can't leave me!

(Daniel is flitting for a long time and he stops in the land of all creatures)

Daniel: I got you away from that evil woman. You shall be a pure human your whole life. I shall keep this promise and I won't let anyone get you. Or turn you into whatever. You... We are safe here. (Daniel craddles Panitha tighter and falls asleep against the wall)

(The scene fades away into another scene)

Scene 2

"(Panitha is crying then Daniels eyes flutter open)

Daniel: I'm awake. I'm awake. I'm awake. (Stands up and pats Panitha on the back) Panitha darling, what's wrong? You're probably hungry. What do you eat? I wonder if they have any human food here. (Puts Panitha on his shoulders) Look! A cafe. There has to be something for you in there. (Walks towards the cafe)

(Panitha stops crying)

Daniel: (Walks in a sits at a table and takes Panitha of his shoulders then looks out the window)

Xaxier: Hello welcome to the Wizardry cafe. Can I get you something to eat?

Daniel: (Looks at the waiter)

Xaxier: Ray? Is that you?

Daniel: Who me? (Waiter nods) I believe my name be Daniel.

Xaxier: Sorry I thought you were my nephew. Can I get you anything?

Daniel: Yes I would like to have some goat blood for my drink. And sausage for my meal. Then get some cereal with the milk on the side.

Xaxier: Your stuff will be ready shortly.

Daniel: (Takes a quarter and starts flicking it)

Panitha: (Laughing)

Daniel: You like that? (Stops flicking the starts again) He. Hehe.

Xaxier: Here's your food.

Daniel: That was quick.

Xaxier: Well this is a wizard cafe with wizards. (Sits down at Daniels table) I'm Xaxier.

Daniel: Do I have to say my name again? I already told you. And why do you want to be my friend?

Xaxier: Well-

Daniel: Let me ask you is ''well'' you favorite word.

Xaxier: Not really. And I want to be your friend Daniel because I find you interesting.

Daniel: How?

Xaxier: (Lowers voice to a whisper) You have a human baby in your possession.

Daniel: You can tell?

Xaxier: Yes it's quite easy. Why do you have a human baby? Why not just eat it already?

Daniel: I am not going to eat her, she's my daughter.

Xaxier: You have a human baby.

Daniel: Yes. (Takes baby bottle out of his jacket then pours the milk in) Hey you're a wizard right?

Xaxier: Yeah so.

Daniel: Zap or poof me a blanket.

Xaxier: (Poofs Daniel a white blanket) Is this good enough for you.

Daniel: It's fine. (Takes blanket and wraps it around Panitha then gives Panitha her milk)

Xaxier: What's your child's name?

Panitha: Papaiiisa.

Daniel: Good girl. It's Panitha.

Xaxier: Cute name. Hey if you ever need any type of help. Just call me. (Puts number on the table then leaves to help other people)

Daniel: (Talks across the room to Xaxier) I guess I can be your friend it won't hurt me or you.

Xaxier: Yes! Thank you."

(Daniel stops telling the story)

Daniel: That's why we always come here Panitha.

Panitha: Because Xaxier is your best friend and this is where we first ate at when we came here.

Daniel: Exactly. Are you up for ice cream?

Panitha: Maybe.

Daniel: Okay I guess we're not having ice cream then.

Panitha: NO! I mean yes I would like ice cream.

Daniel: Ok Papaiiisa.

Panitha: Daddy.

Daniel: Should I flip the quarter and make you laugh.

Panitha: no I'm too old for that now.

Daniel: Stop growing you're catching up to me.

Panitha: No I can't.

Daniel: (Whispers) Not yet. Hey! Xaxier.

Xaxier: Hey bud. Hi Panitha.

Panitha: Hello uncle Xaxier.

Xaxier: Can i get you guys something?

Panitha: Ice cream.

Xaxier: What type?

Daniel: Cookie dough with tons of chocolate and M & Ms.

Xaxier: Got it. (Leaves)

Daniel: So are you exited to start school next week.

Panitha: I'm afraid.

Daniel: Why?

Panitha: I'm afraid someone will eat me.

Daniel: I'm not sure what I'm going to do about that.

Xaxier: (Comes back) I scream you scream we all scream for Ice cream! (Places ice cream on table)

Panitha: (Laughs) What is that?

Xaxier: You never heard that rhyme.

Panitha: No.

Xaxier: Do you want me to teach you?

Panitha: I heard you and thought about it.

Daniel: You memorized it.

Panitha: I did that. What does memorize mean?

Daniel: Thinking and it stays in your head.

Xaxier: Hey I'm off in 5. Do you mind if I come and hang with you guys for a while?

Daniel: Of course, you're my friend.

Panitha: And my uncle.

Daniel: You do know that he is not your real uncle right?

Xaxier: I got to go. (Leaves)

Panitha: You know how you we're just telling me about how you got away from my mom or Samantha. Why did you want to get away from her?

Daniel: (Puffs air out) I got away from her because she had evil inside of her.

Panitha: How was she evil?

Daniel: Well for one before I escaped she wanted me to (Coughs) Bite her with you watching. (Spaces out) Then one time she dropped you on purpose but I caught you before you fell to the ground. Always be yelling at me and my friends and family. She would sometimes steal from stores. She would try and hurt you. You always had a bruise on yourself. (stays spaced out)

Panitha: Wow she was evil. Dad?

Xaxier: (Sits down) Hey Panitha. (Looks at Daniel) What's his problem?

Panitha: I don't know. (Eats ice cream)

Xaxier: Daniel. You who? (Waves hand in front Daniels face) Look away. (Panitha covers eyes then Xaxier slaps Daniel)

Daniel: (Holds face then looks at Xaxier) Ow! What was that for? (Panitha uncovers face)

Xaxier: You spaced out.

Daniel: I did.

Panitha: Daddy you we're talking about Sam and you blanked out but you we're still talking.

Xaxier: Who's Sam?

Panitha: My mom.

Daniel: (Runs fingers through hair) My wife.

Xaxier: You're married! Good for you. I always thought that you were just a lonely guy who adopted Panitha.

Daniel: She's evil.

Xaxier: Who? Sam?

Daniel: (Moans) Yes. Can we just stop talking about her? Please.

Xaxier: All right.

Panitha: Look daddy there's a butterfly on the window.

Daniel: (Turns around and looks then the butterfly gets attacked by a cat) Ohh. I think it's alright. Come on princess.

(Daniel, Xaxier and Panitha get up)

Xaxier: Hey Panitha I found an awesome park. Wanna go?

Panitha: Only if daddy lets me.

Daniel: (Kisses Panitha's forehead) Anything for you. Lead the way.

Xaxier: Follow me.

Scene 3

(Xaxier and Daniel sitting on a park bench)

Xaxier: I know you're going to hate this but tell me about your wife, Sam.

Daniel: Your right I do hate this but her full name was Samantha. She was very very beautiful but her bad side was very large. I rather not talk about her evil side again.

Xaxier: I can look into your memories from the past of her.

Daniel: If you want to but I warn you it is frightening.

Xaxier: (Puts hand in front of Daniels face)

Daniel: Your hands smell like oranges.

Xaxier: (Screams) She was evil but hot. I can't believe she did that.

Daniel: You could smell it on her too. If you are a magical creature, which you are you can smell it on her.

Xaxier: What does evil smell like?

Daniel: I've smelt evil many times when I transformed into a vampire. It smells like a variety of bitter, spicy, sour and a hint a cinnamon.

Xaxier: Cinnamon?

Daniel: Weird right? (Smells air then Xaxier smells air)

Xaxier: Bitter, spicy, sour.

Daniel: With a hint a cinnamon. Panitha come here sweetie.

Panitha: (Comes over to Daniel and Xaxier) Yeah daddy.

Daniel: (Pulls Panitha down to sit in between Xaxier and him)

(Black hooded character is walking around)

Daniel: Samantha.

Xaxier: Who?

Daniel: Samantha! Xaxier take Panitha away from here. I'll call you when I'll take her back. (Hugs Panitha) Be good.

Panitha: Bye.

Xaxier: (Grabs Panitha's hand and pulls her away) Come on.

Daniel: (Flints to black hooded person then talks in an angry voice) Sam we meet again.

Samantha: Hello Daniel. (Takes hood away) Where's our daughter?

Daniel: Do you even remember her name?

Samantha: It's Patty.

Daniel: Wrong.

Samantha: It's been four years since you escaped from me. How I am supposed to know my own daughter's name?

Daniel: Four and a half. PANITHA is five.

Samantha: Can I see her?

Daniel: Why? So you can try to murder her?

Samantha: (Touches Daniels face) I missed you. Do you want to come back to my place and live happily ever after?

Daniel: (Grabs Samantha's wrist) There is no happily ever after when you are around.

Samantha: We are still married you know. (The hand Daniel is holding she holds his hand) Have you changed your mind about biting me?

Daniel: No.

Samantha: (Pulls herself close to Daniel then wraps arms around him) I know you can't resist me.

Daniel: Actually I can. You're not going to see Panitha. She is mine. You can have everything I left behind but you're not getting Panitha.

Samantha: I didn't come all this way for that brat. I-

Daniel: (Pulls away from Samantha) Panitha is not a brat. She is kind, loving and didn't get your genes.

Samantha: (puts arms around Daniel again) I came for you. (Kisses Daniel)

Daniel: I want a divorce you serpent. I am not meant for you and you have evil inside of you.

Samantha: (Puts arm around Daniel then pulls a knife out of her sleeve) I won't ever give up on you. No matter where you go. I will find you somehow.

Daniel: Get out of this town and never come back or… or I'll get a Vampaera to kill you.

Samantha: Yeah but if you do I'll trick that Vampaera to I don't know with my looks. (Stabs Daniel in the side of the waist and he bleeds black)

Daniel: (Pushes Samantha to the ground then he clutches his waist) You stay away from me and Hope.

Samantha: Hope?

Daniel: It's Panitha in English. (Turns around and walks away and turns into a flit) You'll always be human...

Scene 4

Daniel: (Walks around in his apartment clutching his waist looking for stuff) Where is it? (Grabs Linen cloth and takes off his shirt and wraps the cloth around his waist) Arraghh! (Falls on couch and pulls phone out and calls Xaxier)

Xaxier: (On phone) Hello?

Daniel: (Scratchy voice) Hi it's Daniel-

Xaxier: Dude, where are you?

Daniel: (Scratchy voice) At my apartment.

Xaxier: Are you ok?

Daniel: (Scratchy voice) Just come over with Panitha.

Xaxier: Step away from your phone.

Daniel: (Throws phone on the floor) Ready!

(Xaxier and Panitha come in through the phone)

Panitha: Whow!!! Hi daddy.

Daniel: Go play in your room Panitha.

Panitha: Okay daddy. (Runs to room)

Xaxier: (Sits in chair) How'd it go with Samantha?

Daniel: Really? Really Xaxier?

Xaxier: Oh the bandage? Want me to heal it?

Daniel: Yes I am in a lot of pain. (Xaxier Heals Daniel with powers)

Xaxier: That's weird I thought vampires don't feel pain.

Daniel: No that's Vampaeras. (Gets off couch) Panitha. Sweetie come here.

Scene 5

Daniel: (Shouts from bench) Do you need help?

Panitha: No I got the monkey bars. I am the monkey bar queen!

Daniel: Ok darling.

Bethade: Is that your kid?

Daniel: (Looks at Bethade) Yeah.

Bethade: She is a beautiful girl.

Daniel: She looks like her mom.

Bethade: Oh! You're married?

Daniel: I used to be. We just got a divorce.

Bethade: Me too. I'm Bethade. (Holds hand out)

Daniel: Strong Bolded. (Shakes hand) I'm Daniel.

Bethade: That's not a vampire name.

Daniel: It's not. I was born human.

Bethade: That's rare around here.

Daniel: Do you have a child?

Bethade: Yes, she is on the swing. Her name is Vennedipede. She is five years old.

Daniel: So is Panitha!

Bethade: Do you want to set up a play date sometime?

Daniel: As long as you don't eat her.

Bethade: Is she human?

Daniel: Yes.

Bethade: Good for you. I believe that if they are born human they should stay that way.

Daniel: I do too. I never attack humans. So yeah sure, we can set up play dates with them.

Bethade: And maybe we could set up dates for us.

Daniel: Maybe.

Bethade: Tomorrow night? (Brings face closer to Daniel)

Daniel: At seven?

Bethade: My place?

Daniel: I can do that.

Bethade: (Takes pen out of purse then writes on Daniel's hand) There's my number.

Scene 6

Bethade: I can help protect Panitha! Well that's if you want.

Daniel: This isn't a trick right?

Bethade: No not all. I told you that I don't think humans should be eaten. All feeding on humans brings is war and their blood is so sour!

Daniel: You can help.

Bethade: Vennedipede can help too! So when school rolls around, you won't have to worry about her.

Daniel: You are an angel. Why are you doing this?

Bethade: I like you and your daughter. You are sweet and cute. Panitha is adorable! I have to! I just have to!

Daniel: You have a great personality.

Bethade: Thank you!

Panitha: Dad! Look what Vennedipede taught me!

Daniel: What she teach you?

Panitha: (Does a front flip) Ta-da!

Daniel: That's so cool sweetie.

Vennedipede: I'm awesome!

Bethade: Yes you are! (Claps)

(Panitha and Vennedipede run away)

Daniel: Kids are wonderful.

Bethade: Some are. At some times I just want to go up to other parents and tell their children to behave.

Daniel: All kids have their problems. Mine is perfect. I'm joking.

Bethade: (Kisses Daniel quickly) You're funny.

Scene 7

Daniel: Maybe I should just drop her out now and I'll educate her myself.

Bethade: Daniel, relax. Let her go to school and see if she likes it.

Daniel: It's not that I'm worried about. It's that I wonder what is going to take a bite out of her first.

Bethade: Vennedipede is looking after her. Let Panitha go to school.

Panitha: Please daddy.

Daniel: (Kneels down and hugs Panitha) Please don't get hurt. (Tears welling up in eyes)

Panitha: I won't. Bye daddy. (Daniel releases Panitha) Come on Venne.

Bethade: Venne don't let Panitha out of your site. Protect her.

(Vennedipede and Panitha go walk down school walkway)

Daniel: (Stands up) Pa-

Bethade: Don't do it. She needs this.

Daniel: She is going to get hurt.

Bethade: You have to trust your daughter. She


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