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Alien Warfare Ch. 7

Script By: Mysteryman
Science fiction

Tags: Zombies, Humor

Like i said, old workings

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Xzanir : Where are you guys going?

Vex : Im going for the playstation! ( loads his energy rifle )

Jacob : Thats not a good idead ( crosses arms ) I'll buy you one later when this is over but for now we have to proceed as


Vex : ( looks back at xzanir and jacob ) Look I know this is really important but this is something I gotta do

Xzanir : ( sighs ) Jeez you always were stubborn, in that case i'll come along

Jacob : What!?

zanir : I'm his squad leader, i'm responsible if he gets eaten. Even though it would be awesome to watch...

Jacob : ( sighs in annoyance ) Fine, but remember what our objective is ( walks away )

Samil : ( runs to xzanir ) What about me sir?

Xzanir : ( holds his shoulders ) I need you to stay with the convoy

Samil : b-but..

Xzanir : Your the only one who can protect it if anything goes wrong, I'm depending on you.

Samil : Y-yes sir ( looks down then looks up determined )

Xzanir : ( pats samils head then runs off with Vex )

Jacob : Samil! help me move rose inside the transport ( carrying roses pod )

Samil : ( nods at jacob then runs to help him )

( meanwhile at the imperial capital )

Tahyir : ( walks down the hallway with cloak covering his whole body )

Servant : My lord ( bows )

Tahyir : What is it ( looks down at him )

Servant : The emperor wants to see you

Tahyir : ( walks away to the emperors throne room )

( Honorguardsmen step aside to let Tahyir through )

Nexus : General Tahyir....( sighs with green smoke coming out his nose )

Tahyir : My lord ( kneels )

Nexus : The enemy force continues to make it's way here...

Tahyir : I've already taken care of it, I've sent an attachment to deal with them once and for all

Nexus : I want you to go and oversee the mission personally....

Tahyir : My lord? ( looks up at him and sees his bright glowing green eyes with fire surrounding him )

Nexus : I want them out of the way.....the Era of the Zeogens is almost at an end....

Tahyir : My lord.....If I may..

Nexus : ( looks down at him )

Tahyir : After we've completed our goal....

Nexus : Ah....I see...( dark green flames shrouds both his hands )

Tahyir : ( looks up at nexus's hands and sees a female zeogen )

Nexus : You will have her back in due time...

Tahyir : ( bows to nexus )

Nexus : You have my blessings General..

( back to Xzanir and Vex )

Vex : ( climbs over the sand dune and sees a giant structure )

Xzanir : ( joines Vex ) what place is that?

Vex : I don't know, but what I do know is : I'm getting that PS 500 Back!! ( dashes down to the Structure )

Xzanir : Vex!! ( runs after vex )

Vex : ( keeps dashing then stops )

Xzanir : ( tackles into Vex ) Dammit you yellow, muscle brained, Brute!

Vex : ( eyes widen ) This a gulag man

Xzanir : ( looks to gulag and eyes widen )

Vex : Lets split up

Xzanir : Wait!, we don't know anything about this place. And another thing : I'm the squad leader!!

( drool falls down on both of them )

( Vex and Xzanir both look up )

( Zombie knocks them both out )

( a few hours later )

Xzanir : ( awakens ) ugh....what happend?

??? : ( deep distorted voice ) In a place call Mzanxinal, or Hells entrance. Where the fallen zeogen warriors are brought back as slaves and never allowed be at peace.

Xzanir : ( looks to voice and crawls back in terror ) who are you!?

Rahyir : My name is Rahyir...

Xzanir : but your a zombie!?

Rahyir : That I am.. ( walks around )

Xzanir : but..your not trying to eat me...

Rahyir : I have not the appitite anymore...

Xzanir : Why? you know what don't answer that, why am I here? Wheres Vex !?

Rahyir : your comrade is somewhere is the complex, hopefully not eaten..( sits down across from xzanir )

Xzanir : Well I need to get him! he could be in danger!

( meanwhile )

Vex : ( pressing buttons on the ps controller )

Zombie : ( makes an attemps to press buttons )

( screen shows that Vex has the highest score )

Vex : Yeah Baby!! ( jumps in excitement )

Zombie : graaaaa.....

Vex : whose next!?

Zombie crowd : ( moans and groans )

Warden : What's going on here!? are you playing!?

Vex : uh....

Warden : seize him!

( zombies grab Vex )

( back to xzanir )

Rahyir : I hope not...

Xzanir : ( looks down )

Rahyir : A true warrior never gives up hope, the only way is to find a solution...

Xzanir : ( annoyed ) I'm taking advice from a zombie...can this get any worse?

Rahyir : I doubt it my friend...

Xzanir : why are you even locked up?

Rahyir : that my friend..is a story to tell...it took place back on earth

Xzanir : mm-hmm ( bored look )

Rahyir : you probably know my brother : Tahyir

Xzanir : ( bored look goes away )

Rahyir : I took part in the first battle that turned the tide of the war in our favor, after that I started to have sympathy for the

earthlings. We...I slaughtered so many men, women and children, I grew tired of fighting..but my brother wanted more...he

seemed so fixed on completing the conquest that he lost all his reason.

Xzanir : ( looks amazed )

Rahyir : I triedn to talk him into withdrawing, that enough was enough but he didn't listen...so I had no choice but to take

command from him but before I could..he struck me down before I even drew my sword. After that I was resurrected by the

emperor and labled a traitor.

Xzanir : What happened then?

Rahyir : ( looks down ) My family was killed as an example, my wife...my two children...and my infant son.

Xzanir : ( sympathetic look )

Rahyir : All these years I wonder if I shouldve just stood by an watched earth burn, or should I have killed my brother before we invaded. But I have not a life anymore....I have nothing, no family, no friends, no purpose.

Xzanir : ( stands up and walks to Rahyir ) You have a friend now ( extends his hand )

Rahyir : ( looks at xzanir and takes his hand )

Xzanir : Come on old soldier, lets find out how to get out of here. ( pulls him up )

Rahyir : how will we get out?

Xzanir : ( thinks and has an Idea ) the zombies!

Rahyir : ( confused )

Xzanir : do they still understand you?

Rahyir : Yes

Xzanir : theyre fallen soldiers of the war of earth, we can rally them to the cause!

Rahyir : It could work..

Xzanir : It has to ( walks to cell bars ) HEY!!

( zombies look at xzanir )

Rahyir : My fellow warriors, we all felt suffering, we all felt pain, we all felt that we had a duty to the empire to serve with undying loyalty. But when we finally came close to the objective..how do our leaders repay us? They torture us, they weaken us, they even take away the ones we love. But they cannot take away our spirit!

( zombies growl in agreement )

Rahyir : For too long have we suffered under the emporers rule! For too long have we rotted in the prison! For too long we have not been at rest! These pretenders do not no what it means to be a zeogen, BUT WE WILL SHOW THEM!!!!

( Zombies roar in agreement )

Rahyir : Get ready my comrades, for the next few days the empire will remember our names! For the next few days our souls will find redemption! For the next few days : THE CAPITAL WILL BURN!!!!

( Zombies roars can be heard everywhere in the complex )

Rahyir : But tonight my brothers, Mzanxinal! Will BURN!!!

( Zombies roar even louder in agreement )

Xzanir : ( smiles ) good job my friend

Rahyir : let us hope this works...


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