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Stopping time

By: Aaliyaah

Page 1, What do you want to day ,if you can stop the time???

What would happen if we could stop time instead and unroll past life.

I think everyone would choose just a few common options.

Some would choose to remain forever young.

Some would choose to do things at the right time has not been done.

Some to turn in their past and repair them mistakes.

Some would  return to the past and stand with loved ones that unfortunately aren't  near them now.

But I....if I could stop time,I choose have begin a new life,I choose to come back to the first moment of my life when I saw the light for the first time.

And to forget everything and everyone ,to start a new life to be small again because when you're small  nobody insults you, nobody hurt you and nothing and no one breaks your heart into thousands of pieces without a bit of ruth near you.

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