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The thought came to me; I don't exactly know from where; to write a story based on another planet's warning to us.Maybe my mind is just on warp speed?
This is the beginning of the story: Part One

Kind of somber; perhaps morbid...but not totally without hope. "Beam me up now Scotty!"

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The Capsule

Light years ago before the dawn of time on your planet, I lived and breathed; on a sphere in a constellation filled universe much like the one you have. Its name is of no importance; we are no longer here. Our planet was clean and pure; like Earth was in the beginning of its infancy.

Our people lived in peaceful harmony with all creatures and cultures that shared our abode; we were a highly evolved civilization; that perpetuated a sense of grandeur in our abilities and shared knowledge.

There were no wars; no bickering over land, space or territories. We had created a utopia; the perfect world.

Then, after many eons of peace, health and tranquility; a plague came to the dwellers of our world.

It spread quickly; and without mercy. More died than all of those who died in all the wars your planet has ever known. Bodies heaped in grotesque monuments to the reaper of death; the one who transformed our world into a dead globe of decaying dust.

In the beginning of its coming, we thought little of the plague; we were too sure of our abilities to destroy it before it became a threat to us. We were after all, an intelligent race; perhaps more so than any who had come previous. We were proud; we were capable; and most of all we knew we ruled supreme in knowledge of all things in our world and beyond it.

We traveled through space; explored other planets within our galaxy. Our scientist were capable of creating new life within their labs; new medicines to cure all known maladies and afflictions; we were invincible.

Our engineers were superior; building structures that would withstand the greatest of natural disasters. We had technology beyone anything you may have achieved in your few thousand years of being.

We had harnessed enough energy to sustain three planets the size of ours. Our food was grown in the rich soil that would never be contaminated with chemicals; for crops flourished in global greenhouses under the careful watch of the best agriculturists the world could offer. Crops were bountiful and no one went hungry or thirsted for life giving water of the purest quality. We called all our achievements; progress.

So what was this plague that destroyed us; you might well ask. Its name was ARROGANCE. It swept away all of our mighty and great accomplishments; one by one.

Our intellectual self-worth gave us a false sense of security and we began abusing the great gift we were given; our world and all its glorious abundance of life giving attributes.

When the plague came; it turned our water bitter and fouled the soil so that nothing grew in it. Our people grew weak and sick; dying in the tens of thousands. Many became infected with greed, jealousy; and wickedness that spread like a wildfire across all places of our planet.

With dwindling resources; wars broke out in all sectors in attempts to control water supplies, fuel and stock piles of food. Chaos ruled the planet, looting and murders and other great acts of violence against all peoples; until eventually our race ceased to exist.

ARROGANCE ,was in the end our downfall; and the scientists, engineers; and great intellectuals could not stop the spread of it; nor find a cure for it; or build a wall to keep it from overcoming us. We have attempted to close all portals to our planet, to contain the plague; I do not know if they remain closed or if they may have failed over time.

In finding this time capsule from our world; it is my hope that mankind on your planet will hear the message sent to warn you and heed it, before the plague reaches its tentacles out to destroy your world as it did ours.

Perhaps my capsule has been too late in reaching you; and ARROGANCE has already begun to sicken your planet. If so, my last whisper before my demise will be; Humble your selves before it is too late!


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