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The Man With No Mercy

Short story By: Banitt
Science fiction

The world was hit with a major solar flare, and all technology was destroyed. The militia soon controlled everything, and Ordie made it his duty to kill the leader of the militia, even if it cost him his life. THIS IS MY FIRST DRAFT. PLEASE COMMENT AND TELL ME WHAT YOU THINK.

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Ordie Fallston stepped outside of the cabin that he had stayed the night in. It was nothing too fancy. The family that had owned it before the flare had definitely not spent very much of their savings on it. There were only two bedrooms, a kitchen, and a small bathroom with just a sink, no toilet. Ordie said good-bye to the cabin and continued his journey to the militia headquarters.

The militia took control of America after the solar flare hit earth. It is lead by Erik Karter who was a well respected general during the war with Russia in the year 2123, of which Ordie spent six years fighting with the marines, only to be dishonorably discharged for "stealing" a handgun that his commanding officer had given to him for saving his life one year before. Now Erik Karter was just a self-loving, old school punk who cared nothing for others, only his own survival. The only reason that he was still around was that he offered free food and medicine to anyone who would join his militia and fight for him. Ordie's quest was to destroy the militia foundation by assassinating Karter, and letting the country finally rebuild itself after being abused for twelve years by the militia.

Ordie liked to travel light, but not so light that he would not have enough supplies, just enough for him to survive. He carried with him two weapons, a .207 Winchester hunting rifle, and a 9 mil. handgun. He also carried with him a weeks worth of canned goods, and two half-gallon jugs of water. The clothes he wore were simple, but were his symbolic element that let people know who he was. A black, long sleeve T-shirt with a gold stripe going diagonal through the middle, and thick tan leather chaps. All knew him, but he was not loved by all, for some people still believed in the power of the militia.

The road he walked upon was very rugged and full of potholes. It was the only road that went to the town of Greymoon, which was where Ordie was headed. It was about four miles away, but there were highwaymen on this part of the road he knew. They would surely be no problem for Ordie, but it would slow him down quite a bit, and he needed every minute. He did not know when the lead would reach his heart but it would be soon, maybe even within a couple days. He walked for about twenty more minutes, up one hill and down another. At the top of the next hill there was an old man with a towel covering his eyes. He was lying on the ground with blood flowing out from under him. He said, "Help me, and I will repay you, the grace of God is still within you. I can see it." Ordie took out his pistol and put a round in the chamber. "The Lord is no longer within any of us, he left us long ago old man, surely you remember?" The man looked at him cockeyed for a second, and then a bullet went through his head, but it had not come from Ordie's gun.

Ordie looked up at the sand hill that was off to the side of the road. Sure enough there were four men standing on the top of it, one of which was holding the rifle that was now pointing at Ordie. Ordie rolled across the ground just as the highwayman pulled the trigger. Then he aimed upward with his 9mil. and shot twice, hitting the man with the rifle once in the knee, and again, this time in the head. The other three men that were with the other came sprinting down the hill armed with axes and steel pipes. Ordie shot three more times killing one of the men, and wounding another. When the first man reached him, Ordie pistol-whipped him on the side of the head, and kneed him in the gut. The other wounded man came limping and lifted his axe over his head, about to let it come crashing upon Ordie's head. When the axe was at the height of the swing Ordie put the barrel of the gun to the man's stomach and pulled the trigger, sending him to the ground. The man stared up at Ordie for a few seconds and then let him self go into the everlasting sleep.

When the land was silent once again Ordie continued on his way to the headquarters. He walked constantly for eight more hours. When the moon and stars were out he rolled his bedroll out across the cool sand. When he layed down he started to shiver; it would be like this the whole night. The next day Ordie woke up, took a sip of water, and started walking again. No breakfast today, he wouldn't be needing it. He walked four hours until the militia headquarters was in sight.

When he was about two hundred yards out he sat down and studied the motions, and routines of the guards. There were about fourteen guards standing around the perimeter of the fort, and there were obviously a whole lot more soldiers inside the fort. When he knew exactly what the guards did he unslung his rifle, and took position behind a cactus. He laid down and took aim at one of the two guards standing at the front entrance. He steadied his breathing and fluently pulled the trigger with the tip of his pointer finger.

He shot true, the bullet burning through the head of the guard. Ordie quickly turned his attention to the other guard and shot him in the chest. Within seconds the other guards were firing wildly at him, and soldiers were pouring out of the fort. Ordie Through his rifle and handgun to the ground and put his arms up in surrender. The shooting stopped, and the soldiers swarmed around him. Karter then stepped into the middle of the circle that the soldiers had created around Ordie. Karter looked at him and said, "So, you are the on who is supposed to kill me. I was expecting a whole lot more than this!" The soldiers standing around the two started laughing hysterically. Right at that second a sense of anger overcame Ordie and he sent a blow to the stomach of Karter. Karter doubled over in pain, and Ordie pulled a long bowie knife from under the back of his shirt and drove the tip into Karter's side. All of a sudden every soldier standing around them opened fire, and Ordie was killed. Although he was killed, Ordie still had a smile on his face and no regrets. He had done what he set out to do, and there was no stopping fate.


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