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Its The End Of The World As We Know It

Short story By: BITSxOFxKINKY
Science fiction

A Short Docu Drama Piece ... We are told the next ice age is coming. The end of the world as we know it is just around the corner. December the twenty first the Mayans tell us. Most of what you will read, was taken from documentaries I have watched or disaster films I've enjoyed. Some based on fact, but mostly it is a miss match of vivid imagination and my interpretation of scientific fact ….. So please sleep well and don't have nightmares.

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Its the end of the world as we know it …

Space has no sound, if it did the asteroid would of grumbled and moaned as it slowly tumbled through the dark vacuum of outer space. Its craggy surface occasionally reflected the tiny pinpoints of bright light of the sun so far away.

As the space rock tumbled past a small dark planet, gravity from this orbiting globe had an insignificant affect on the gyrating asteroid. In the meteors wake trailed a string of diminutive asteroids, some the size of fists others the size of double decker buses, all felt the growing tug of the planetary attraction. Falling away from the tumbling mother asteroid. They had followed her for millions of spacial miles, but now they headed straight towards this lonely unilluminated satellite.

The dust from the thousands of impacts into that cimmerian planet was hidden as the asteroids shadow passed between the distant sun and the celestial body that was pummelled into obliteration by the space debris.


Our planet is made up of giant plates floating on a sea of molten lava. Where these land masses grind together, one plate will ride up over another, pushing the lower land mass down. Movement like this creates friction, this pressure builds up over hundreds of years until finally something gives way and earthquakes occur. Scientists have been telling us for decades that the big one could be soon. The big one, to end all big ones, one fault will hit the 10 on the Richter scale. This massive earthquake would, could, or should trigger off all the sister faults. They in turn will each be there own fault triggers and the whole planet will shake and tremble back to the stone age.

Or maybe, just maybe, these faults will shiver and shudder their way towards Yellowstone Park. Where their fingers of faults creak and fracture there way towards that hot molten inert mass. The bulge of pulsating lava lies kilometres below the ground. Sleeping soundly for thousands of years, just awaiting the alarm clock of a quivering ground to awaken it.

The Yellowstone Caldera, it sounds malignant. A large cancerous growth waiting to spread its boiling, fiery, fury across the land. Spewing its poisonous ash into our blue sky, changing it to thick black clouds of death and destruction.

Or maybe its not quite the time for Yellowstone to blow its top, its been sleeping for thousands and thousands of years. Snoring through many shakes and tremors, so maybe, it will just toss and turn restlessly in its slumber before dropping back into deep hibernation. Besides there's always calderas brother on the island of Hawaii that is waiting to cause mayhem and havoc.

Kilauea Volcano has been grumbling for years, scientists theorise that many decades ago. The previous volcano that stood on the same place, that this present volcano now stands on, erupted violently. Due to fractures and weak spots on the slopes of this old volcano it erupted out instead of the traditional up, this volcano blew out horizontally, through this weakened structure. Millions of tons of mountain slipped in an avalanche, down the slope of the remaining side of the volcanic mountain and into the ocean. Then the volcano erupted, violently blowing its self to destruction.

Slowly out of the ocean formed this new Kilauea Volcano. With all the same tendencies towards fracturing and side weakness his predecessor had. Recent studies have shown a weakened bulge of the mountain to one side of its slope. If this uneasy slumbering volcano should decide to erupt, it is well overdue. Then it may follow in its fathers footsteps erupting sideways. This mass of rock, a quarter of the mountain in size, would be forced out and down into the sea. A landslide of this proportion would send a tsunami hundreds of metres high straight towards California and across the whole planet. It may of happened before and it could happen again. What did kill the dinosaurs? What sank the city of Atlantis?

Again why would this volcano just decide now to erupt? Its been behaving itself for many years and could stay being a good volcano for another thousand of years. There's another danger lurking many millions of miles away. The Egyptians worshipped the Sun God Ra and for a reason. This God is there for all to see he is beautiful in his light and heat looking down on us mere mortals. Perhaps we have angered this Egyptian God once to often.

The sun is a mass of burning gas, belching from this burning, gaseous orb, of light, flares often are seen erupting from its surface. Recently the number of flares have multiplied increasing in strength and frequency. These heated waves can travel millions of miles. Earth is the 3rd planet in distance orbiting our sun. If one of these solar flares erupted in our direction temperatures would sore rapidly and this heated flare would fry our planet into tiny crispy carbonized atoms.

The recent catastrophe of the massive Japanese earthquake, tilted the earth from its axis by 10 cm. This tilting could, maybe, be enough to flip the magnetic poles. North pole becoming the south pole and vice versa. What would happen if this should occur, no one is sure, but the magnetic field protects us from radiation if this should fail then its the crispy earth syndrome again.

As the magnetic field that protects us, we know all about global warming and cooling. Our planet is getting warmer, climates changing due to pollution that we humans continually pump up into our protective atmosphere. Ice caps are melting, the waters are rising, each year more and more areas become victims to flooding. If they continue to rise it will turn this planet into a scene from Costner's film Waterworld. Think you would look as good as him, with gills, webbed fingers, and toes?


The asteroid tumbled on through space, its speed deceptively slow against the emptiness around it. On and on it travelled, passing through many star systems. Coming close to some planets, their gravitation pulling and tugging the asteroid slightly off its chosen path. On through the years its momentum carried it, until one sun lay directly in its path.

Around this sun orbited several heavenly bodies. The Asteroid passed so close to the planet called Saturn. This ringed planet's gravity nearly deflected the tumbling rock from its path, but its speed carried it on. Skipping past several moons nearly as large as this massive asteroid. Almost big enough to be called a dwarf planet, or a small moon.

The Asteroid was so close to its destination, the sun, that gaseous globe burning so bright. As if a moth drawn to a light bulbs mesmerising glow, this meteor is drawn to this burning star. It didn't even feel the pull of the blue and green planet that orbited the sun, until it was caught in its gravitational field.

The Asteroid struggled in the Earth's tight grip, deflected from its desire to reach the sun, it turned its anger towards this pretty blue and green orb. If sound could be heard in space, this spacial void would have been filled with the roar of this asteroid growling out the words …. This is your Armageddon.


We are told the next ice age is coming. The end of the world as we know it is just around the corner. December the twenty first the Mayans tell us. Most of what I have said above, was taken from documentaries I have watched or disaster films I've enjoyed. Some based on fact, but mostly it is a miss match of vivid imaginations ….. So please sleep well and don't have nightmares.


By Tracey Owen & R.B.Rueby

copyright March 2011


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