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"The After-School Project"

Short story By: Christian Taylor
Science fiction

An excerpt of this Sci-fi/suspense tale; A high school student stumbles upon a mysterious project that she was not meant come across and finds that everyone around her are not what they appeared to be.

Submitted:Mar 25, 2012    Reads: 53    Comments: 7    Likes: 3   


Carrie finished her report, looked down at the corner of the screen, and saw that it was almost 7 p.m. After getting the report printed, she gathered her things and left the library, shutting the locked door behind her.

Carrie walked down the maze of hallways to the main doors out of the school. As she approached the doors, she noticed something out of place. She started to walk a little faster and realized that the doors where locked with a metal chain.

"What the hell is this?" she whispered to herself as she got to the doors. She tugged at the chain a couple of times. "Maybe one of the janitors can let me out," she thought as she went back. She walked through the halls toward the other end of the school, where the janitor's main room was. Carrie walked down the dark hallway to where she could see light coming from the janitor's room. As she approached, she could hear the janitors talking.

At first, she couldn't make out the conversation, but she started to understand what they were saying as she got closer. Just as she was about to enter the room, she stopped in fright at what she was hearing.

"Do you think anybody knows about this invasion?" one voice said. Carrie leaned against the wall, peeking around the doorframe to listen in on the conversation.

"Most of the teachers have already been infected, and we've started on the students. By the end of the week, no one will ever know about the invasion," Harvey said to John, the other janitor. Carrie couldn't believe about what she was hearing. Suddenly, the silence was broken when her cell phone rang. She tried to turn it off, but it was too late.

"Someone's out there; they heard us!" Harvey shouted, pointing at the door. Carrie bolted down the hallway to get away. She ran around a corner and down another hallway looking for a place to hide. She tried to open any door that she came across, but they were all locked.

After she ran down another hallway, she was able to find an unlocked door that led into a classroom. She dashed in and shut the door behind her. She kept the lights off as she looked for something to barricade the door with. She took a nearby chair and pushed it under the doorknob.

Carrie leaned against the wall next to the door, breathing heavily, and slowly slid down to the floor. She looked straight up to the ceiling trying to stay quiet. She reached into her pocket, grabbed her cell phone, and dialed 911. Waiting impatiently for someone to answer, finally a voice came over the speaker.

"911, what's your emergency?" A female voice asked.

"Hello? I need your help," Carrie whispered trying not blow her cover. "A couple of people are after me and I'm inside of the school!"

"Where are you located?" The 911 operator asked.

"I'm at Willow Creek High School…please hurry! They're going to hurt me!" Carrie said urgently.

"Who's going to hurt you?" The 911 operator asked.

"The janitors! I over heard them talking about some kind of an invasion and they realized that I heard them and now they are after me!" Carrie whispered.

"They were talking about what?" The 911 operator asked.

"An invasion!" Carrie whispered louder.

"An invasion?" The 911 operator repeated making sure that she heard Carrie right.

"Yes! I think they are aliens!" Carrie said.

"Ma'am, is this some kind of a prank?" The 911 operator questioned Carrie's story.

"No! I swear I'm not making this up." Carrie insisted. Suddenly, the line went died. Carrie looked at the cell phone screen and realized that the 911 operator had hanged up.

"Oh god! Oh god!" She repeated as she realized that no one was going to be going to her rescue.



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