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Assemble, Plan, Contain

Short story By: Demyx306
Science fiction

Priority warning, perimeter restrictors disengaged. All stabilization delegates move to incursion hard point immediately. Alert. Contact status zero with land-sea intercept team.Airwatch dispatched and inbound. All remaining teams; Hold for reinforcement.

Submitted:Jul 21, 2011    Reads: 33    Comments: 3    Likes: 1   

"Repeat! Cannot contain infected incursions! Perimeter has suffered heavy losses! Requesting evac ASAP! How copy, Command?"

"This is Command, Halo Foxtrot 3. Airships are enroute for support. Cannot evac, copy?"

"But stabilization cannot continue! Perimeter has already been overrun! If the TacCaptain wants a victory---"

"I will have to take it myself, apparantly. Failures..."

"Sir? I meant no disrespect, but the situation---"

"Is under MY direct control. You will hold your position, or you will die trying. Command, what's the SitRep on Airship teams ColdBlue1 and 7?"

"ETA is 5 minutes. En route for interception, by direct order of Feild Seargant Raynes."

"Redirect team to my position. Halo Foxtrot is lost. Cut their signal."

"What? No! Nonononono---"

"We are taking the battle to the nest. Prerequisite full battalion, mixed troops. Prototype 04 engagement ordered as of now."

"Negative, TacCaptain. Orders are in direct contridiction of Protocol 6. Prototype 04 cannot be released from cryo unless authorised. Mandate allowance by Feild Seargant Raynes."

"This is NOT his operation, Command! Override code 903576 Delta Walla 36-20. User account Admin-Counsil Directory 0500---"

"Why am I suprised that you are using a rank override without permission, TacCommander Maveric? Should I be led to assume you are an anti-citizen of the Counsil?"

"I won't be allowing you any further control Raynes! It must be done! If we nuke the area, the data files will be lost! Prototype 04 is the only solution!"

"I never had anything against your plan or judgement. Only your naivety. TacCommander. Authourization allowed for Prototype 04 cryo-satis release and engagement."

"Understood. Protocol 6 overridden. Lets take back the data center. All units; begin Operation 'Eclipse Nova'. TacCode; Assemble, Plan, Contain."


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