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Mr Dragon's "A Project for Everybody" Chapter 1

Short story By: Demyx306
Science fiction

Chapter One of Mr Dragon's "A Project for Everybody."

I will only be writing the first chapter.

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Chapter 1: Fist of the Harbinger

Humanity is not safe beyond the confines of the Local Cluster. We know the power of the Harbingers. We know their lust for our blood.

And now our army's are massing outside of the ring of hope.


What a misguided word.

Aredesh Cloud, SS Diversity, above Planet Ivern, Circa, 3000 AD

"The last thing we needed chasing us around was a group of pirates!" Theta could see the panic on Upsilon's face as he navigated the ship, diving and rolling to avoid incoming Energy Streams. "Make yourself useful! Get on the auxillary turret!"

Theta picked herself up, passing the nearby crewmen and RCA mechs attempting to patch up some of the ships nearby plating damage. Climbing up a column of steps, she made her way to the central aux turret. She could tell that some of the crew had got on the port and starboard turrets themselves.

Idiots are going to get themselves killed.

Redirecting the turrets line of fire, she switched to tracking missiles. One of the pirate boarders was getting a bit too close for comfort. Locking on, she let off a 3-round burst of missile fire. The resulting explosion totalled the ship, and left two others scattered.

Suddenly, a red beam of massive energy ripped through the pirate ship squadron. Looking up, she saw a massive ship looming in the distance. It's presence was surreal, as she could tell this was the end.

The Harbingers had arrived.

Epsilon's voice could be heard from through the loudspeaker. "All personel, evacuate the SS Diversity! I repeat, evacuate---"

Her voice was cut off by static. The randomness of the static slowly began to merge with laughing. A bizarre, barely human laugh. The deep voice began to form words as it began its speech:

"The world you know is at an end. You cannot escape our grasp..."

Theta dropped down from the turret, running back to Upsilon, now joined by his twin sister, Epsilon. The voice continued as the three prepped the escape pods for launch.

"There is no time. There is no escape. We are the Fist of the Harbinger. The Harbinger of Truth."

As everyone piled into their respective pods, Theta looked back at Alpha, who had replaced Upsilon at the helm.

"Come, on!" Theta urged Alpha. "We have to go!"

Alpha shook his head. "The Captain stays with his ship."

"That's a bunch of bullsh---"

Upsilon grabbed hold of Theta, pulling her into a pod with him. "He knows what he's doing!"

The pod door closed and sealed, launching the two down towards the surface of the planet. Through the glass of the pod she could see another flash of red, as The Diversity crumbled under the massive power of The Fist of the Harbinger.


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