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what will happen if we transfer the internet from the virtual world to the real world...................right inside our mind....

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Things have been different for a long time now. The body became more and more like a "container" for the mind and just a container. The word "connection" now has a whole new meaning .We are all like a part of one big family or whatever you would like to call a network of people connected through their minds. If ever these connections could be picturised things would seem like a mycelium (a meshwork),an ugly one rather.

My brain was receiving a message signal from my wife . "Allow" I thought it out in my mind . "When the hell are you gonna come down for breakfast" .Breakfast ?oh yeah we still got to eat those manually .One day may be we will just think of having breakfast and our body will be fed.

I was getting ready for office when I passed my son's room. He looked fast asleep. At least someone doesn't have to get up early, I thought in the private room of my mind.( If we don't want to share our thoughts we got to think them in the private room) I checked into his mind using the "emergency parental password" .Hell! he was dreaming of a large building falling over him and the whole city just cracking up like that. "whoops" I pulled myself out of his mind back just when the biggest building cracked up into half. What kind of movie did he watch yesterday night to give him night mares like that? and here I was thinking he was sleeping soundly.

I was standing right in front of my office. THE HUMAN INTERNET CONTROL CENTRE. Why does those letters ,which is considered one of the biggest invention of man always looks like the biggest sarcasm to man as to how science now have parasited even our minds,to me? and I am the director of this place .I started walking in and instantly my mind started checking the profile of all my employees latest updates. Looks like someone had a nice dinner date yesterday because her memory was still filled with it. Why on earth can they not keep these memories in their private room?

Now you people might be wondering why on earth would you need a control centre?Now as it is ,mind and soul are our two most prized possessions and while most of us have already sold our souls to the devil and the mind though have almost become a public property yet inorder to atleast control some of the damage, there are certain privacy settings. Actually every human has to have a EEG device(electroencelograph)connected to his brain which sends information to our control centre and then the control centre interprets this information and transmits only those information which the person wants to share with others. In short it is the nerve centre of the body whose parts consists of people's minds .With growing time we have been able to make the transmissions through quite a long distance even outer space .By connecting the EEG device to animals who cannot speak their thoughts we have been able to understand their thinking and mannerism better and because there are no privacy settings for insects you can have full access to their mind .It feels like you are almost in their body and you have switched your brain to a complete different level of thinking and see the world from a complete new perspective.

However science has its own irony to tell. Internet became a great boon to people but with it came viruses and its troubles ,like leeches feeding on you and harming you. So why should this human internet be any exception ?Only instead of peoples profiles we are dealing with their minds-a more delicate subject.

However because this system is new and people don't quite have the idea about the system itself or the inner wirings of the system (they just know the switch board and that on switching on a button the light goes on but they don't have much idea about the inside mechanism) they still haven't figured it out how to bug it.

"but that doesn't means they are not going to figure it out one day .Its just a matter of time"Ned thought it in my head. Ned Fernando my assistant and biggest critique. He always likes to point out that you can die at the end of this very second .

Ned specializes in the non human mind control network.He finds their minds more interesting to work on than human ,not that I blame him.

………………….."Dad can you listen to me?".Room number 109 of the Washington city hospital was occupied by an unusual patient .It looked like his mind has stopped working .Doctors have tried to capture the activities of the brain but they could not extract any signal out from his brain. It was a case of brain dead. His body was kept alive on artificial ventilation.

The front page of the telegraph and every other newspaper ran a news that caused terror among every people. "The president of human internet control centre is brain dead"

How ?why?no one had the answer to that except one person .The new president Ned Fernando.

Once when the president had entered the mind of a newly discovered insect ,Ned had used the bug as a mediator to hack his mind as there are no privacy settings that blocks the mind of the insect.And once the director has connected his mind to the insect Ned had used the pathway to hack his mind.Now the mind that seemed dead to the doctors is only heavily forted to prevent anyone from seeing what is going on inside.

And it looked like indeed someone has found a way to hack the human internet. It was only a matter of time………………………..


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