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I always wanted to be granted a few wishes in my life I mean who wouldn't I just didn't think it would come this. Find out what happens to me in bedhead. This was a previous writing by me on this site.

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As I walked into I could see the stunned expression on my doctors face, his eyes told me he was in utter shock. "Dont see this everyday do ya" I said as I pointed to the rather large pillow. He couldn't hold back I slight snicker."Your joking he replied." I gave it a tug just to show him it was stuck on my head the way a tongue sticks to a pole in the winter. "Oh dear said doctor fenton well it's best you start from the beginning." Well, I had been planning a long visit with my Uncle and my two bratty cousins that fatefull day of August. FLASHBACK:ouch I cried James had just reeled in his hook and it decided to fly like a paper airplane on steroids across the 12 foot plain of a between me and my cousin. The pain shot me like a dart in a dartboard. "Whoah, what do have we have here" I could see concern in my uncles eyes. Hold it there troup I'll get the bandage he said as pulled a first aid box out of his ever so handy fishing gear bag. Hold still he said as he drip a liquid that looked like rubbing alchohol onto my finger. I've never been good with pain never have never will. So as soon as the liquid made first contact I yelped. "it's okay said uncle replying to the strange yell I made with my mouth. It's all over now. I looked at my finger not bad for once it felt protected. JAmes just chuckled as he walked over to me. Lame finger that's I'm going to calls you for now on. My cousin was to years older than he was much stronger and had joined the local football team. I guess he picked up a few colorful words there because he would use them once in a while just to prove he tougher than you. I had 3 things on him though I was smarter better looking and he always had the worst bedhead anyone had ever see . While my hair was a long blonde and Shiny his was always greasy and all over the place. I mean one time we were on a field trip and the teacher was calling off all the kids to see if we were all there, when she got to the kid behind my cousin she couldn't even see his face, James hair was blocking it, that's how wild it is. Well anyways my ever so funny punch line came up "bed head James he never takes showers that's why his hair has gone insane, bedhead James." I guess that got to him because be started showing me that football vocab. Just at that moment my uncle cried out come here look what i've found. He was holding a box in his hand, it looked just like this I said as I handed the small gold looking jewelry box. It has one small ruby on the top I said as I handed it to mr fenton, continue mr fenton said. Anyways, James grabbed of from my uncle I guess he tripped on a tree root or something because. He fell and the box rolled put of his hands and onto the ground. But weirdest of all it began shaking it hinges slowly coming unloose. All of a sudden a genie popped out, like one of the puppets out of those pop the weisle play boxes. Hello and and how do you do said the genie I am aragoe and I will freely grant you 3 wishes(corny, I know but 3 wishes it was). I went first without thinking I immediatly blurted out "I wish my finger would heal. Just then a strangle tingling sensation went on starti g from the tips of my finger that spread all the way to my arm sockets, and then after 5 seconds it stopped. I was so eager to see if it worked I pulled of my bandage and low and behold my beautifull finger just as it had been before I got hurt. My uncle and cousin were stunned. Next was my cousins turn to wish I will never forget what he wished with a evil smirk on his face he wished that instead of him having bed head I did, wish granted said the genie . Something strange started to happen, I mean really strange there was an obect slowly groing out of my head. It was a pillow. So long for now the genie said and was sucked back into his box. Immediatly my uncle through me in the car and brought me here. That's why I have this pillow sticking out of my head. So doctor what do you think I should do about this dumbfounded dilemma. Well he said you mentioned about there being three wishes I only counted 2. That's right, all I have to do is make another wish. What should I wish for I know. "Genie" wake up, there was a banging and then the box started shaking. I can see how talk he is now he can barely fit in this doctor's office. Genie, my voice is heavy now I whish that my bed head would go away. What's happening I can feel and object slowly decreasing in size could it be the pillow yes it is. I can hear the door swing I turn around to see my uncle and cousin walk in my cousin has long blonde hair now weird, but what's even wierder is the expressions of bewilderment on there faces. I lift my hands to my head afraid of what I might find. "Oh no, I'm bald!"


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