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The Last Breath of Life

Short story By: H G Cunnup
Science fiction

It is about a girl, who is a killer. She then gets caught and somethings happen out of the ordinary.

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Most don't understand the concept of dying. Dying isn't something to be taken lightly. Once you're dead, BAM! You're gone forever. Even in today's society, even in the twenty-first century.
I am Juliet, with the blonde hair and blue eyes and I had more to offer than a seventeen year old would offer. I had special abilities and could kill someone, well; I have killed maybe a few people… But that is beside the point, so don't go telling people I am just a crazy wacko who likes to say she killed someone when I actually did and I am not proud of what I did. It was seven years ago when I discovered what I could do.
I never had been seen, but that day something occurred that even I couldn't turn around. That day…
My abilities: I could make a person go blind and deaf, ultimately killing them with a blink of an eye if I choose to. A Witch cursed me when I was a baby. Unless someone loved me by the time I hit eighteen. But if not, I don't know what'd happen. If I did find someone, I would be released of the curse.
Which makes me go back to another problem, me killing people. I'd never think or imagine killing someone; I didn't think I'd have the strength to, until this girl in my elementary school was rude and mean to me. I was angry and wasn't thinking when I brought her to the farthest part of the playground, she was mad at me for stealing her from her friends. I starred at her straight in the eyes and she fell down to the ground crying and died on me. That was when I found out I could do special things, evil things.
"Juliet! Mom wants you and its time for school." Jason yelled to me, he's my four-year-old brother.
"Alrightttyyy, I'm coming." I sang back to him. He doesn't know I have powers and will never know.
I walked down the stairs of our beautiful home and walked into the kitchen.
"Juliet, why did you kill a man this time?" My mother asked all suspiciously.
"I. Well. I did. But when I went to a store he started following me and once I reached our street, he was driving and speeded up and then I. Well. You know the rest." I explained.
"Now we have police asking us if we saw anything unusual. You need to stop." My mother nags me all the time about this always.
"Okay, I will try better." And I headed out the door towards my school, Johnson Senior High School. It has a population of 3,000 people, but I have two best friends and both of them have boyfriends, and all the guys stay away from me. Like I am a disease-covered person.
I walked into the front doors with my purse and messenger bag with a laptop in it. Everyone just looked at me and started talking again. A typical school day.
"Juliet!" I heard a yell come from one of my friends, Emmy, and she was running down the hall with another one of my friends, Victoria (not Vicky, only Victoria).
"Hey guys." I said.
"Hey! So have you heard, Juliet?" Emmy said.
"I am having a party on Saturday! Around sixty people from our school will be there." Victoria said.
"Okay. I am so there!"
RING! The school bell rang for the first time.
"Okay, I have to get to class. See ya!" I said and started for Chemistry. I was about to be at the door and when I slammed into a tall guy. We both dropped our things and we dropped to the floor.
"Oh, so sorry. I didn't see you there." He spoke with a caring tone. I looked to find a guy with sandy hair and green eyes with glasses. "Oh… Here are your things." He said handing my books and journal to me.
I looked at him and wait, "Haven't I've seen you before?" I said accusingly.
"No, just moved here. I was actually going to Chemistry." He said.
"Same here."
"After you." He moved his hand vowing for me to go in first.
"Thanks. That's kind of nice." I walked over to my seat and he looked like a lost puppy trying to find a seat. I waved to him and said "Come over. You can sit by me."
He walked over to the table I was at and sat down with his things. "So what's you're name?" He asked.
"Juliet. And yours?"
"Kenny." The day droned on, until I headed home and noticed van coming behind me driving very slowly. I started to run and it speeded up with me until I ran into the forest that broke away from a home. The woods were very eerie and dark with rain starting to come through. Then I heard the van doors open.
Trying to concentrate, I ran further and further into the forest until I reached a stopping place. I kept hearing the men yelling after me. I was breathing harder and harder trying to get enough air that would never come. I ran to the side of the forest and finally found a tree that had branches low enough for me to grasp on and climb up.
I reached the middle of the tree, when the men had caught sight of me. One of the men was muscular and had a gun with him. He spoke "There she is!" He pulled his gun on me and had pulled the trigger. I saw only in slow motion, like if you were in a car wreck (it happens in slow motion), my life was flashing before my eyes and I felt the reality. This is what it felt like to be a victim of my own.
My shoulder hurt and I started feeling light headed. 'Don't you pass out Juliet. You're stronger than you think. You have the ability to with hold this injury.' My mind said to itself. And I heard Kenny yell from a distance "JULIET!" It was a hallucination. He wasn't there. I was too late. I kept hearing the birds chirp and smelt the winter air; strange I lived in Australia and it was never cold.
I fell down from the tree and I felt the arms of someone that had caught me from falling to the forest floor.
I was floating in the air and the fell down a dark hole with no sides to grasp onto. My hands kept trying to find something, just something to catch onto. I eventually felt the light come towards me, the warmth of the light, but my wish wasn't granted. I was freezing cold and I hit the bottom hard on my butt . . .
I had awakened with my head spinning and my vision all too blurry. I could see clearly a few minutes later. I was chained to a hospital bed with some gauze around my shoulder with an IV in my arm. There were men guarding the doors and barred windows.
"Where am I?!" I screamed.
"You are in confinement, we figured out what you are and what you have done. Your parents know where you are and your school does as well. We have your boyfriend in another room." A man spoke.
"Wait. It was real? He was there?"
"Yes all of that was real. But more importantly, you have killed over ten people since you were ten years old. You have abilities that we have hindered. But most of all your being sentence to death by the Australian government. They are still deciding on what your sentence will be"
I started feeling light headed again and passed out again. I had awoken with Kenny beside me. "Kenny? Is that you?"
"Hey Juliet, I know you're wondering why I followed you, but I know everything. I know what you are. I am not scared of you." He stopped for a moment and then spoke again "I love you, Juliet, I have know you in past lives, and it may seem strange. But I am experienced in your area of abilities." And he hugged me and I hugged him back for a long time.
I felt a feeling of relief rush over me and I saw a face in the back of my mind. It was the Witch who had cursed me and she spoke with a tiny voice, "You are finally released, the deaths are no longer on your soul. You are a different person." My mind came back to reality.
"I will be with you no matter what. I would die for you."
"Same here." I heard the man come back in and KABOOM! I heard a rocking noise and the building exploded where I was detained.
"Come with me, Juliet." Kenny spoke.
"What? Your special too?"
"I have friends." He said with a hint of devious in his voice. We escaped out, and we were running and then shock had controlled all of my senses. I felt a bullet in my chest. I had fallen and landed on my back, I was having spasms and started spitting out blood. I had stood up for the first time and Kenny was about to say something, but he fell down, clutching his ribs.
"Kenny? Kenny!" I screamed, and my chest hurt. I saw the bullet had gone deep into my body. I was dragging him while I kept bleeding, the smell of metal and silver had covered my nose. I reached the gate with Kenny and saw that man that was in my room.
"You cannot escape. This will be your sentence. Goodbye Juliet Kingston." The man pulled a riffle out and pulled the trigger. My breath was taken out of me and I fell to the ground.
Kenny had crawled up to me and whispered, "I love you, Juliet. We'll be together again. In Heaven or in some other life, nothing will hold us apart." And that moment we had kissed for the first and last time on Earth. He had fallen back down and his eyes were closed, the breath gone from his life. I held his hand and I had crawled over to him put my head on his chest. I kissed his cheek and felt another bullet go through some part of my body. I had tried to with stand the pain, but I couldn't and gave into the pain.
I blacked out and started feeling like 100 needles were pricking me all at once and then, falling down the hole, the light coming towards me. I was headed towards Heaven; God had forgiven me of what I've done.


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