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Fighting For Love

Short story By: Ikky2000
Science fiction

In the year 4013, a lot of changes have been made to how we live our lives. Life threatening changes.
The most shocking change is that Love is forbidden.
Alexa and Sebastian are both madly in love with each other, though because love is forbidden they cannot ever be together. Will they fight to stay together and alive. Or will they ignore their love and let it die?

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Fighting For Love

Sometimes I wish I lived in the past, the only reason because the way life is now is horrible and brutal. People are brutal, the government or "higher authorities" - as you may want to call it - have made life threatening changes; changes that break you and people around you in a matter of seconds. Love is illegal. It's illegal to love someone and be with someone. No-one can get married and if you do then you're sentenced to death. Obviously though many people do this in secret but when you're caught that's it, the end of everything. The end of your happiness, the end of your relationship with the love of your life and the end of your existence.

All because the government doesn't agree with love…


My name is Alexa Devans, and this is my story.

In the year 4013, I was happy. Life wasn't fair, it never is, but I was happy. I have a family. I have friends, and I had Sebastian, my boyfriend and my everything.


"Lexi, baby," Seb whispered in my ear, tickling my cheek from his breathe. I awoke to see the most beautiful sight in front of me. Sebastian. "Morning,"

I groaned, and turned over. "Too early."

"Lexi, have you heard what's on the news?" Seb asked quickly, worry appearing in his silky voice.

"What?" I was fully awake now. I got out of my bed and walked towards the far corner of my bedroom. I tapped a couple of times on the wall until a hologram appeared in front of me. It was a hologram of a news reporter. The news reporter was quite young, blonde hair and grey-ish coloured eyes; she had a clear tanned complexion and had rosy pink lips. Because of how much technology there is these days, it's pretty much as if it's a real person here with us, but it's actually only a hologram. A few minutes later, she started speaking ad I stood listening intently.

"...and they were seen kissing behind a tree a couple of hours ago. Caught by the 'No Love' department they were taken into questioning. Hours later they failed to pick up a good enough argument as to why they were that way. The government have decided that the two of them will be electrified on Monday 2nd December 4013. No-one is yet sure if it will be to death, but there will however be severe damage and a lot of arguments against this..."

I switched off the hologram until I decided I'd heard enough. I still don't understand how people can be so brutal? Just because they don't understand or accept this doesn't mean it's a wrong thing. It's our lives, so we should be allowed to be with whoever we want. Not bossed around by total idiots who don't know what the hell they're talking about.

"Lexi, you know that could be us one day...if we're caught," Seb suddenly spoke, clearing me out of my own thoughts.

I stare at him, not understanding what he means at first. Until I realise that us - me and Seb - are not actually allowed to be together, according to the government and their stupid decisions that is. Though that doesn't stop us, but I know that if we do get caught then that's it, we're dead.

"Yeah, well we won't get caught," I reply, trying to convince Seb and myself though we both know that it's not working.

"Lexi...we need to stop this," Seb said out of the blue, the words that I did not want to hear. "I'm not risking your life for something that I want...I'm sorry Lexi, but I won't let that happen, I won't risk your life."

With that said Seb gives me a sad smile, grabs his jacket, bag and his gadgets and walks out the front door. I watch him from the window get onto his hover-board and zoom off.

Tears threaten to leak out of my eyes as I watch him go without a glance back. I can't believe he's said those things. We've had so many conversations about this, and as stupid and fucked up as it is...we promised nothing will break us apart. Nothing.

So why has he gone?

I walk towards the front door and stand waiting, trying to convince myself that he'd come back. Telling me he loves me, telling me that even though the government are stupid and we're not allowed to be together we still will...but I also know that he won't come back.

"...I won't risk your life." Seb's words replay over and over again in my mind, they may as well be written in front of my eyes because I will never forget them...and I never do...


After Seb left, everything changed. And when I say everything, I literally mean everything. My world turned upside down, my life broke apart. But when someone leaves you, you think they might come back. But when someone doesn't exist on the earth anymore, you die inside and have no more hope left, because they will never come back.


I awake suddenly as the first few rays of sunlight shine right into my eyes, ruining my sleep and my dream. My dream that I had of Seb and me, living together, having a family, having children and growing old together, forever. But it was only a dream, nothing more.

I walk into the kitchen feeling depressed; I see my robot, cooking breakfast. I smile at how incredible the world is, yes it's unfair, I know that but it's also quite incredible. Imagine having to cook breakfast yourself, tidy up yourself, wash dishes yourself...I've never had to do that and I don't think anyone else has either. Because of this amazing creation of robots.

"Good morning Alexa," My robot says in a croaky voice, which makes me smile. "How did you sleep last night?"

"Morning, I slept quite well thank you." I respond.

"That's good," My robot says in a neutral voice, turning back to the breakfast he's making. "Alexa, I have some news to tell you,"

I frown. "Oh, okay, what news?"

This is the first time that my robot has said something like this before, it's not normal of him to say this. Though whatever the news is, I don't know if it's good or bad. The tone of my robot always stays the same, whether it's a good thing or not, you can never tell.

"Last night Alexa, Master Sebastian was sentenced to death,-" I interrupt his words with a scream.

"WHAT? Is this some sick joke? Where the hell did you hear this shit?" I yell whilst tears travel down my face as I think the worst.

"Alexa, I suggest you calm down, for me to carry on," My robot says in exactly the same voice and tone.

I don't know what the hell he is talking about, how can Seb be sentence to death. The last time I saw and spoke to him was three weeks ago, in that time I have only thought he's gone and carried on with his life. I don't really know what it is he's been doing...but how can he be sentenced to death?

"Master Sebastian, has been protesting against the rights to love, he went to speak with the government face-to-face, he protested against it even when they gave him a warning, he still did it. He also did a speech elsewhere and he said he did it for you, to be with you Alexa. They heard all this and he was sentenced to death for speaking those words, and he was killed early this morning, whilst this happened he said he loves you and he only went to keep you safe..." My robot carries on speaking and telling me what has happened but I can't hear anything anymore.

My Sebastian is gone, he's gone and he's never coming back. I feel as if I'm falling into a pit of darkness, with no light on the other side. I have no hope left, nothing to hang onto. Sebastian left to protect me; he fought for our rights, our rights to be together forever.

But because of some sick people living on this earth, that'll never happen.


The only thing of Seb's I have is the letter he left me, the letter I read every night before going to sleep. The letter that makes me both cry so much and smile…The letter that helps me go to sleep at night.

Dear Lexi,

I don't really know what to say. I know I hurt you, but I want you to know the reason I left is because I love you and I didn't want that to happen to you, I didn't want you to die because of me. Do you remember when I promised you I'll keep you safe, and protect you forever? Yes well that's what I was doing.

I want us to be together, but how can we when we're not allowed, when no-one is allowed, how can we be together? So I'm going to try Lexi, I'm going to try to make us be together by going to see the government. I don't know what will happen, but I'm doing this for you…

They might kill me, they might not. I don't know, but whatever happens, I want you to know that I love you so much and I want us to be together, forever.

I love you.

Yours truly, Sebastian.


The End


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