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diamond-Everyone Else (abridged)

Short story By: jack diamond
Science fiction

I really need feedback on this one because if it's good I'm going to make a novel out of it. plus I'm turning it in as a creative writing project so help me out in any way you can. thanks a lot.

a man too far set apart from the rest can not exist

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����For many decades man has wondered what is possible. It is known that people use only a small portion of their brain. Up until the life and death of Jack Diamond, no one knew what the rest was for.

Jack Diamond was born Andrew Robert Grostad on April 28th 1990 to unwed parents in Aitkin Hospital in Minnesota. From day one there were a lot of things different about young Andrew, none of them highly uncommon, but he was different still. It is said that Andrew never really tried to make any friends. He preferred to sit alone. Instead of playing with his slightly older half-sister Kimberly, he played with rocks and sticks. His parents, particularly his father, paid little attention to him. As a result, he spent many hours alone in thought. Eventually, unable to stand the drunken abusive tendencies of his father, he and his sister went to live with the neighbors until the time he was 11 when his father was killed as the driver in a drunken car accident. After his father's death, he and his sister moved back in to the house to live with their mother, Carla Gilbert. She had taken the name of Andrew's father when they wed in 1991, but Andrew and his sister chose no to take the name.

�Andrew graduated high school in 2009, a year later than his class. Almost immediately following he went to school to be a large animal veterinarian to keep up with the fifteen horses he had gathered but before the time he could graduate, the Akerson fever had started to spread, killing most of his friends and a large portion of his family. There was no cure at the time so any one that contracted it, died within a few weeks, with only one miraculous exception Andrew was the only person in history to have beaten the radical virus that had killed over 3.5 million people world round. The horrible ailment caused the electric current in the brain to go wander uncontrollably and on top of that, increased its potency. The effect of which was like dying of an extremely bad headache.

�News of this incredible survival spread fast. Since, to this day, there is no cure there was a relentless pursuit to study him. Unable to take the new fame he moved to Sacramento California. At the age of 20, He changed his name to Paul Ivan Grostad, which was the name of his uncle who had been like a father to him while his own was drunk. There, he worked as a writer for a small newspaper, writing short political humor stories of fiction. It was in this time that he started work on his first novel entitled "Everyone Else" The plot of which is shockingly similar to his actual life. It took him only three months to write and publish the entire novel, which some historians say was the first sign of his growing abilities. Not only had he survived Akerson fever, it had made him even smarter than he was before.

�Experts say that there was something different about the way his brain had developed or possibly something different about his D.N.A that had allowed him to survive one of the worst epidemics in recorded history. He was becoming stronger by the day, reading up to 6 full-length novels in a single sitting. And his growing ability to predict political elections and debate outcomes was fast becoming legend. Andrew had attracted the attention of the then-president Barack Obama. He was recruited to the White House to be in charge of several top-secret military affairs. It was in this time that Jack Diamond began to draw to himself, the wrong kind of attention.

Andrew began to develop night terrors and strange premonitions predicting assassination attempts and various terrorist attacks. He even predicted the attack on parliament on august tenth 2010. Having no way to prove that he had no hand in these attacks he was discharged from service after predicting that Obama's son would have him killed in order to give rise to the new president, Daemon Price, who Andrew called "The seven headed sea monster" making reference to Revelations. He escaped conviction for the assassination and for the attack on parliament and returned to Sacramento with his lawyer Jayne Turner who he married in late December 2010. His fame did not stay in Washington.

�Back in Sacramento he changed his name again to Jack Diamond, which had been his pen name from writing earlier works before he had his abilities, abilities that were growing rapidly, and uncontrollably. He had developed clairvoyant abilities (to see the dead) and the ability to levitate. Joining these were the powers of telekinesis and empathic abilities. Jack tried hard to hide them, attempting to avoid the same fate as Cole (the lead character in his highly popular novel) eventually President Price caught up to him and named him the killer of Barack Obama. Price told the people that Diamond was a dangerous man and was a servant of the devil. Diamond was sentenced to imprisonment in Stony Brook mental hospital. The sentence stated that until his abilities "wore off" he was to remain imprisoned. He left behind his wife and new-born daughter, Roana Diamond.

�In his time spent in the hospital Jack Diamond was drugged regularly to nothing more than a barely conscious shell. Yet every time they let him come out of it to see if the drugs had any effect on his powers they only found that they had grown. It seemed that diamond's intelligence was unmatched even by supercomputers and his strength rivaled that of large machinery. The decision was made that Jack Diamond could not be allowed to live. He was to be subject to decapitation so as not to harm his brain.

On April 28th 2011 the largest witness group in recorded history (myself included) came to see the man known as Andrew Robert Grostad, Paul Ivan Grostad, and Jack Robert Diamond, be beheaded. As he was lead to the guillotine, the temperature in the area raised about 5 degrees. I felt it as though I were standing in front of a fire with wind blowing it in my direction. It was a horrifying experience it looked as though the clouds had been drenched with blood I could hear the nervous panting of all who were in the crowd. He was lowered slowly, face up on to the specially made guillotine, which seemed to stress under some immense pressure. Then as the blade dropped, I lost my vision completely it were as if someone were shining a bright light right directly into my eyes. Jack Diamond had escaped. ��������

He went into hiding with his wife and baby. The guillotine was destroyed. Four of the five other people standing on it were dead. All save for one man, the priest that had read him his last rights. In the months that followed, the Diamond family stayed on the run, never sleeping in the same house twice. There were plenty of supporters to harbor him but with a past like his it was simply a matter of time before information leaked. And for reasons unknown Jack Diamond and His wife returned to Sacramento, their baby not with them, they were caught in the same house they had lived In after Jack's return from Washington.

�Almost as if Diamond's return had been predicted, President Price stationed an entire army throughout the city. They found the couple running up the steps of a catholic church and opened fire, Killing Jayne Diamond. Though it is unclear whether or not Jack was actually hit he picked up his dying wife. She was found to have been hit 23 times. Jack carried her body into the church. While surrounded by over 1,000 troops the last words ever heard from the mouth of Jack Diamond were "save me" then on the year of 2012 the date of April 28th and the hour of 7:15 am the United States declared war on a single man. The one hour war was known as "The Battle of Greater Good" no evacuation was ordered for the city, the United States Army opened fire on the church throwing high explosive devices and dropping small bombs with no reply from Diamond. Sources report that it was almost like time stood still then the sky once again turned blood red. The church exploded. Bricks from the walls and glass from the windows flew in all directions. Pipes from the plumbing were found over 30 miles away. Everything in the area was destroyed. A giant funnel cloud of debris formed over the entire city as over 30 thousand people lost their lives. Sacramento had been completely destroyed and Jack Diamond lay at the center, dying.

�Jack Diamond, The lone survivor of yet another great disaster crawled his way to a cliff on the outskirts of the once great city. There he created two tombs in one he sealed his wife in air tight crystal which he created. The tomb has remained untouched to this day. In the other he laid himself, he turned the rock to marble, and was crushed beneath it


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