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Portal 2 FanFic (Incomplete)

By: JaZbAz

Page 1, A fanfic in which Chell is transported to the field and wanders about until she finds something quite disturbing!

I Watched the gentle clouds roll by me. ~Is this it?~ I thought, knowing the inevitable answer. The field, in which I was imprisoned simple terms...boring! Glados could have at least thought- up something interesting like a giant uninhabited street corner or another testing facility full of disarmed turrets! But no. It was a heavenly- type, sunny area full with flowers of all sorts. Maybe she thought I would be happy here as I was her “Only friend”! I looked up after a while to find many curious floating test chambers, full with mad scribblings of Wheatley, P- body, ATLAS and Glados. I couldn’t get up there because they were all about 30 meters off the ground and (some even higher!) so I could not reach them. (UNFINISHED)

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