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The Blue Men Pt.1

By: Kayvon Paul

Page 1, The idea came from a recent dream . This is part one of the series of

     All of a sudden I was at a huge foretress of some sort, with people I've never met. Everything was a blur to me. I couldnt remember anything, except the name given to me at birth. One of the people I encountered was a beautiful young girl that was around my age. In the blink of an eye, a conversation sparked between us. I asked her what was going on and she hit me with a confused look. She began to explain that Earth was invaded by other worldly beings. Also that a year had gone by, which caught me off guard. Apparently i had been in a dream like trance for some time. All could think about was my family and their location. She had mentioned that there was a good chance, that they had died in the first confrontation. My heart quickly sank beneath my stomach . I grew close to that girl as we were the only of our age. We were told to stay out of the darkness because it was obvious death. The blue men patroled the streets at night killing everything in its path. That was their hunting ground. They saw them as nocturnal specimens. With that in mind, the girl said she would accompany me on my mission to find my loved ones. But neither of us, were prepared for what was to come ...

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