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I wrote this for Synesthesia's CYBERPUNK Contest. It's about weapon, meant to be destroyed when the realization of her immense power was finally dawned on by her creators. Her name... is Seven.

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Her name is Seven.

Short for: 73249-8.

Only her friends call her Seven. At least, they used to. Until they went and got themselves killed. Now she's alone. A vigilante. A renegade. A force to be reckoned with.

She was an experiment gone bad, just like all the others. But something about her is different. It must be. For she escaped, when her seven counterparts were destroyed. Annihilated ruthlessly.

Escaping only by the skin of her teeth, but also completely unharmed, using the extra senses she had somehow developed when the others had not.

The team, designed by the XandRoX corporation, for the purpose of destroying and sabotaging their entire competition.

When the head programmer started noticing that Seven was different, not quite the same as the rest - she was gradually appearing more and more dangerous - as the testing progressed. Upon noticing he then notified his superior. Eventually the unfortunate decision was made to abort the project; ordering all eight subjects to be destroyed. They were given 24 hours.

At the head of the company, Rubicon Xander (also known as Mr. X), and his partner and co-founder, Tiberius Roxbury, were none too pleased by this.

This scrapped experiment was costing XandRoX a quarter of a trillion dollars in revenue. Quite possibly, the most difficult decision Mr. X ever had to make in his entire life, when he signed that release form. Ordering the destruction of Project Des-Sabo; throwing almost a quarter of the company's net worth, directly down the drain.

Needless to say, he wasn't happy.

Then he became furious - in an unstoppable rage - upon finding out about Weapon 73249-8's escape. Mr. X was so pissed, he literally killed the messenger.

Now Seven is alone, on her own. With a price on her head. A reward set at ten billion dollars to retrieve her, dead or alive, was immediately put into effect.

Seven hardly even noticed anymore.

-Years Ago-

In the deep, dark bowels that made up the secret underground labs of XandRoX industries, work on the first weapon of project Des-Sabo was just beginning to get underway. They had just been given the go ahead for seven more weapons to be produced, as well. Each one, more sophisticated and advanced than the next.

The experiment was, seemingly, a total success.

Then eventually they came to build what would become Seven.

She is a remarkable piece of equipment.

They gave her a perfect body, the perfect mind, and a remarkably perfect set of skills. They made her too perfect.

They had planned when making her to create the perfect killing machine, and had succeeded. But what they hadn't planned on, was creating the perfect anomaly. Shortly after creation, she developed extra senses, turning her into the unstoppable force that she is now.

The senses making her silent, never making a sound (not even to breathe), as well as letting her pick up on others, encroaching within her surroundings. Always keeping her one step ahead, impossible to touch or hit, let alone terminate.

Upon her discovering them first, she attempted to keep them hidden, smelling her demise lying right around the corner.

Eventually though, she couldn't take anymore, could hold it no longer, and showed all in her path exactly what she was made of; leaving a wake of destruction and death throughout the halls and labs of the XandRoX building, until she finally burst out onto the street, hauling ass, running for her life.

But no one was chasing her, then.

-Years Later-

Eventually, after no luck of anyone bringing in Weapon 73249-8, Mr. X was forced to hire bounty hunters to track down his investment. It ended up costing him the reward money, plus an additional fifteen percent, upon delivery.

By then, his blood had been boiling for some time.

He could already see her dead in his dreams and could almost taste her cold android blood that he would be shortly licking from his fingertips.

He would not stand for this defiance.

-Abandoned clock tower; the Dycad district-

Seven sits and waits.

Tasting and feeling the air every so often.

Nothing much has changed over the past many months; she just sits and waits at her makeshift home, the clock tower in the center of the low-populated, poverty-stricken Dycad district.

No attackers have come for some time now.

Henchmen or lackeys of Mr. X, trying to bring her back in, obviously for some reward.

But now, she smelt and felt something different in the air. More were coming now. And not the same.


A group of bounty hunters flock, 25 deep, leaving XandRoX industries, soaring along on their jet-packs; but not before dropping a large amount of cash off to their subordinates. They were on the streets, driving armored-vans, and were the eyes and the ears of the operation.


Seven sat poised and ready, now with anticipation.


The crew of hunters rounded the corner of Zelderon avenue, bringing them to her district, soon they would be upon her.


She could hear them coming now, the whirring of their packs growing nearer. Then finally she saw them coming forth at an alarming rate. A small army.

Seven leaped into action, hurtling herself through the air, dodging and twisting, avoiding her enemies shots and attacks with ease.

She wormed her way past the first three, using the giant blade attached to her right forearm with perfect precision.

Their three bodies went crashing to the ground, with heads tumbling after.

By then, Seven was already engaging the next group; a dozen of them attempting to surround her.

She turned into a bladed tornado, spraying blood and parts everywhere, but still easily dodging oncoming attacks. In a matter of seconds, there was a pile of death that had collected underneath her on the street below.

She turned and faced the remaining ten, chasing them back to XandRoX, slaughtering them just as easily as the first; then heading straight for Mr. X. For they had unfinished business together.


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