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Seven: The Long Road Back to XandRoX

Short story By: Km2
Science fiction

The second installment of three in this set of Seven. There possibly could still be another set after this one, we'll have to see. This takes off actually right before the first one concluded. Giving a little placement back into the story. It all starts when Seven hears them coming, the small army, then springs into action. Letting her enemies really know what she is made of now. No more fooling around. Hope you all enjoy it.

Submitted:May 14, 2013    Reads: 63    Comments: 9    Likes: 5   

Seven leapt down from her abandoned clock tower - that she had been holding up in for the past many months - lunging at her rapidly advancing, bounty hunting, attackers.

She had been waiting for them; expecting them. Perhaps even sooner.

They planned to take her back to XandRoX, delivering her at Mr. X's feet; boastfully.

Leaving her to his hands, his own devices.

They were, sadly, mistaken.

As the first small group, scouts, approached her - zipping along on their jetpacks - she reacted with advanced precision. The scouts never even knew what hit them.

They were dead before they could tell. Their severed heads and bodies falling through the air, landing on the street below; hitting with such force, cracking the already cracked pavement.

Seven had bound through the air, making three perfect slices - with the giant blade attached to her right forearm - while dodging her enemies oncoming attacks, with the utmost of ease. Every slice she made, hitting its target perfectly and accurately.

Completely severing her opponent's helmeted heads, cleanly from their bodies. So fast and clean, not a single drop of blood was able to find her or her blade. It was over in an instant.

But seemed to move in slow motion for Seven.

By the time that the first three bodies had hit the floor, Seven was already upon the next group.

The next dozen on her list.

The twelve advancers attempted to surround her - trapping her like a rat (or perhaps, caged badger is more accurate) - were in for a treat.

Immediately, Seven became a whirling tornado - nothing but a spinning, bladed, blur - attacking her confronters. Slaughtering them, spinning around at the force of 3700 rpm. All while still easily dodging oncoming attempts at destruction, or capture.

A second later, a mound of death and carnage piled on the street below her. Seven paid no mind.

She was already eyeing the final ten in the pack, who were apparently turning and fleeing for their lives. But they were wrong.

Seven caught up to them quickly, even with their jetpacks whirring along at full speed - hyperdrive - sounding like bees in a blender; attempting to escape; fighting to survive.

She leap-frogged form the first to the next, with blinding speed and ease, finally working her way to the last. Delivering death blow, after death blow. Piercing the first under the armpit, beheading the next two, then shoving her long blade deep into the neck of the fourth; sending him falling. Clasping his throat, gurggling blood through his hands.

The next three, Seven cut in half; her rage was escalating at an alarming rate.

First and second, she cut through the mid-section, one then the other, leaving a set of legs kicking and torsos screaming; flailing to the street. The third she bisected longways, calling for a much stronger - and steadier - hand.

She has it.

The eigth and nineth felt her pressence; knew she was coming. Just as Seven was approaching they looked back, then bolted in opposite directions. Attempting to zig-zag away to safety.

Chasing down the first, then the other - slicing away, erratically - while she released agonizing hate-filled shrieks and grunts.

Her anger hindering her accuracy, momentarily, as she sliced away an arm here and a leg there. Eventually plunging her blade - to the hilt - in one's back. Then flipping over, reaching the other, and driving her now blood-dripping weapon savagely into this one's stomach.

Then, fueled by her unstoppable - blinding - fury, Seven went into full-blown overdrive. Unable to control, or stop herself at this point

She changed into the human-salad-chopper or, rather, an android-human-chopper. Nothing but her ultra-sharp blade blurring by, slicing this way and that, faster then could be tracked by eye.

Seven was unable to stop herself until the last offender was laying in ribbons; literally. Not much more was left of him.


Huffing and puffing, as she was coming out of her fit - not from tiredness, but simply from complete outrage - the last of the long-awaited oncomers, now slain and defeated.

As the red was draining from her sight, returning it to normal, Seven noticed something out of the corner of her vision. It was just turning, at the end of the next block, escaping her line of sight.

Seven had barely enough time to recognize the shape, the moving target, driving along the road; now eratically.

She knew that vehicle.

She remembered those vans.

Then, having wasted too many seconds already, Seven was off.

And the chase was on.


Two heavily-armed guards sat atop the heavily-armored van, flying down the street, wheels almost leaving the ground around a couple of corners.

Those two were the first to notice the blurred object off in the distance, just turning the corner of the last city block. Starting high, nearly topping the buildings and lowering down to their level as it approached with sub-sonic speed. Ripping along, steadily towards them, encompassed in a giant flash of light.

They didn't have to see Seven, yet, to know that it was her.

The guards atop the rolling - gunmetal-colored - armory, alerted both drivers and both passengers just before they both, simultaneously, opened fire. Blasting away from their seated-turnstyle-gatling guns, aiming for the blur that was Seven.


Seven seeing, hearing, feeling - sensing - the bullets starting to fly, immediately reacted.

Way before the first one even came close to reaching her. She simply turned up the juice. Instantly reaching well above supersonic speed - nearing hyperspeed - and growing almost to 1000 degrees Celcius, as well; glowing slightly orange with it.

Seven rocketed herself at the vehicle and at the men attempting the oncoming assualt on her. The ammunition simply bouncing off the force of the aura that was surrounding her, many just melting into thin air.

Half a second later, Seven was on them. Practically scalping the entire roof of the army-on-wheels. The soldiers didn't even have time to react. They just were gone, simply, no more.

Their bodies were smeared all over the entire front of the van, dripping down the windshield; and one of their heads went bouncing down the glass.

The crew inside was freaking out now, the one driver steering irradically, almost causing them to crash. The other, hanging his head between his knees and losing his lunch. The two passengers, holding their rifles with white-knuckled hands.

They never even saw Seven standing in the road.


Seven waited, completely untouched by the barrage, for the swerving vehicle to approach her.

They were close, now.

This was her one shot; she was excited.

Just as the vehicle slammed into Seven, with monstrous force, she countered by grabbing the bumper - swiftly and remarkably - sending the 25,000 lb wrecking-ball, hurtling through the air.

Still somehow unscarred, Seven began walking forward as the giant van flipped through the air - revolving one and a half times - landing on its roof. Slamming into the ground with a spray of busted asphalt, concrete, sparks and shrapnel. The road was showered with it.

Just as the bus crashed to earth, she leapt - quickly - landing on the belly of the fallen beast.

Then she started filleting its underside, opening it like a can of sardines, taking the razzled and already nearly-dead soldiers inside with ease.

Like fish in a barrel.

Wiping the dust from her shoulders, satisfied with a job well done. Remarkably, almost godly, still not a single scratch on her entire body.

Walking down the road, looking back at the mangled box of death - only once - taking her time, now.

Enjoying the lovely scenery, as she passed the Dycad district on by, heading for XandRoX industries.

Smelling the roses as she did.


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