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Fighter Pilot Jason Collinson of the Solar Union is knocked unconscious after an attack by an unknown enemy. He scrambles to put together the pieces when he sees the wreckage of his wing-man's ship outside of his cockpit.

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NOTE: ‚ÄčThis is the first thing I've ever written so it's probably not going to be that good

It was dark, I looked around the cockpit and saw the warning lights blinking. I shut them off and sat up then I looked around. My vision started to clear up and I was coming to, I assumed I was knocked unconscious. I heard a faint sound and after a while I realized it was my voice. A long range distress beacon was transmitting it said.

"This is Fighter Pilot James Collinson, identification code 0001285-1892-GAMMA. Squadron callsign Epsilon. All of the targets have been destroyed, but I'm stranded and losing oxygen quickly send help. Coordinates 112-alpha-2857-echo-11092."

It kept repeating, and I checked the broadcast time. It's been broadcasting for 2 days, knowing this it's possible that they already think I'm dead. I rebooted the ship and was about to heard toward the location of the Solar Union flagship, the S.U Holland. Then something unsettled me greatly. As I looked out of my cockpit I saw wreckage and judging from the shape and size it could only be from my wing-mans's ship. How could this be, I wondered as I clearly remember that after we bombed the targets he was right beside me.

When I got back to the Holland I was met by armed photon disruptor cannons, 6 strike fighters, and 3 interceptors. They all had their weapons locked on my ship. I heard one of them over the intere-fleet communications network

"Pilot, stay your distance and power down your engines or you will be fired upon"

I replied swiftly "Engines powered down, I'm not going anywhere"

As that was going on the captain of the Holland, Grant Olson was headed to the bridge and when he got there he saw my ship on his viewscreen.

"Where's your wing-man, Collinson?" He said over the comms

"uh.. He- he's dead... sir" I stammered slightly

"You know how this looks" he said

I had to remember, I had to figure out what happened. I went back, I went back to that moment. We destroyed the targets and headed back through the asteriod field, and then I said

"I'm getting a warning, check for mines"

and then I saw the explosion, that's what happened I know that. I told the captian

"Sir, I didn't violate the engagement rules if I saw them I would have ejected. Here, check my logs."

I sent him my logs and they looked exactly like what I remembered, I told them I was at 1% oxygen, less than a minute left. Then the unthinkable happened. I member of the government came tot eh bridge and told the captain to belay his order, right after he said I could come back. I couldn't make out much of what she was saying but I heard..

"If an afflicted pilot were to board this ship"

That word "ship" it echoed in my head and I looked behind me at the exit hatch in the cockpit and I saw one, I saw a Trycon, the mind controlling aliens we were fighting and then it disappeared. Then all I could hear in my mind was

"Come home to me"

I started my engines and the turrets tracked my ship movements and I could feel that the pilots in the other ships had their fingers on the triggers.

"Collinson, stand down pilot. stand down and stop your engines" I heard the captain say

"I'll just land on the outer hull sir!" I exclaimed.

I saw the fighers moving in and the turrets trained of my position, I knew it was no use they were going to fire upon me.

"Fire all weapons!"


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